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NewAsianPorn Review

~ Pros ~

Full-length content

Multiple language support

Tons of XXX categories supported

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ Meh site design

❌ Not secure

❌ Shitty sorting options

❌ Average video quality

❌ Direct downloads are not a thing


    Full-length stuff from Japan mostly is what greets you on this porn site and I am pretty sure that I don’t have to explain to all ye wankers, cock beaters, and dick twirlers what JAV porn is all about! What NewAsianPorn brings to the table certainly is not new, but there is no doubting how engrossing it can be and no doubting the moaning ability of a properly aroused JAV slut!
Here’s my NewAsianPorn review and a new lease on life may it be!

New To The Fucking Game Is You!

    NewAsianPorn is insecure and the site design is very boring but okay. While the page setup is uninspiring, the fact that content image thumbnails are arranged 4 per row and well-spaced is a sweet sight for sore eyes and scratchy assholes!

    Not to derail this review, but who the fuck names their site NewAsianPorn? That’s so unimaginative that I am almost sure it is a crime against God and man and something worth reporting to the consumer affairs watchdog in my state! Yeah, NewAsianPorn as a porn site name sucks centipede dick and is perhaps the most boring site name I have run into in the porn scene.

    Now, white serves as the default site color here, with a blue header at the top containing what few sites feature there are. You get a perfectly ordinary site logo at the top left, plus a basic search bar that stretches nearly the entire width of the homepage. Considering that the search bar lacks advanced features of any kind, its immense length makes it look like it’s wearing a clown nose, or might be someone’s poor idea of a joke. Anyway, at the top right are language and category options, with 8 languages supported, English included.

    69, Amateur, Lingerie, Lick, Lesbian, Stockings, Strapon, Voyeur, Webcam, and Wrestling are just a few of the many available XXX categories. While these are arranged alphabetically by default, being able to sort them by popularity, the number of content, rating and all that kind of stuff would have been mucho nice and not that hard to pull off.

    So, this site has just basic search functionality, a language option, and a category option and that’s far too little. Thankfully though, at the top right of the homepage and just above the collection of video thumbnails are options to sort stuff by newness, popularity, and length.

    And talking about length, what you get here, as I have mentioned before is full-length content, with the longest video being 236 minutes long and that translates to a runtime of very nearly 4 hours. Dunno about you, but I got too much to do to spend 4 hours watching a chick get fucked and her pussy get put out of business, though y’all are of course free to feel differently. Plus given the kind of horse dick that’s in my possession, fucking a chick for 4 hours is a very sure way to get slapped with first-degree murder charges!

Hardcore Porn The Naughty Asian Way!

    While this site might be all about JAV and Chinese pussies getting slammed, bred, and used for target practice by outsize artillery pieces, it still takes the trouble to have much of the content titles in English. That’s much appreciated. However, these titles often do not make sense and I blame faulty translating software and lack of experience with the English language by none other than the site admin.

    Sample titles with the newest filter applied are as follows: Crazy Porn Flick Brunette Exotic Uncut, My Younger Sisters, Asian Chick Cheat On Beau In Hospital, Natsuki Kisiraka In Is A Splendid Teen Angel, Chinese Nude Model, Japanese Wife Forced, Fake Doctor, Big Stepsister Fell Asleep In The Tub and JAV Hottest Drama. The Natsuki Kirisaka video, unlike most, had a runtime of 10 minutes. It’s from JapanLust.com and the Natsuki chick is a perfectly ordinary-looking young girl who gets kissed, and has her legs spread, with her cunt being sucked and brought to life by a wand vibrator. Though this babe is not a looker, she does have a nicer pussy than most JAV artists and her cock-sucking skills ain’t that bad either!

    The Fake Doctor video, on the other hand, had a runtime of 27 minutes. It opened with a pretty chick coughing on the floor, presumably sick with something and that better not be an incurable case of cum fever Two fellas in the video who I presume to be nurses, put her legs over her shoulder and finger her snatch and butthole in possibly the weirdest medical procedure I have seen this week! She also has her tits sucked and her cunt eaten and that’s the kind of stuff that makes me want to dump everything and enter medical school!

    Now, there were no playback issues during this review, with videos loading fast enough to set a record and playing smoothly to make a liter of hot oil jealous! Videos are however of less than HD quality and playback options are almost non-existent. Direct downloads are not enabled anywhere and videos lack dates of any sort. Without dates on content here, I would say that the content upload frequency on this site is known only to the site admin. That of course is not as it should be.

    And talking of content, I would be very surprised if there are up to 2K videos on this porn site. That makes me believe the content update frequency is atrocious, to put it mildly.

What I Think Of NewAsianPorn

    If NewAsianPorn was a horse of mine, I would cheerfully sell it off so that it can be rendered into glue and dog meat and be of use for once. This is the kind of porn site that makes zero impressions on you no matter how hard you try to like it and as far as I can see, there are zero reasons to recommend it.

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