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OgFap Review

~ Pros ~

There are lots of videos uploaded every day

~ Cons ~

❌ Most videos are low-quality

❌ You’ll see annoying ads

❌ No option to rewind or fast-forward videos


    You’re joining me against your will as I deliver my Ogfap.com review. If you try to escape reading about this TikTok porn site then you may as well surrender yourself to boring wanks that make you cry in your bathroom.

    If you’ve ever been on TikTok and wished these pretty girls dancing were doing that without any clothes on so you can see their jiggling tits and tight pussies, then the creator of Ogfap wants you in his life as his lawfully wedded site wanker.

Orgasm Fap or Ogre Fap?

    As soon as I got on the site I was greeted with a video of two blonde girls that may as well be twins. I didn’t waste any time accepting that I am over 18 years old so I’ll be allowed to watch the smut they made. Shit, even if they wanted me to accept that I am a leprechaun to watch it, I will. For me, this is one of the best parts about porn sites that imitate Tik Tok, they always get right down to business!

    The first videos that you are gonna be shown will be under the title “Hot”. This section shows you videos that a lot of fellow fappers are fighting their meat for. Sometimes the videos might look like thrash and the quality would be something out of an 80s horror movie but they’ll still be a few gems worthy of your attention. The key is to be patient but you can’t be too patient if the site is filled with lots of thrash.

    I’ve been on other sites like this in the past and I’m starting to think that they are all better than this one. At the very least, I was allowed to clear the hashtags from my face when I was browsing on those other sites but Ogfap has no such feature. I am starting to think that this site is never gonna get a good review from me even though I tried to love it and its content that is filled with hot-ass teens.

    As if dealing with the site’s terrible design isn’t bad enough, I was constantly bombarded with Ads telling me to undress some bitch. Now, this is where I draw the line, I’m gonna have to find where the people that made this site live and force them to use their own site so they can cry about just how shitty the experience is. But before that, I have to see if any redeeming features on the site could save them.

TikTok Porn Gone Wrong!

    If a comet came to Earth from space at the fastest speed and hit you in the head and you managed to survive it, then you’ll be interested in signing up to be a member of this site after reading all that I have said so far. I’m not one to judge so I’ll lay out the steps for you. So sit back, relax, and start pondering why you like to be a stubborn little fucker.

    Anyway, to sign up you’re gonna need an Email, a password that you would remember or forget, I don’t give a flying shit, and finally, you’ll have to confirm your password. After that, you’ll be let into this kingdom of wankers. I’m not sure that there are a lot of perks to be gotten from being a member but you might be allowed to upload some porn here.

    The search option is the only part of the site that has any pulse in it and it almost made my dick hard. When you click on the search icon, you’ll be taken to a page that not only lets you search for the name of the girl that you wanna wank to her content. They also let you see hashtags that would display content that fits the porn niche you wanted to see. I clicked on ‘cute’ and I can’t wait to see if there is great content here.

    The videos there weren’t special and the quality is able to debone your dick like it’s some fish. I did find a few high-quality smut but I wasn’t really able to enjoy it because the videos don’t give me any options to rewind and look at what scene would have made me jizz. And there was no way I was gonna start the video all over again just to see that particular part. These guys running the site have a lot of work to do!

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Ogfap

    I’ve been on sites that display content like TikTok in the past. Some of them I really liked, and some I wanted to stick them where the sun would never shine on them. Ogfap happens to be the most annoying that I have seen so far. There is so much room for improvement that it seems like the lazy creators intentionally give us this bullshit. If they need tips on how to run a decent porn site then they know where to find me. For now, I’m not recommending their site!

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