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MyFirstTime Review

~ Pros ~

The site has no Ads

It’s easy to navigate

Over 60,000 first time stories

Some stories are pretty hot.

~ Cons ~

❌ Some of these stories can be boring as fuck


    Whenever something is done for the first time its most of the time a messy affair that leaves a long lasting mark in your memory banks. But sharing that experience could make you feel better and also help someone learn from your experience, Myfirsttime.com is a site dedicated to publishing stories about people’s first time with sexual activities. I’m pretty sure the name says it all so you know what you’re walking into here.

    Even though this is a site for experiences I still have to check out what the experience is like if it’s what my loyal serial fappers need or if they are better off wanking off in some bathroom stall thinking of their porn crush instead. I don’t get to do too many things any more for the first time but I hope this site gives me that feeling again. Here’s Myfirsttime review below.

Let’s see if we can make it first time the charm

    Sometimes, you might just need a break from wanking every day and night all year round to porn videos. You can switch things up with reading a couple of sex stories for some days. I know you might think it’s not as fun as porn videos but it can give you new perspective of a lot of sexual concepts and at the same time these stories can be very arousing and before you know it your imagination is running wild as your hands are running to your genitals as you stroke yourself silly as the words let your imagination fly in sexual fantasies.

    When I got on the homepage, I had to quickly reduce my screen brightness cause the page was so bright my eyes watered and this was at night. The site has a bright white background theme with contrasting black fonts. Right about now I should be seeing huge tits and wet pussies busting in my face but then I remembered I’m here for sex stories, instead I should have my monocle up and a glass of wine with the finest of lotions beside me ready to read about people’s first time doing anything sexual.

    Now it makes sense why there’s “PRESS” boldly written at the top of the page. At the top right corner of the homepage is the menu button which can be used to access home, about, read stories and submit stories. The site claims there are over sixty thousand first time stories that has been shared on the site and you could be among one of them. The site says it has over one million readers monthly and you can share those first ejaculatory moments with the world.

Stories that touch.. the privates

    As I scrolled down the homepage there stories were arranged from top to bottom in order of the most recent stories. I’m not really one to be going around reading stories but I kept an open mind plus I’ve really pushed my jerking off record this week so taking it slow won’t be so bad.

    The first story was about some dude in the 60s that didn’t get any sex Ed and had never seen a naked woman until he found his brothers playboy magazine and immediately got his first and biggest boner of his life, then his hands instinctively moved to the boner and started stroking it till cum exploded out of him and turning his brothers magazine to mush. Wasn’t really a hardcore story but I felt a tingle in my pants when reading the details , I was now intrigued to keep going. This stories could have easily been written by the site operators I’m not sure of this but the deeper we go the more we’ll find out.

    I started reading through the stories some were hot, like when some nympho chick disvirgined a dude and made he cum 6 times in the span of one night. Some are just okay like when a girl gets her first orgasm but some are just down right boring as hell and put your dick to sleep before you even get past the third line like some stories of fucking on grass pretty itchy stuff if you ask me.

And they lived happily ever horny

    The stories on this site have been pretty softcore to me, they aren’t bad though they can get you aroused but there isn’t really much content long enough that you can immerse yourself in and jerk off till you have a happy ending. But there’s still more to check out, below this section of stories you can select the orientation of stories you want between straight, gay or lesbian. I dashed of course to check out the lesbian stories, two chicks riding each other’s clits for the first time will definitely get hot blood flowing to my cock. And yep I was right the lesbian stories were better, more detailed and longer to hold a boner atleast till your first climax.

    There was another section below that for popular stories with the amount of views they had. This Section had over five thousand pages. There homepage had a last section at the bottom which was labeled featured, there were more entertaining stories here but I’ll just say I had a slightly above average experience on the site as I’m use to more hardcore stuff.

PornGuy concludes on Myfirsttime.com

    This site isn’t one I’ll be visiting a lot because I prefer more hard core material but the site could be the perfect break you need from porn videos and get into so wholesome sex stories that could teach you a thing or two. If you love reading about sex stories or what to try something new this site is worth visiting and the best part you won’t be disturbed by any Ads.

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