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MegaTubexXx Review

~ Pros ~

Their content is mostly in HD

The site’s design is attractive

You can see porn pictures

~ Cons ~

❌ You’ll not be spared from Ads


    Without any delay, we’re diving into my Megatube.xxx review. Have you heard of the site before? Well, I haven’t and the only place I’ve heard the word “megatube” is from some of the girls in my harem giving my monster cock a nickname.

    I’m interested in this site because it has been described as a Milf porn site and I have been known to fuck a lot of hot mothers. Let’s see once and for all if this porn site can give me a feeling close to sticking my meat deep in a Milf.

Getting Milfs On My Megatube!

    I got on my favorite chair in front of my PC. I had just finished rubbing my palms and warming up my dick for what this journey might be. The homepage was waiting for me and as soon as I got there I noticed an Ad. You should already know that it isn’t a good sign to see an Ad because those things were forged in the deepest corner of a filthy pig’s asshole. I managed to break free from glaring at the homepage thanks to the hot Milfs on the page.

    I checked out if it is possible to sign up for the site and saw that on the right, there was an option for logging in and signing up. Normally, I don’t give a fuck about becoming a member of a porn site but I know many of you are lover boys who would like a relationship with the site before your dicks can get hard to their content. So, this one is for y’all. Make sure to rejoice and have a toast in my honor.

    Signing up was an easy process because it seems all porn sites use the same method. You’ll be asked to put in a username, a password, and your email, and finally, you’ll have to write down those numbers that are in a box to keep robots from the site runner’s box. I didn’t proceed to register because I’m not about to be signed up for a site that I’m still not sure is worthy of even half a meat tug.

    I went back to the homepage to see more of those sexy thumbnails. Sure the thumbnails looked hot but most of the videos I could see looked a bit like the type I would skip because of the terrible acting and a porn actress with tits that have as much softness as a solid rock.
Some of the women looked nothing like Milfs and I was starting to think somebody was lying about this site.

    Whatever the case was, I was still gonna have to dig deeper into the site to see if the site was fucking with me or if it still had more to show. That’s why I got to the bottom of the homepage to see what they had in store. I saw that this was where they kept a detailed section dedicated to their categories.

    You’ll see categories like; Wax, Italian, Interracial, Ugly, Teen Anal, Teen. So, from those categories we can see that this site isn’t only dedicated to Milfs, they have room for Teens and Ugly people.

Getting Up Close And Personal With Megatube!

    For some reason, I went for their Filipina category thinking I’d catch them in the act of uploading content from non-Milfs. But the page I was taken to didn’t disappoint much. The very first video I could see in that section showed a well-known Asian porn actress taking it up her butt like she was trying to make her pussy jealous. There were only 3 videos and they were all of her so I took myself and meat out of this part of the site.

    Their menu is where you’re gonna wanna be if you’re more of a porn explorer. They have a section there dedicated to pictures. Of course, that shit caught my attention because who wouldn’t want to know what kind of pictures these guys are offering us for fapping. If it doesn’t give me the same feeling like sneaking off to wank to old Playboy magazines then is it even worthy of having a section? No.

    The first face I recognized in the picture section when I got there wasn’t a smoking hot porn actress like Eva Elfie or Abella Danger. It was Johnny Sins with his bald head shining like the sun just like always. The pictures were up to 619 and he was fucking Nicolette Shea in some. The pictures were of High Quality so you won’t have any problems seeing any holes up close and personal.

    If even the picture section got attention from me then reviewing this site would have been incomplete without watching any of the videos that they have served up to me so far. I found a Milf in one of those ShopLyfter videos you probably already know. She got punished in all positions and watching it in HD meant that I could see all the bodily fluids flying around. Loading the video was not difficult and that is why this site has gotten in my good books.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Megatube

    Megatube was the kind of porn site that doesn’t really exclusively offer Milf content because they want to appeal to as many horny dicks as much as possible. I didn’t say it was bad though. Sure, it was annoying dealing with those Ads but I didn’t see much else to hate about the site and they seem to have a mountain load of content even though it’s not always Milf content. They get a recommendation from me!

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