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NHentai Review

~ Pros ~

Great porn cartoon designs

Site is very easy to use

Lots of free Hentai porn

Some really great Hentai porn

~ Cons ~

❌Some porn is weird

❌ Lots of site monitoring

❌ Not as many videos as images

❌ Video descriptions are not in English

❌ Poor site arrangement


    When it comes to fapping one out. There is more than one way to get the job done, Some like other people to do it for us, some like to watch porn, and even some like to read comics. When watching porn or getting a real human to do it  isn't cutting it for you anymore. Then you can rely on the mystical world at Nhentai. 

    The nhentai.net is a website that offers doujinshi and manga comics. Usually these comics are developed in the Japanese language, but this English nhentai website has your back!

    If you visit the tag section, you can see the tags chronologically a to z. When you are clicking any of them, you will get respective comics. Some of them are nhentai mind control,nhentai giantess, nhentai loli, nhentai overwatch, nhentai pegging, etc.

    This website allows you to create a free account. Using that account, you can leave a comment and also download the doujinshi and manga comics. 

    AS you'll notice the comics are both color and black & white mode.  You will see all sorts of comics by different popular doujinshi and manga comic’s artists.

    On the homepage, you will get popular comics listed accordingly. If you click on one of them, the built-in reader will open, and you can read from them. But because the pages are big and the narrators are written in small words, you may need to view them on a bigger screen.

    Luckily, modern smartphones are all getting bigger and bigger screen sizes. This is why the mobile version of this website also loads smoothly. The black theme also makes it easier for reading all the adult comics.

    The bad part is, there are lots of shitty ads on the website. Whatever page you open, you face multiple annoying ass ads. Some of the ads are by the website, some are 3rd party ads.

    For the nhentai review, I can say it’s a nice website that allows users to download adult comics. However, this website is mainly focused on Japanese peoples and persons who understand the Japanese language. For non-english users, it's just eye-candy because they won't be able to read the Japanese scribble! These sites like nhentai are free, so they need the help of 3rd party ads. Not many doujinshi and manga comics websites do not always support downloading all comics for several reasons. But the nhentai will allow users to create a better collection with the help of this website.

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