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MILFNut Review

~ Pros ~

MILFNut, MILFNutLots of HD family porn

MILFNut, MILFNutPlenty of MILF porn

MILFNut, MILFNutFull-length porn videos

MILFNut, MILFNutLots and lots of taboo incest porn

MILFNut, MILFNutVery large pornstar directory

~ Cons ~ 

MILFNut, MILFNutSome ad banners

MILFNut, MILFNutSome video links lead to dead ends

MILFNut, MILFNutDoes not support porn video downloads

    Ever seen a MILF you want to nut into so bad that your balls start aching as if being paid to? No? Well, them bitches are plentiful on MILFNut! On the site, they are so horny they accept any cock within reach and can fuck a hard cock so well that it starts thrashing around, vomiting thick cum juices like a broken faucet!

    Yes, has plenty of MILFs looking to catch fun by seducing anyone that can lick their cunts very well, suck their big boobies and finger the slimy jism from their snatch! This site focuses on the adventures and misadventures of MILFs everywhere and there’s enough action on the homepage to strike a saint dumb for all eternity!…. Here’s our site review.

Nutting In Da Fresh Booty!

    A simple homepage is what MILFNut has and they are better for it. The overall site arrangement is nice and the black background color makes this MILF-loving site look more classy than a boat-load of Victoria’s Secret models!

    The search bar is the first thing on the homepage, followed by tabs and the newest videos. Tabs include Home, Categories, Tags, Pornstars, Mom Son Porn, Brother Sister Porn, Dad Daughter Porn, MILF Porn, and POV Porn.

     Categories like Asian, Black, Blonde, Big Ass, Incest Porn, Redhead, Rough, Small Tits, Siblings, Tiny and Uncle Niece Porn are available on the Categories tab. The Tags tab has a whole page filled with tags. We estimate that there are at least a thousand of these tags like Slut, Sister Porn, Step Siblings, Teen Porn, Working, Winter and Wife.

    The sexiest porn stars abound in the Pornstars tab. These don’t usually require much persuasion to spread their long legs and include sexy goddesses like Abby Lee Brazil, Aaliyah Hadid, Kat Dior, and Katie Banks.

    These porn stars are listed alphabetically and run to 35 pages. Clicking on their image thumbnails displays links to their videos. A bio would have been nice, but that’s apparently too much to expect here.

Sexiest MILFs Alive!

    Now, the picture thumbnails on the homepage showcase the latest collection of videos. These cannot be previewed and are almost all in HD. Apart from a title, tags indicate how long they play and the number of views.

    Videos can be sorted by the longest, random, most viewed and the latest. Sample titles include Siena Rose- Cheating Mother Blackmailed By Son, Reagan Lush- A Mother Son Connection, Selena Adams- My Son’s Friend and Son Forces His Hot Mom For Hard Sex.

    We kind of ran into a title that said Sarah Lace Fucks Her Step-Dad After Finding Him Hiding Under Her Bed. Now, we wouldn’t blame the step-dad at all for choosing to hide under the bed of this slut. She has the kind of golden skin we all wished our girlfriends had, plus a small but mightily perky booty. Her titties are on the small side but would fit into your mouth without any trouble.

    So, she goes to take her bath, with the door slightly ajar, ignorant of the fact that her step-dad is watching her and getting harder than set cement. When she’s done bathing Sarah Lace lies down on her bad and divides her snatch with an XXX toy. She proceeds to thrash and moan, till the step-dad has had enough and comes out from underneath the bed. The two then proceed to get all freaky and we are hopeful that Sarah Lace got the bejesus fucked out of her trimmed coochie!

    Vids all come with tags and the upload date. They play smoothly, with no buffering being experienced. The video player here is a little more advanced than most, and there’s even an option to caption content. This will be appreciated by the deaf and hearing-impaired who can now understand onscreen dialogue while holding on to their cocks to prevent this from escaping!

What We Think has loads of sweet content, sweet homepage design and tons of usability options. Videos are plentiful and the sight of so many MILFs getting their pussy thrashed and suffocating on a long cock is a most welcome one!

    Pop up ads can however make it hard to enjoy what’s on show here. Overall, we give MILFNut three thumbs up!