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MadePorn Review

~ Pros ~

Shitty site design

Some far-out user options

No ads

Rad image generation

Freedom to create beautiful shit

~ Cons ~

❌ The best stuff is not free


    The cunt snappers and asshole hammerers over at Made.Porn are telling y’all from the get-go that their site is all about manufactured porn. Yeah, not a tit, slit, chick, bitch, or cunt thrust on that site is real and all you're seeing is AI wizardry at work. Still, the stuff in view is hella impressive and entertaining enough for any slick woody to demand a frenetic wanking session that’s gonna leave it bloodied to the hilt!

    Here is my Made.Porn review. Read and weep, fellas and remember that even AI snatches deserve to leak!

Cuntified and Made To Impress!

    If the admins here were any good, then Made.Porn could be giving the likes of XVideos and Pornhub a decent run for their money. Yeah, the site design here is more miss than hit and there seems to be a total absence of conscious thought about how to put together a site like this for the best aesthetic effect.

    Nevertheless, Made.Porn is hella attractive. But it owes that solely to the innumerable image thumbnails on the homepage that showcase varied goddesses in varied stages of undress. All these ladies are too perfect for words and there are more fuller and thicker boobs on the site than I have seen in all my years on Pornhub!

    A few of the chicks here are slim, but most are of the thicc kind and some are pictured sucking boners. Others are making faces at the camera that leaves no doubt that they are spoiled beyond all redemption and fully deserve to be fucked till there’s enough horse cum sloshing around in their ears to make them wide-eyed cock-chomping freaks!

    Now, Made.Porn is free, but you still gotta register. If you are visiting the site for the first time, you are allowed around 15 minutes to look things over. Once that time passes, the site gets locked up and you gotta either log in or get your ass registered, and yeah, registration is very free.

    Like I said, the homepage here is filled with image thumbnails of the most fabulous chicks, and more of these are uploaded when you scroll down. That makes getting to the bottom of the Made.Porn homepage an exercise in patience and anally dedicated commitment!

    User options here are very limited. There’s a site logo at the top right, and next to it is a trio of social media links. Make, Profile, Likes, and Get Pro are the main tabs and there’s a gear icon next to the latter that you tap when you want to log in, delete your account, or change your password.

    Other user options include Day, Week, Month, All, Last Likes, and Tags and all are used for filtering through the stuff on the homepage. Supported tags include ninja, witch, Tribbing, glasses, lesbian, veiny dick, and that sort of stuff.

Too Perfect, Too Fucktastic!

    Sure, AI porn is cool, but I think it is too perfect. It has girls that are too perfect, and the action is also fucking perfect. But before you know it, you will log into XVideos Red and start ripping out hair from your scalp, because the chicks you are seeing don’t look like they came out of the modeling school they got up on Mount Olympus!

    Yeah, the AI kind of porn can change your expectations towards pornstars and the local thots, and not in a good way. And it sure must be doing a lot to drive up plastic surgery rates. But who am I to complain that plastic surgeons are making a killing because chicks wanna look too perfect like AI babes!

    Now, let’s talk about the main user options here, as few as the fuckers are. The trio of social media links I mentioned lets you keep up with the Made.Porn accounts on social media. Better go sign up to their Twitter feed and make yourself busy telling the fucker running it to suck your dick and eat it with a side of numb nuts!

    The Profile and Likes buttons here do not seem to do anything, but the Get Pro tab lets you sign up for a paid membership plan. This gets you priority image support, unlimited images monthly, the ability to save stuff you like for nearly a month, and generate images within 10 seconds and more. Those kind of options will set you back $15 monthly, which is not much, to be honest.

    Make is the biggest user option though. Tapping this button will take you to a page filled with more options than the number of woodies that TikTok sluts set about whipping into a frenzy on the daily! Click on Make when you wanna generate images and you can create your personal slut and customize her down to her ass hair. Or almost!

    You can choose the file size, style of the photo, sex and sexual orientation of your creation, what’s showing on her face, her hair color, ethnicity and so much more. But there are a couple of problems. Some creation options can only be accessed by paying customers. Plus, if you need to create stuff as a free member, it’s gonna take you around half an hour. Paying customers, on the other hand, can create their bitches in 10 seconds or less.

    So, once you click on any image on the homepage, your ass will be taken to a page filled with that image, plus slight or major variants of it. It is possible to edit any image on the site, but the degree of your edits will depend on if you are a free or paying customer. Free members can take up to 3 minutes to generate edits of existing images, with folks on the paying line getting much faster support. Plus while direct download links are not provided, you can right-click and save any image here and do with it later what you thrusting well will!

    I edited an image of a cock-slurping chick into another showing a Ghanaian chick sucking dick and gotta say, I am hella impressed at how nice it turned out, with the African chick looking so real I wanna get her number so bad! Sure, the image generation was not the fastest, but I couldn’t complain much, not when the chick I generated looked so real I am about to go looking for her on Facebook!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Made.Porn

    Made.Porn needs a lot of polish. But it is free and gives you the option of creating some seriously beautiful erotic art that can do fabulous things as your PC or phone wallpaper. On the whole, I found it entertaining, and believe it’s worth a look-see.

MadePorn, MadePorn

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