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MyMuscleVideo Review

~ Pros ~

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoHas well organized gay porn categories

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoAllows users to upload videos

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoHas a good search function

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoHas both photos and videos

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoEasy sign-up process

~ Cons ~ 

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoSite may need an upgrade

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoSite has some scam tendency

mymusclevideo, MyMuscleVideoMost of the porn videos are short


    We weren’t all that sure to expect when the call came in to review MyMuscleVideo.com. Initially, we thought it to be a place where self-satisfied freaks go to show off the results of their gym visits but soon found it to be so much more than that. This proved to be a porn site full of dick pics and vids of all kinds of overly muscled fellas who look like they eat iron rods for breakfast and gravel for dinner!

    Here’s our MyMuscleVideo review of this slightly odd site.

My Muscle, My Power!

    The My Muscle Video homepage has a barebones design. White is the background color and the site appears oriented towards form and function, rather than class and style.

    There are sign up and login options on the top right corner of the homepage, plus links to a few social media sites on the top left. A search bar is made available too.

    An Upload tab is present, but that is meant for members only. Luckily membership is free and you won’t need to lift a 50kg dumbbell with your prick to qualify!

    Other tabs include the Home, Videos, Adult Videos, Photos, Users, Upgrade, and Huge Cocks. We quickly clicked on the latter, expecting to see cocks that are bigger than even the proverbial oak tree stump, only to be redirected to MonsterCockland.com.

    The Users tab lets you browse through the list of registered users, the Photos tab brings forth fab pics of very ripped and occasionally nude hunks, the Videos tab shows non-XXX-related and slightly XXX-related content, with the Adult Videos tab making available as much hardcore XXX action as you need to get spoiled with.

    There are a fair number of videos on the homepage arranged according to the most-watched and most recent. Options allow site users to filter these vids by the longest, most discussed, popular and top-rated.

    The Most Recent option had clips like Muscle Muscular, Hard Shower, Hassan Works Arms, and Abel Pirela Getting Ready To Get Dicked Down. Video lengths can be very short and are almost all shot and performed by amateurs.

    Should you click on a video, you get to see who submitted it and when, the playtime and number of views accumulated. Other displayed information show tags and categories, plus a very short description. It is also possible to add a chosen video to a playlist or the favorite list and share it. Members of the site can leave comments and either approve or vote down content.

What We Think

    If your tastes run to very muscled hunks who occasionally get nasty, then MyMuscleVideo.com would be perfect for you. There are lots of options here and lots of opportunities to salivate over the form of testosterone-filled ripped men who look like they are carved from marble and wrestle with adult hippos for a living!

    However, the site is not as flashy or porn-oriented as we would like. Overall though so  long as you have outrageously muscled tastes, this site should be a delight

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