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MadchenSex Review

~ Pros ~

MadchenSex, MadchenSexProvides porn video previews

MadchenSex, MadchenSexSome HD

MadchenSex, MadchenSexLots of porn categories

MadchenSex, MadchenSexProvide video descriptions

MadchenSex, MadchenSex

Features porn from Japan, Germany, Russia, Italy, etc

MadchenSex, MadchenSex Good site design

~ Cons ~ 

MadchenSex, MadchenSexNo English version

MadchenSex, MadchenSexVideos redirect


    Did the person or team behind Madchensex.com have very orgasmic sex that nearly drove them over the edge and then resolved to form a porn site where folks can fap till they go mad? We will probably never know, but we are willing to go on record as stating that we like the name of this XXX site. At least it doesn’t promise mere fun and instead makes all aware that mad fun awaits and their cocks might never be the same again!

    Ahh… here’s our review of this XXX cum-jerking site!

Mad And Fapping!

    Are you old enough to shave? Madchensex wants to know and will only admit fellows who click on a box that says they are at least 18 and willing to mingle.

    The site language is German or Dutch and changing the language option is simply not possible. Top left is a search bar, accompanied by the Videos, Categories and Mature Women tabs. Click the latter though and off to Frauporn.com you go.

    Ads to grow penis length to unimaginable proportions take up most of the right part of the homepage. Our penises already brush the ground when we walk, so we didn’t pay heed to thee ads!

    Porn in varied categories occupies most of the homepage. Apart from a proper title, these have a rating and their run time is shown too. To the far left are some top porn categories, as well as all supported categories arranged alphabetically.

    Top XXX categories here include BDSM, Amateur, and Anal. Imagine the possibilities! Yes, we are thinking of getting some amateur babes from down the street, tying them up just how we like it, and going all BDSM on their tender, tight and sweet holes. What fun!

Mad And Horny!

    All videos on Madchensex can be previewed by using a mouse cursor. They are free too, as this site lacks a login or registration option. We fancied some homepage titles, so we got some Vaseline ready and told our cocks to prepare a cumming reception or else!

    Some sample homepage titles include Stockings Beauty Gina Gerson Enjoys Having a Hot Threesome, Sexy Anita Gets Fucked Hard and Latina Babe Sucks and Fucks. Most videos are short, though there are some long ones. In any case, few exceed the 30-minutes mark. Video quality is average and most show amateurs having fun at home or outdoors.

    Videos on Madchensex load swiftly and play more smoothly than your fresh cum juice! Tags and related content are provided for each video, and the video player is a basic but efficient affair. There are provisions for content upvoting, but downloads are not possible. Video quality is fixed too and cannot be changed.

Mad Sex Assured!

    We opted to forsake the homepage and see what the content in the main categories could do to make us mad and ready to cum in full flood. The main categories include Hentai, MILF, Handjob, Gay, Blonde, Russian, Hardcore, Lesbian, Interracial and lots more.

    Guess what we eventually fapped to? A vid in the Latina category titled Exploited College Girls- Dayanara At The Casting. The said Dayanara was a very pretty and innocent-looking Latina babe with small breasts that are too perfect to be of this world and a fat pussy whose juices we could almost smell!

    Her vid has a 92% approval rating and is 12 minutes long. In it, Dayanara can be seen riding a cock, before laying down on a bed and getting a good dicking, all while her marvelous breasts jingle up and down.

    We tell you, the sight made us scream like we were being murdered and left us ankle-deep in our cum juices!

What We Think

    Madchensex does have too many ads but is a good choice for folks who like amateur content of reasonably good quality. We recommend it highly.