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Omegle Review

~ Pros ~

omegle, OmegleYou can easily disconnect from chats you don’t like

omegle, OmegleYou can easily locate university students using the .edu feature

omegle, OmegleIt is free

omegle, OmegleSome control to avoid abuse

omegle, OmegleGood cam streaming quality

~ Cons ~

omegle, OmegleSettings change is limited

omegle, OmegleToo much randomness

omegle, Omegle Outdated design


    Straight up, a name like Omegle is not going to inspire anyone to reach for the skies and do things no one else has been brave or stupid enough to do before. I guess any name is as good as any, but I feel the folks over at Omegle could have thought of a way cooler name.

    At Omegle.com, the homepage looks like it was designed by a kid who is not yet old enough to wipe his own ass. However, the site supports a lot of languages and that is something in its favor. Just click on the language you want and you are good to go.

    Omegle or omelet as some might call it is a chat room. Yes, a real chat room that you can join for free. It is a place where you go to when you are feeling so lonely that your only other option in life is to drink yourself to sleep. At Omegle, you get to meet a lot of random peeps in the states and worldwide and talk to them about anything, no matter what mood your in.

    If you so choose, you can add your interests and Omegle will match you with others whose interests are the same as yours. Just don’t register on the site and put up a profile that says you like roasting babies by a campfire! However you might just find some people just as twisted as you (lol)

    Now, I do love that you can chat with matched people on the platform. All you have to do to make that happen is to type whatever comes to mind and click on the “text” button. If that is too boring and you want to see if the person you are chatting with is of your preferred sex and hot enough to bang, you can activate your webcam and ya’ll both can check each other out and maybe fall in love!. Cam streaming quality is OK.

    Now, while Omegle has a live video chat function that works well, it keeps an eye on this to make sure no hanky panky occurs. Still, if you are feeling a little frisky, you or your chat partner can get nude and manhandle myriads of sex toys and/or genitals with little chance of being seen. However, most of the naughty things I have seen there are of weird fellas jerking on their hairy cocks like they want to uproot it. There are loads of bots and spammers there too, so stay alert.

    If you are a man like me, I am pretty sure it would be easy to find a girl on Omegle who wants to make you cum like a broken water pipe. Most of these girls look hot and can’t wait to get nude and show just how well their mama blessed them.

    Go on and find the perfect chick for you. Once you do, be sure to tell her the kind of things that will make her so wet you could skate on her pussy.

    Overall, Omegle is decent. Dated design and the overabundance of horny males apart, it is worth taking a look at.