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NHentai Review

~ Pros ~

nhentai, NHentaiGreat porn cartoon designs

nhentai, NHentaiSite is very easy to use

nhentai, NHentaiLots of free Hentai porn

nhentai, NHentaiSome really great Hentai porn

~ Cons ~ 

nhentai, NHentaiSome porn is weird

nhentai, NHentaiLots of site monitoring

nhentai, NHentaiNot as many videos as images

nhentai, NHentai Video descriptions are not in English

nhentai, NHentai Poor site arrangement


    I am going to start my Nhentai review by telling ya’ll that shit site offers shit loads of free porn pics and comic strips. I dont know the exact number of content but there is somewhere around 165,000 galleries, which is growing everyday!. Meaning fresh, top quality animated content every damn day. On its face, this site is the ultimate wank bank.

    The shitty part is that it’s all still images. By design, nhentai.net only hosts pictures and comic strips. you will not find any videos or gifs. But if you’re into fapping to cartoon characters getting it on, you’ll have your hands full on this site.

    Just to point out the variability available on this website, there are nine thousand entries only for lactation. That’s plenty of wet titties.

    On top of that, there is a lot of pop culture-inspired porn. So, if you ever wanted to ascertain a tranny version of Chung-Li from Street Fighter kick ass and take it up the ass, you would possibly like this. Ever wanted to ascertain a female version of Yugi from the “Yu-Gi-Ho!" franchise dual monsters and later beat her double lady lips? They’ve got that. So if “parody" is your thing, nhentai.net might appeal to you.

    Nearly every page contains dozen of panels, which features a plot with many actions, both sexual and traditional. From what I can tell, the stories are pretty complex and can pique your pickle and your interest. At least, I think.

    I say that because the caption and dialogue bubble are typically written in Japanese or Mandarin characters. Occasionally, you would possibly find a page with panels that have a mixture of English and Japanese, and there could be some written in English. So, if you’re reading for plot, but don’t have an honest handle on kanji a touch or in the least, you would possibly also just scan through for the sexy stuff. After all, if you simply want to ascertain a busty gal gagging on six cocks, who the hell cares who’s saying what.

    Just like the substance of the content, there’s a lot of variety when it involves idiom. While they’re all of the superb quality, you’ll find erotic manga panels all just in black-and-white or stuff full color.

    Yeah, nhentai.net features a lot of categories, but I’m unsure what to form of a number of the content uploaded. By that, I mean, there’s some highly specific and bizarre shit – and that I don’t mean run-of-the-mill vomit porn or guys kissing mannequins. Oh no, there’s much more bizarre stuff than that. for instance, you’ve got girls branded with barcodes, a neighborhood for amputees, pregnant ladies sucking on pacifiers, and plenty of tentacle fucking. Got a fetish for body swapping? Then you’re in luck.

    There’s even a whole tag with over two thousand entries for inverted nipples. I also saw one page tagged “multiple vaginas.” No bullshit, check it out with a fast search.

    Seriously there’s some strange stuff, so be prepared, or if that sort of kink is your thing, get excited.

    In addition to the artistry of the porn, The Nhentai site is well put together. While somewhat minimalist, this is sensible since you naturally specialize in the content and not be distracted by ads. However, the way pages are categorized extremely thorough.

    If you speak and skim Japanese, you’ll probably have a far better time navigating the location than I did. Overall i think the site does a good job for what its trying to do, If your into pure still image comic porn then you will not find many more sites like NHetnai.