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Nifty Review

~ Pros ~

nifty, Nifty

It features thousands of erotic reads

nifty, Nifty

It is free

nifty, Nifty

You can share your erotic stories in no time

nifty, Nifty

You can browse stories by author

nifty, Nifty The community is really active

nifty, Nifty These guys are OG’s they been around since 1992

~ Cons ~ 

nifty, NiftyThe site design isn’t classy enough

nifty, NiftyIt doesn’t have much for straight porn lovers

nifty, NiftyThe site doesn’t appear to be too engaging houses a free and big range of adult erotic stories including bestiality, transgender, bisexual, gay, & lesbian. As suggested by its name, it offers a short-listed but effective archive to find out the perfect type of sex story you are looking for.

    On, you are able to indulge your twisted sexuality and explore new exciting adult stories at the drop of a hat. You can read, enjoy and feel aroused by reading plenty of adult text created by different adult writers from around the world.

    Nifty website is packed with sensational works for porn readers to have new experiences. This adult site boasts an incredibly immense active community from around the globe. Whenever you enter, you have to see an ordinary color scheme rather than one exclusively dissimilar to other similar sites.

    Nifty presents an absolutely realistic, though simple, interface based on text and free from annoying ads. Before you can post your adult erotic stories on, you need to make sure that you have carefully read all guidelines on text submission – failure to follow the instructions may result in disapproval. 

    The background color is rather dim, light & overly filled with the repeated arrow signs, making no sense on sex story websites. Unlike a well-designed porn site, can’t be viewed in more than one way such as date, popularity, and views.