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MrDeepFakes Review

~ Pros ~

User-friendly interface

A wide selection of celebrities

Availability of photos too

Huge library of videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Way too many Ads

❌ Some edits aren’t really good


    In this age where celebrities teach and influence the masses even more than educators and instructors, you can’t help it when you start having celebrity crushes. Then you take it up a notch and even start jerking off to posters and videos of these celebrities.

    So for those celebrity crushers who are still perverts and can’t stop jerking off to their pictures. Now there are porn sites that got you covered and that’s deep fake pornsites. I’ve got one I’ll be reviewing today and that’s mrdeepfakes.com a site to help with the celebrity fuck urges.

Heres my mrdeepfakes website review below.

    First dip into mrdeepfakes

Mrdeepfakes is a free adult site that provides porn videos with deepflakes of certain celebrities which the majority of people consider to be hot or attractive. This site is here to assist you as you sexualize your celebrity crushes and watch them on videos fucking like wild maniacs and porn stars, this is the closest thing to when celebrity nudes and sex tapes are leaked.

    This site has a user-friendly interface and it’s quite easy to navigate through the site. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to browse through this site as it’s arranged very simply so that any wanker with one hand tied behind their cock can go through this site.

    The site has a dark background theme and it’s quite easy on the eyes as you’re ready for your celebrity crush to jerk off and make your wet dreams come true.

A rundown of the homepage

    At the top of the homepage is the title bar with the name of the site in the middle and the site’s logo beside it which is also interesting because the logo is a cartoon image of Donald Trump holding up a face mask, I guess there’s some hidden pun there but I don’t have the patience to figure it out.

    On the far right of the title bar is the search icon, to locate any video of your choice as long as it’s available on the site. I decided to search if they had any content of one of my numerous celebrity crushes; Margot Robbie, Megan Fox, etc; and boyyy, they didn’t disappoint, I saw a deep fake porn of Margot Robbie getting her brains fucked out, I was harder than a rock and was about to have a soul-crushing nut but let’s stay on track with the review.

    On the left corner of the title bar is the menu key, clicking it will open a side window with some menu options. At the top of the menu option is the signup and log-in, in which you can register on the site for all their premium services.

    Other options include videos which are divided into verified, latest, top-rated, and most viewed. You can start your fapping journey from here and see what everyone is watching and what your fellow perverts are into.

Deepfakes making celebrities do it all

    The next option is the categories section which is divided into cartoon, bbw, and virtual reality. The cartoon shows deep fake porn videos of celebrities in cartoon form fucking all kinds of things even horses, the bbw well is a familiar category to any serial fapper but this BBW category has an extra perk to it as these are deep fake videos of celebrities that are BBW, as I clicked on it I saw videos of Adele fucking like a nympho and even got rebel Wilson bouncing on dick like a wild cowgirl of the west.

    Next on the menu option is a photos section which is divided into the latest albums, top-rated rated, and most viewed. This is where you can see deep fake pictures of your favorite celebrities nude or getting fucked senseless, also you have to be ready for anything cause sometimes they do go overboard with the deep fakes like I saw a picture of Taylor Swift on the red carpet nude and she also had a DICK! Not really something I was prepared for but who knows maybe that’s what gets you perverts to jizz these days.

Deepfakes for all

    Then still on the menu option this site takes care of different sexual orientations, you can set it for straight, gay, or shemale whatever rocks your boat.

    Back to the homepage now, going down from the page the first section is titled recent videos from verified creators. And I was already seeing a deep fake video of Gal Gadot sucking and jerking off a dick bigger than her face and some homemade sex tape with her digging into her Pussy with a dildo as big as her hands.

    This creators really be putting in the work as I continued to scroll down before my dick got any harder, I then saw a deep fake video of Scarlett Johansson masturbating, fuck it! I had to jump on that and have a quick rub-off.

    After I was done with that section on the homepage the next section was deep fake porn videos being watched, here you can see what a collective group of wankers are also watching and you can get in on that action who knows you all cum together like nut cases.

    They had it all Bella Thorne, and Selena Gomez trying to make babies, it’s a site that with an open enough mind you could have a hell of a time here. At the bottom of the homepage, it’s just a disclaimer to make sure you know all this ain’t real before you start having any crazy ideas. They are just deep fakes.


    Technology has really advanced over the years to make life easier for everyone. It’s also been applied to the adult industry to make your pervy wet dreams come true. Mrdeepfakes is here to provide you with different deep fake porn videos of your favorite celebrities getting fucked like a sex doll. With this site, all your sexual fantasies with your celebrity crush could be right before your eyes in video form for all your fapping pleasures.

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