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r/NSFW_Japan Review

~ Pros ~

Hot sexy Japanese girls

Different kinds of fetish

Large community

Free to join

~ Cons ~

❌ Low number of posts per day

❌ Not a hentai sub


    Asian women. To be honest, I don’t know much about these lots, but if I were not a sensible being, I would have been carried away by the way these hentai artists often portray them sexually. It's excessive boobs for me. Outrageous curvy body shapes. And what’s that sound they make when they’re being fucked? Man, hentai porn will turn your head upside down.

    Since I came to the knowledge of hentai anime mostly emanating from Japan, I’ve been skeptical about what their women actually look like. I’m talking about bodily features now. Apart from the manga or hentai representations, I’ve mostly seen their girls fully clothed, and not gonna lie, Japanese women are very cute and adorable. I’m mostly usually confused about the facial semblances between them though. I mean, how do you even tell the difference between a Korean, a Chinese and a Japanese person just by looking at their faces?

    Well, this endeavor isn’t about to stress your head either. It’s safer to ask questions where you’re confused, than make assumptions. I happened upon an NSFW community on Reddit that is dedicated to Japanese ladies. Yep. You read it right. NSFW featuring Japanese ladies. Reddit NSFW Japan is the name, aka r/NSFW_Japan! If you’ve always felt weird after fapping to hentai anime porn, this reddit NSFW community should be your new fap muse.

Reddit NSFWJapan For The Japanese Booties

    Reddit NSFWJapan is a community on Reddit that features contents of nude or barely clothed ladies from Japan. This community is open to every pornographic content on Japanese women, from gifs, videos, funny clips, news, flash games to art that contain pretty Japanese girls naked. Besides boobs and pussies, erotica and gravures are also accepted in the community, as well as porn. Both censored and uncensored. Different kinds of fetishes are also welcomed here too.

    This subreddit was created March 24, 2013 and has since gained over 669k members on the platform, with a few hundred fuckers online, fapping daily to these pictures of naked Japanese girls. This right here is the sauce you need for your fapping sessions. These girls have amazing titties you can stare at all day.

The Naked Japanese Girls Of r/NSFWjapan

    Naked Japanese girls: this subreddit is only for Japanese girls, and we love that this particular race of Asians are very well represented. These girls are very pretty, hot, and damn sexy! You’ll be particularly hooked on their amazing looking titties. You simply cannot get enough of them. You'll find different content on Japanese girls here, and if you’ve always been a lover of Japanese girls, you’ll love this community. The lot of you that watch a lot of anime porn, well, you can also come fap to real life waifus in this community.

    Different kinds of fetish: we love an open and inclusive community, and that’s why Reddit NSFWJapan is outstanding. This subreddit is open to different kinds of fetish—from upskirt, tattoo, hand bra, kimono, feet, ass, bath, cosplay, and full nude to masturbation! Faptastic, right? You can't help but love this particular Reddit community. It’s everything you can fap to.

    This community is free to join as well. Also, no verification is needed before posting. You just have to make sure you stick to the theme; Japanese girls only. Avoid spamming and any such activity that might get you banned. And please, don’t go posting anime porn on there, this community is not a hentai sub.


    Low number of posts per day: the number of posts on the community’s timeline per day is quite poor. Despite not having many restrictions or stringent rules, the community is lopsided in the amount of content that comes in daily. And perhaps due to issues surrounding spam posting, some posts are being removed from the timeline from time to time. Hopefully it doesn’t result in a lack of content.

    No self-promotion or advertisements: this would result in ban. Also, no posting of any content that involves or is suggestive of sexual activities involving minors. And because this is not a hentai sub, no posting of anime porn as well.

What I Think Of NSFWJapan

    Regardless of the minimal amount of posts per day, I believe there’s more than enough content down the timeline for your viewing pleasure. After all, the community’s been around for years now. Although there’s still room for improvement on that end, NSFWJapan is still iconic for its unique content on pretty Japanese girls, and its openness to different types of fetish as well. If you have any of such stuff to contribute, you are free to join in and participate.

    So, what do you think? Wanna fap to a few hot, sexy Japanese girls?

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