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NSFWSwipe Review

~ Pros ~

Seems content-jacked

Tags galore

Free and limitless downloads

~ Cons ~

❌ Meh site design

❌ Meh content quality

❌ Shit user options


Not everyone has the patience and gumption to sit through 2-hour long JAV videos. Some lust after short, punchy, and exciting content of the kind they can get from TikTok or Instagram and that’s okay enough, even if some of us might not understand or don’t want to expend the brainpower to understand, not when there are more important matters to figure out, like which ebony slut got the biggest and juiciest booty in the porn world!

Now, NSFWSwipe is a good example of porn sites with TikTok-like content I was talking about earlier, and it just so happens that I got the place on my table today and I’m in the mood to flip it on its back, see up its urethra, probe its ass and that kind of thing! So, here is my NSFWSwipe.com review. Read it and weep while swiping from fresh cunt to boiled ass!

NFSWSwipe It Like It’s Hot and Got Juicy Titties!

    Do you know what welcomed me the first time I made a trip to the NSFWSwipe.com homepage? It was a GIF of an ebony chick giving a sloppy BJ to a long rubber dildo. The way she was going at it, you could be mistaken for thinking the dildo was made of chocolate and belonged to a fella with a pulse! Get a BJ from a chick like this and you can be assured of getting to the cumming heavens at the kind of speed that jet fighters were designed for!

And I gotta correct something. While NSFWSwipe sounds like a place where you swipe back and forth to check out the smut, that is not factual. What you do here is tap the up and down buttons on your PC and that takes you to enough poon to make your Vaseline stash seem like it was designed to last a Lilliputian an hour or two!

Now, this place has a stark and minimalist design, not that you or I should expect TikTok porn sites like this to have all the eye candy in the world. The videos and GIFs here play in the middle of the screen, and that is not conducive to immersive effects when consuming content.

User features on this free TikTok porn site include a duo atop the video screen that lets you activate the Lucid mode and picture-in-picture effect. But the latter option does not work as it should and trying to activate it will only move the video you are watching to the bottom right of the screen.

The right part of the screen is where most user options are stacked vertically and there are 3 biggies there. The download option is one, and you can download stuff in a few steps by clicking the Download option, a link, and then the Download option in a playing video. Plus there’s a gear icon lets you activate or deactivate auto swipe, hide some buttons, or switch the menu buttons to the left side of the homepage. Getting the auto swipe working means you no longer gotta have to scroll up and down for content, with the page loading new stuff for you once the old one is done playing.

And then there’s the trio of horizontal bars. Clicking on this grants access to all videos, vertical or horizontal videos only, porn groups, and tags. The horizontal videos here enable a more full-screen effect and there are nearly 400K of them and almost 900K videos in total.

By the way, the porn tags and groups here are just about synonymous and there’s a very extensive selection of them. The problem though is that these tags and groups are not attractively arranged and are alphabetically sorted by default, but cannot be filtered by popularity, rating, and that kind of thing.

Other user options let you like videos or GIFs and there’s a Share icon that lets you share content on WhatsApp, Reddit, and a few other places. Plus when you tap the Share icon and the video you are watching loads on a new screen, you can now watch the video in fullscreen and download that particular video by scrolling to the bottom of the page, clicking the Download Video Here option, tapping on a link and then clicking the Download option in the video. Yeah, the whole thing is hella convoluted, but it works.

In Royal Cunt We Share and Play!

    The videos on this TikTok porn site are exceptionally short. But then I am sure that most of you already know that and are okay as fuck with that.

When videos play here, the tag or genre in which the video belongs will be shown at the top left of the site homepage. You can click that tag and then get your screen filled with content relating to that particular tag. Or you can just go to where all the tags are and find one that appeals to you. And while we are on the subject of videos, the ones on this free TikTok porn site seem to have been gotten from a large variety of XXX and non-XXX sites and their playback quality is not user-adjustable.

One video on this TikTok porn site had a moaning chick on a bed and she had some lusciously puffy nipples. Her cunt and face were not shown, but she did have a pierced tongue and boobies I wanna slap around. The video seemed to be in 360p or less, if you can believe that. Another with a #gonewildcouples tag showed a chick with a massive booty riding on a fella with an equally massive cock. The ass cheeks of this slut were red like they had been slapped hard a few seconds before and given the speed she was pumping up and down on that jackhammer boner, you better believe she’s intent on something breaking so that she can claim an insurance payout!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of NSFWSwipe

This is 2024 and I would rather put a live porcupine in my drawers and dance the fandango than recommend XXX sites whose content looks like they were filmed in 1995! That said, the fact that this place got stuff from lots of different XXX sites, some of which I haven’t heard of, plus the free downloads, and large range of content makes it worthy of a look-see.

So, if you have nothing better to do than fry your eyeballs with all the smutty GIFs in the world, then NSFWSwipe might be the place for you!

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