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OneJapanese Review

~ Pros ~

Diverse language support

Tons of XXX categories available

~ Cons ~

❌ Undated content

❌ Often poor quality content

❌ Wack site features

❌ Sorting options are ludicrous

❌ Bleh site design


    One Japanese? Now, why in hell would I opt for a single Japanese chick when I want to line up hundreds of them in a row and dip my noble wick in their well? Yeah, something about them petite Japanese sluts never fails to make my woody think we are celebrating its birthday and that means it gets harder, longer, and faster in the thrusting game!

    Anyway, OneJapanese is the name of a porn site and I am guessing the fella that picked the name had about as much familiarity with English as I have personal experience with menstruating! Here’s my OneJapanese review and here's hoping it gets me into a boatload of fresh Japanese hairy cunts sooner rather than later!

Come Dig Into Plenty of Marinated JAV Sluts!

    Well, I gotta begin my review by noting that OneJapanese.com is an unsafe porn site. So, if you happen to find yourself there, keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the trigger of your Glock till the site admin decides to do the right thing and secure the site.

    Now, OneJapanese doesn’t look half bad. There are no novel design features and the content thumbnails are arranged 5 per row and that makes the homepage appear overcrowded.

    The main site features take the form of the flower-like site logo at the top left, a basic search bar at the top middle, and Language, Categories, and Live Channel tabs on the top right. Below these tabs are options to sort content by popularity, newness, and length, and on the whole, this sure ain’t the most feature-packed porn site. There are not even any Contact Us and About Us links at the bottom of the homepage as is normally the case. But there is a Support & Complaint link that you can use to talk the ear off the site admin if you are in the mood and got time to waste.

    Anyway, there are 8 languages available in the Language tab, with English being enabled by default. The Categories tab has an alphabetical and very exhaustive arrangement of XXX categories, from 69, Asian, and Amateur to Voyeur, Wrestling, and Webcam. As for the Live Channels tab, it is just a direct Chaturbate ad link and the site incidentally has some pretty potent cam girls who are easy to fall in love and lust with and here’s to hoping that your relatives ain’t gonna be too shocked by your leaving them sweethearts something in your will!

Put It Into Only Japanese Pussy and Prosper!

    Now, content sorting on OneJapanese is typically performed with the aid of the three buttons on the top right. But of course, no one stops you from using the search bar, basic as it is to look up stuff. Still, using the search bar for content sorting would only make sense if you are a hardcore JAV lover and know the names of the JAV sluts that matter, plus the genre they typically go all-out and fuck a dick up!

    Unsurprisingly, even if English was selected as your chosen language on this JAV site, that doesn’t stop some porn from having titles other than English. That can be a little irritating, but you are sure to calm down once you remember that this is a JAV site and it regularly gets content from much of Asia whose title and dialogue it is not obliged to translate.

    Sample titles from the newest videos section are as follows: Japanese MILF Wife, Dental Problems, The Timid Sister Of My Girlfriend, Eager To Fuck My Mommy, Japan Party 2, Blind Sister-In-Law, Asian Nostalgic Porn, My Father’s Second Wife, and Lonely Housewife Boinked By Step Father. While these and other porn titles sound sweet enough, the reality is that not every movie is hosted on OneJapanese.com because it is both a porn site and a porn aggregator site. That helps explain the severe lack of site features and sorting options. Plus, a good number of the sites where part of the content found on OneJapanese is hosted are insecure, which is a hardcore bummer.

    Anyway, the Lonely Housewife Boinked by Stepfather Video ran to 124 minutes and was available for play on OneJapanese. The playback quality was nonadjustable and had to be 280p or lower. I couldn’t watch all 2 hours plus of this video because of its terrible quality and because I am not a fan of chicks lying like a log of wood and pretending to be asleep as you finger and fuck them. That said, other videos hosted on the site had playback quality of from 480p to HD and the playback options on this site are extremely limited.

    I also checked out the Eager to Fuck My Mom video. It was hosted on JapXTube, had a runtime of 33 minutes, and had blurred genitalia which I am very much not a fan of. Like of what use is porn if my cock is unable to see the genitalia it will want to dive into and shoot up like it does Hogan's Alley on the regular!

    Apart from the litany of complaints I have against it, OneJapanese.com does not seem to have much content. I would be surprised out of my drawers if it had 2K videos and that's very abysmal for a porn site or porn aggregator site.

What I Think of OneJapanese

    I have been sitting at my desk for the last 30 minutes trying to think up a more disappointing JAV porn site than OneJapanese. The most charitable thing I can say about it is that it seems to be a work in progress, but all aspects of it are average at best and madly disappointing at worst.

    See, it would be a very chilly place in hell the moment I decide to recommend this porn site to anyone other than my worst enemies and my legions of haters!

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