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MadnessPorn Review

~ Pros ~

You can upload your own content

~ Cons ~

❌ Their content is mostly in Low Quality

❌ The site design is not attractive

❌ You can’t easily navigate the site

❌ TheChaturbate


    Come see my Madnessporn.com review if you’re sane enough. When you’re on a site named Madnessporn you might either have some nuts lose or you want to lose some nuts through wanking like a caveman that has just discovered lotion and a fresh cave art showing women.

    It’s not gonna be an easy task, but I’m gonna be diving into the madness to see what this site is truly made of and if we are all gonna be intrigued enough to add this to our long list of porn sites. So, join me and keep your lotion where you can reach it.

Checking If The Site Belong In The Looney Bin!

    It was hard to know what to expect when I clicked on this site. There was a huge chance that it was a site for showing horny folks fucking in the psych ward while pretending to be insane. There was no way to tell, so when I got on the homepage and saw that it looked like a normal site, my dick was let down. The only madness I could see so far was that their annoying Ads looked bigger and bolder than regular ones on porn sites. If that is not madness, then what is it really?

    The thumbnails offer you little comfort if you’re trying to understand the site. The first thumbnail showed a scary-looking video of a guy with the worst camera on earth filming himself wanking. The next thumbnail showed famous cartoon Milfs having anal sex. There was another thumbnail with a guy fucking the shit out of a Fleshlight. I can already see that the people running the site named it “madnessporn” to get away with posting all the worst content that nobody wants to see on regular porn sites.

    Their menu wasn’t special either. It just looked as regular as any other site’s menu. They had these options there; Home, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Longest, Most Discussed, Channels, and, Community. Seeing how boring and uninspiring the homepage was made the idea of joining their community sound like being chased by a pack of wild clowns with a boner that can only be satisfied in some weird clownish way. I didn’t even care to check it out.

    There was an option for signing up but it didn’t appeal to me. I still checked it out because I know some of you would like to know. I was taken to another page where they showed me all the perks of creating an account. They tried to entice me with the options to send friend requests, comment on other member’s content, upload or share videos, etc. If they enticed me with the option to forget this site then I would be signing up at the speed of lightning.

    The sign-up process is pretty basic. All you have to do is put in your username, password, email, and gender, and write some things to assure them that you’re not a horny robot coming to bust your nut on their beloved site. Picking a gender gives you multiple options so if you don’t identify as male or female you can always identify as a Shemale or Crossdresser on the site.

Madnessporn Mixed With Sadnessporn!

    If you have ever wished to be a porn star on a site that has a few number of views then this site won’t seem so crazy to you. On the homepage, I saw the option to upload your own porn. And now it makes sense why the homepage is flooded with videos that look like they were made by amateurs with a strong desire to wank and fuck a poor innocent Fleshlight that is taking one for ‘Team Real Pussies’. So, you can be a star here if you work hard while being hard.

    It was hard to find a video that looked like it was worth a watch but I finally found one that showed a girl take on a BBC with as much determination as a bull rider in a rodeo. She looked cute and innocent while his meat looked like there was some stuffing in there. I wasted no time in clicking on it. I was taken to a fresh page showing me information about how many views it had, the tags, and the area to make a comment when you’re a member.

    The video took a while to play but when it did, it didn’t show me the usual video Ads that normally get shown on a site like this. That has to be the only positive side that I have seen so far. The teen girl was a real beauty and the video quality wasn’t bad either. It was just two minutes long and I was a little tired to go find another video on the site since most of their content looks like it was meant for deranged folks.

    I watched another video that I thought looked cool enough but as I was watching it, I noticed the quality getting terrible. Especially when it was getting to the good part where I needed to see everything in HD. That will be an issue for wankers coming to this site. You’ll have to constantly be hoping that you can watch your video in peace without any of the afflictions that show up on the site. It was a hard mission but I was finally done reviewing the site.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Madnessporn

    Reviewing Madnessporn wasn’t a fun or thrilling experience for me because everything there looked as unappealing as a handjob from an arm-wrestling world champion. I would’ve liked to say that I enjoyed checking out the site but I would be lying. If you like being shown annoying Ads, and finding content that looks like it was created in the butthole of an extinct dinosaur, then I guess you won’t find the website too bad. I did, so I do not recommend this site.

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