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NSFWFunny Review

~ Pros ~

All kinds of porn and funny stuff

A million plus perverts to befriend

Very active subreddit

Posts all have heavy member engagement

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Lousy when it comes to content updates

❌ Does not do enough to differentiate it from other subreddits


    When you are horny, you wank or ask the local thots the going price to cum in that cunts they sell dear. But if you want a bit more, NSFW Funny has some fucking funny posts it’s gonna spread your ass cheeks with it if you let it!

    The porn on the site is bizarre, funny, and unusual. Yes, you can wank to most of it, but it is also likely to put a smile on your face that could make your mates think you got Bhad Bhabie or Jennifer Lopez to agree to meet you at the local motel for a little bit of this and that!

    Here’s my NSW Funny review and this is one freaky subreddit whose mods seem willing to fuck a knitting needle if you ask nicely!

Laugh, Ye Funny Cunts!

    Porn with enough humor to it to make Stalin roll over in his grave and let lose the kind of harsh guffaw that would make them fuckers at the Kremlin think the devil suddenly wants to put it in their butthole is what I figure the NSFW Funny subreddit is all about! Rad it is and shall always be!

    Now, At the time of this review, the first post I saw on the NSFW Funny subreddit was titled Just Another Busy Day In A Local Restaurant and this video was slightly less than a minute long. It takes place in a small restaurant in which patrons can both eat solid food and snack on pussy, while being allowed to drill any waitress they fancy. Hell, one patron complained that his food was not salty enough and a waitress told him to lick her snatch because it had all the salt it needed. This fucker did as she asked, but I was expecting him to dip his food into the salt cavern that’s her pussy and eat with a will! I sure wanna go to this kind of restaurant and intend to settle down to a king-sized plate of a chicken-fried stick as a waitress sucks my dick under the table and boils my balls in the pot that’s her hot mouth!

    The next video was titled Red Carpet Streaker and is also under a minute long. It opens with an interview on a red carpet, with a streaker showing up soon after and anxious to show the world what a great heft of cock Mother Nature gifted him with! The pretty and busty MILF being interviewed pulled him to her so he could nuzzle her juicy jugs, before lifting her dress and letting him manhandle her booty and snatch. She later pulled him to a couch, sucked his dick, and let him cum on her chest. I guess this content was taken from a specific Brazzers video and will keep looking for it, not least because the featured MILF has the kind of jugs the gods told me my soulmate should have!

    As for the third content on the subreddit at the time of this review, it was a low-res picture rather than a short video or long GIF like the two above it. The post was titled Wanna Bought This Kettle and had a picture of a perfectly ordinary electric kettle and reflected on this was the image of a naked man. He had a paunch and an ordinary dick and looks like a fella with more sugar in his tea than sense!

    The kettle post had 2K plus upvotes and that’s quite good. On the other hand, the fella who came up with the title needs to be tied up and shot with a spud cannonball! Thereafter, he should be enrolled in an English lesson class!

    From the above, you can’t help but walk away with the conclusion that this subreddit has enough funny porn to make your boner laugh so much it could cum! That’s swell!

Humor Me And Fuck Me Silly With A Lengthy Pipe!

    NSFW Funny is rad to the hilt and I love it. The team running the place have an awesome sense of humor and it doesn’t take you long to discover and appreciate that fact.

    There are 1.2 million members on this subreddit and they are called comedic cunts. 1.2K of them were online at the time of this review and this subreddit refers to them as active perverts. Of course, to keep this review as real as possible, I clicked the Join button and became a member and that makes me an active pervert too. But then, anyone who knows me well would know I have been a perv since I was knee-high and would look up the skirt of my grandma if I had half a chance!

    Now, apart from the humor flavor, NSFW Funny looks and feels like any other subreddit. The background is standard rather than X-rated and the user options are identical to other subreddits. You get the site information at the top right, and this includes the number of total and active members, and site rules. Also featured are the names of mods, and links you can use to contact and give them a piece of your mind and hopefully a slice of your cock!

    Hot, New, and Top content is available and you can choose which to see first or browse through the site content in its default mode. There’s some customization possible, and you can click a window icon to pick from card, classic and compact views.

    As befits a subreddit with over a million members that was opened in 2012, posts here usually have over a thousand upvotes and a hundred plus comments. Surprisingly though, new stuff is not posted daily and there’s usually a large gap between one post and the next. Like there were just 2 contents on the day of this review, with the other most recent stuff having been posted 5 days back. That’s strange and fucked up.

    Anyway, this subreddit has both videos/GIFS and images and you can watch the videos/GIFS on RedGif if you want. Not everything is X-rated enough to fap to though and you will see loads of funny content and memes. One in particular titled Who Will Be Able To Use This, The Giants had an image showing a dildo being wheeled around and this fucker had to be like 10 feet long and a couple of feet wide. Not even King Kong can sit on such a thing without feeling his kidney in his mouth!

    Another titled I Don’t Blame Him TBH was a GIF of a young boy fondling the big jugs of a female zombie. I too would have slapped them zombie tits around even at risk of life and limb and I would give an arm to know what zombie cunt feels like when its wriggling on your dick!

What I Think Of NSFW Funny

    For a subreddit as big as NSFW Funny, it is surprising that daily updates are hard to pull off. But I am prepared to overlook that and attribute it to the fact that they are after quality and not quantity.

    Need a funny subreddit that helps you laugh and release stress while also releasing an ungodly amount of semen that would be better off being used to float a battleship of one-armed wankers? NSFW Funny it is!

NSFWFunny, NSFWFunny

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