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r/NSFW_GIF Review

~ Pros ~

One of the biggest GIF-focused subreddits

Content crammed

Good playback options

~ Cons ~

❌ Wack upload pace

❌ Bland design

❌ Meh user options


    GIFs are videos so short they end before your cock has enough Vaseline on it to make wanking an easy chore. They were actually developed 35 years ago, rather than last week and so many memes feature this particular art form and so does a lot of smut.

    Y’all got a love for GIFs that’s more compelling than staying alive and seeing me married to the ever-horny, always willing and overly nasty Mini Stallion? Then a subreddit like NSFW GIF is just what the cum doctor prescribed for that woody on you that’s longer and heavier than London Bridge!
Here’s my NSFW GIF review, fellas. Read it and weep for having a dick that wants to be cooked in snatch like a leek!

Reddit NSFW GIF Gets You Thinking Life Is Just A Porn Shoot!

    Looks matter, fellas. And that’s why I would gladly fork over a thousand bucks to take a classy babe to a fancy restaurant and would never cough up 5 percent of that to take a fine booty skank who wears vomit-stained clothes on the daily to the local McDonalds! And something like that is pertinent here because the mods at Reddit NSFW GIF do not think that the looks of their subreddit is important, or that it should have customized graphics that help set it apart from other similar subreddits. That sucks!

    Yeah, r/NSFW GIF looks like a perfectly ordinary place and that’s not the kind of look I am a fan of. I believe all porn subreddits should advertise what they do and are all about on the top and every side of their page. Playing possum by mimicking the look and feel of “normal” subreddits does not cut it and gets me pissed off more than denying me access to an all-night marinated coochie does!

    Now, the first post on this subreddit had something to say about the rules and regs being at the sidebar to the right and there they indeed were. There are just 9 rules though, rather than the very long list I was expecting and these rules talk about zero allowance for trolls and original content, plus no spam, discord links, compilation, asking for content sources, and beating your meat on Sundays! Of course, the last is a joke and if ever meat beating on Sundays was banned, I sure would be quite willing to fight another civil war to see that ban reversed! And it is interesting that the admins here have a pet peeve about Discord.

    As for the subreddit date of origin, r/NSFW GIF came into being in March 2010. Card-carrying members number 2.8 million plus, with 2.5K of these being online at the time of this review. Numbers like that ain’t too bad, just like spreading and spearing your chick 6 times daily isn’t all that bad. Yeah, cum gotta get dumped and with cum buckets nearby, it would be insane not to make the fullest use of that!

The GIF That Keeps Giving!

    When it comes to uploads, I can tell you for free that NSFW GIF admins all need to get their balls bitten off by saltwater crocodiles and without anesthesia, mind! And the reason for such radical surgery is because they preside over a subreddit that sees an average of 7-8 new content daily. That’s an insult in a universe that’s drowning in smut.

    Top trending content on the r/NSFW GIF subreddit include titles like How Can You NOT Grab Them, Beautiful Blonde Babe Gets Fucked From Behind, Up Against The Glass, That’s How You Take A Bath, M ia Khalifa, She Wasn’t Expecting That, A Spectacular View and Morning Bathroom Romp. The Mia Khalifa post had 26K upvotes at the time of this review and couldn’t be properly loaded on my PC due to a mysterious error. I tried to watch the stuff on RedGifs via the link in the post, but it had been deleted on RedGifs. That might be because the content violated copyright laws, or because it showed Mia Khalifa doing what she does best on the face of the top guy in Rome who sits on a throne and likes to wear white robes!

    Anyway, How Can You NOT Grab Them had 37.4K upvotes at the time of this review and it was about a sweet-faced chick bouncing on a cock with her panties shifted to the side, while her mammaries were flying all over the place. Them jugs are of the big and shapely kind too and look as natural as the morning wood that the teenage you used to mistakenly shove into the peehole, assholes, and coochies of your cousins when they come for sleepovers.

    Remember Up Against The Glass? Well, that GIF should go home with the Nobel Prize for cock stiffening! 31.6K upvoters agreed with me that the chick in the GIF needs to be found, stripped nude, and worshiped and I am currently saving up a cumload for her! The featured brunette in the clip is immensely pretty and her booty must have taken the almighty all of 6 days to put together! She’s filmed thrusting herself on a dildo that’s suctioned to a sliding piece of bathroom glass and she has one of those fat cunts that are great for making oak tree woodies disappear and reappear many times per second!

    Now, you can watch all GIFs here in fullscreen, share them to Reddit, Twitter, and Discord, and embed them too. There are no direct download links, but that should be no problem for tech-savvy wankers and every other fella willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to cater for the welfare of his right hand and spear of destiny!

What ThePornGuy Thinks Of r/NSFW GIF

    Well, Reddit NSFW GIF does not seem potent enough to truly amaze and excite and it does not help that it looks blander than Jimmy Hoffa’s tanned butt! But it does have some serious content and is worth bookmarking and trawling.

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