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MyPorn Review

~ Pros ~

Easy to use site

Classic site design

Downloading porn is really quick

Has a large stock of porn videos for download

Has lots of seeders to enable really fast downloads

~ Cons ~ 

❌ No photos

❌ A few ads

❌ Streaming is not possible


    Where other porn torrent sites are trying to look as attractive as possible, Myporn.club is going in the other direction. It has a homepage that makes you think your device has just been hacked or that you just hacked through the private files and pictures of the rich and famous!
Do keep on reading and get to know what exactly this site is all about and whether it is worth a full fart or not!

Sweet Porn Rips

    Myporn.club looks like the go-to site for premium porn rips that are freer than air. The homepage has a look that might not be to the taste of all and it takes a little while to figure out how best to use it.

    This is a free torrent site. So expect more than a few ads. The homepage itself has an inky black background. The left top part of the screen is where the Latest Torrent tabs can be found, as well as the Top Hits, Community and Trends tabs. A little way beneath this is a search bar, while the far right has options to either register an account or log in.

    Most of the homepage is taken up by top hits recorded in the last 24 hours. These feature helpful things like their title, the file size, when they were added, views, hits, seeders, leechers, and the uploader. Titles include stuff like “Brunette with thick ass gets rough anal twice,” and “Sexy girl caught brother and fucked by him in doggy style.”

    Lest we forget, each featured video has clickable categories that are rendered in blue. They include Anal, Ass, Virgin, Hardcore and the like and clicking any of these wherever they are found in a video will show all the content that fits that category.

    Beneath the top hits section is the Top Seeding Torrents section and below this is the latest torrents. All torrents are virus-free and are downloadable. No streaming options are supported though. That is not much of an impediment though because download speeds are great, and you can be certain of downloading anything that catches your fancy in a few minutes at the most.

The MyPorn review conclusion

    The site design of Myporn.club is as minimalistic as they come. It might not be to everyone’s liking too. But everything here is functional and there’s enough premium porn at hand to make you rub your dick raw in your eagerness!

    Overall, this site is good at making you fill up a few buckets with your cum juices before you know what is happening! And yes, it is surely worth a look-see.

myporn, MyPorn

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