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OnlineFreeChat Review

~ Pros ~

Simple site design

Sex chat, adult chat, roleplay chat, lesbian/gay chat, video chat etc

You can create your own room

Many rooms available

No legal issues

~ Cons ~

Rules, rules and rules

You cant ask chicks to rub it out for money, fuck it got me banned

Few categories to choose from


    OnlineFreeChat has a goal, and that is to provide a free means for adults worldwide to connect and talk all they like on matters relating to sex and fucking each other silly That is a laudable goal if ever there was any, so give up a round of applause for them if you will!

    But is there any good to a site like this, with perhaps the most boring name of all adult sex chat sites on the globe? Well, be a darling, read our review and find out!

Get Online, Get Free, Get Sexy!

    Was the site homepage designed by a straitlaced grandma with coke bottle glasses? It could well have been!

    The OnlineFreeChat.com homepage looks like a plate of pea pudding and we are not talking of the delish kind, but the type that makes you shit your intestines out! We are frankly disappointed here and would report the site owners to the police if we could for having a homepage that is as ugly as the ass end of a junkie whore!

    Now, top of the page you get tabs like Home, Chat, Create Room, Forum, People, Resources and Help. Sign in and login tabs are provided as well. The homepage also has chat room buttons arranged in a box format. You get rooms like Gay Chat, Adult Chat, Role Play Chat, and Trivia Chat, with each chatbox having a small description of what goes in it.

    Scrolling down the homepage reveals lots of useful resources. This includes information as to how this adult chat site works and how to make the best use of it.

Online And Ready To Be Talkative!

    While this site is free, you can’t join a room or make comments if you are not signed in or a member. So, we had to create an account and this was easy enough to do, with the account set up taking around a minute. That was one minute we could have spent ogling Jada Fire’s booty and begging her to shake it one more time. Oh well!

    The aforementioned Resources tab has a list of articles that are bound to be useful as sin. Sample topics include, Hidden Secrets of Chat Gurus, Controlling Your Chat Experience and Sex Chat Success In Five Steps.

    The Forum tab has an impressive list of posts and threads, and not all of these are adult-related. A few are of newbies introducing themselves and old members making them feel welcome. The forum also has discussion boards for news, tech, music, current events, videos and everything else but the cooking skills of your great aunt!

    The Create Room tab does exactly what it says it does, while the Chat tab is more to our liking. It lists adult chat rooms and their topics, plus the number of users active in each room and the room statistic. Video chatting is possible here but is disabled by default. To enable it simply click on the video icon that is near the bottom of the selected chat page.

What We Think

    OnlineFreeChat.com has a homepage that is ugly enough to make a chimpanzee cry, but asides that functions quite well. While nothing is outstanding here, there’s a lot of rooms dying for your presence and lots of new friends you can make. So, login and talk it out with fellas hornier than you could ever be!

onlinefreechat, OnlineFreeChat

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