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motherless porn site

Motherless Review

~ Pros ~

User only generated content

One of the top 100 porn tube sites

Awsome porn community

Tons of categories to sort content

Little to no ads!

~ Cons ~  

❌ A pretty corny looking site

❌ Mobile page speed score isn't great

❌ There is no ratings for the videos 


    In simple words, Orphans can be kinda fucked up. This may not be 100% correct, but for 90% of the time, that's right.

    The site relies on members to upload content and nearly all of this content is weird, funky, low quality, and nasty stuff that could give nightmares to a concentration camp guard! Yeah, Motherless is far more extreme than most and you better have a strong stomach.

    For sure I am not overly thrilled about writing a Motherless.com review, but someone gotta do it. So let’s go see what them motherless fuckers are up to over at Motherless.com!

Motherless, But Still Gonna Fap!

    Motherless.com has a dull and average site setup. It is also crowded with content, with lots of video thumbnails and content sorting options. The background color is black and no Light mode is made available for those who like their pages lit up during the day and dark at night.

    A site logo that looks something out of a secret society is pasted at the top left of the homepage and all pages. Beneath it are options to check out trending or top-rated stuff, as well as tags, chats, and random videos and images. Also made available is a search bar for searching through the list of categories, a pull-down menu for choosing the most popular or most uploaded tags, and an option that provides an alphabetical list of tags and categories. Another pull-down menu lets you choose from straight, gay, trans, extreme, or funny porn.

    A big search bar is at the top middle of the page and unlike others like it that I’ve seen recently, it has a little bit of advanced search functionalities. Thus, it can be used to search for videos, images, galleries, boards and groups. Opposite the search bar is the signup and login buttons and signing up here is a little more complicated than other sites. You have to input your email, chosen site name, and password, the sex you identify as, and your birthday. Next, you are asked questions like where you lost your virginity and your childhood nickname. About the only thing they did not ask me was where I fucked their mothers with that Civil War cannon I had in my backyard!

    Clicking the link they sent over verified my account and gave me the power to upload whatever I wanted and commune with members. Did I say commune with Motherless.com site members? Absolutely not. I ain’t gonna do that at all because they are all weirdos and pervs who fuck their sisters and slip a little bit into their mothers as well!

    Now, the vast majority of lifting when it comes to content sorting is performed by the main tabs on Motherless.com and there seems to be a little more of them than on most other smut sites. Videos, Images, Categories, Shouts, Groups, Galleries, Community, Girls, Chat, Store, and Upload make up the tabs. The Upload tab is self-descriptive, while the Store tab is where you pay for premium membership, with this being possible via credit cards, Bitcoin, and something called Motherless Credits. Yes, this site has its currency and I think the Fed chair might be interested in seeing how it is run!

    Then there’s the Chat tab. You have to be 18 years at a minimum to enter that page, though that sort of thing is easy to fake these days. But you can't just register here and dive into the Chat page, as a few hours must pass first so that you can presumably calm down. The chat here is live, and features members from all around the globe who talk dirty enough to make detergent and beach production the most profitable business on earth!

    As for the Community tab and its page, I would say it is the most diverse and entertaining I have seen this year. This tab has a pull-down menu that lets you check out members, boards, and classified ads, with plentiful content sorting options throughout. The classifieds here seem to be all about members wanting sex mates and fellas showing off their humungous cocks, while the Board is more useful for making inquiries and talking about stuff.

    So, the content in the Galleries tab contains both videos and images and content sorting for these is plentiful, while the Groups tab lists nearly 8K groups with names like Face Down Ass Up, Perfect Bums, Pussy First, Redhead, and In The Tits. You can join any group if you are logged in and subscribe to the contents of the group members and any bonafide member too. Shout is basically members advertising their uploads and there was one I saw titled Fatality! that showed a video of a biker in Asia whose helmet was squashed as flat as a burst watermelon, with his brains everywhere. Yuck!

    Do prepare to see an extremely detailed category list in the Category tab, and there are even separate categories for straight, gay, trans, extreme, and funny XXX. I can assure you that both the Videos and Images tabs do what they say and feature multiple content sorting options.

    Whew! For a shitty-looking site, Motherless sure is loaded for bear. That illustrates the importance of not judging by external appearance. That means you better rush home and stick your head up the backside of your significant other, so that you can see how much of their love for you is reflected in their innards!

Motherless To The Bone!

    I better reiterate that Motherless.com mainly deals in very shocking and extreme content. If that’s not for you, better skedaddle home. Content quality here is by no means the best, but what else do you expect with mainly amateur-created and submitted content? Videos are very short too, with 4 minutes being the average.

    Browsing the site, I came across very shocking videos that feature some of the most disturbing acts possible. One titled Son Mom Passed Out involved a young man filming his underwear-wearing and unconscious mom, before slipping a boner inside her purple panties. Then there’s another titled Belly Button Sex, which is quite descriptive, and Lifting A 15 lb Boat Anchor With My Balls, which delivers on its premise. Sure there’s vanilla content here, but it is always the extreme stuff that you will be most fascinated with. And oh, there seems to be enough scat content here to put you off doing number 2 for the rest of the year!

What I Think of Motherless

    I wouldn't advise regular visits to Motherless, or you might lose your mind! It has to be one of the most content-crammed sites out there, but most of this content is disturbing and might make you so angry and disappointed with humanity that you ask God to command Angel Michael to blow the trumpet and usher in Armageddon tonight! We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?

    So, yeah, this site is worth bookmarking, but be careful with it, and give it the kind of respect you would show a live grenade

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