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MachoTube Review

~ Pros ~

Loads and tons of full-length stuff

Daily updates

Opportunity to upload all the wankable stuff you have

Swell range of user options and site features

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Ads

❌ Meh-looking site

❌ Zero playback options

❌ No direct downloads

❌ No advanced search

❌ Bleh content quality


    Being macho these days is not as thrilling as it used to be. Fuck that to the bone ye bleeding liberals!

    Anyway, what could be more irreverently macho than a gay porn site known as MachoTube? This porn site apart from the weird name has enough videos of guys taking it in the ass to make you wonder if you should be sitting on a broomstick or dildo for the rest of your life!

    Here’s my MachoTube.tv review. Macho or not, y’all better read it and weep, or I will be doing some cock cutting/amputation by sundown!

So Macho Your Ass Is Mine!

    The MachoTube.tv homepage gets a lot of things right, but it is so crowded with stuff that I suspect an amateur freak who likes to put light bulbs in his ass every evening was tasked with designing it! Not a fan of how this site looks for sure and it doesn’t help that the bottom of the site homepage has multiple ads that want to persuade you into enlarging your horse dick, with results being supposedly guaranteed. Believe such ads at your peril.

    Now, there’s a site logo at the top right and it is of a bearded and four-eyed fella who could pass for Andrew Tate, except that he’s not bald and does not look like an asshole! Next to this is the search bar and it has basic search functionalities, but without even predictive text input. Hell, the area the search bar is in is so dark that you can barely even see what you are typing and that’s a design fail.

    After the search bar, you get a language option, with 6 languages on tap, English included. Language integration is okay, except that content titles are not translated into any other language but English. The only other user options left at the top right of the homepage are My Playlist and Upload Porn and both are usable even without a MachoTube.tv membership card.

    A single click at the top right of any content thumbnail is all it takes to add it to your list of favorites and make it show in your playlist, while uploading content should take less than a minute. And be sure that whatever stuff you upload here is of the very booty-gaping kind, or the MachoTube admin promises to dribble acid down your gullet! Or was it cum he was fantasizing about dribbling?!

    The main tabs on this site consist of Home, Categories, Studios, Pornstars, History, Gay Games, Live Sex, and HD Porn. To the left is a long and vertical list of options that allow content sorting by length, rating, popularity, date added, newness, and quality, with a selection of trending search terms and categories being made available.

    As expected, the HD Games, Live Sex, and HD Porn tabs are direct ad links. The History tab, on the other hand, has loads more use to it and any video you watch will appear there for later re-watching or bookmarking. There are a full 39 pages of gay XXX stars in the Pornstars tab and sadly these fuckers do not have profile pages. However, they can be sorted alphabetically, by the number of videos and by popularity.

    XXX studios like IconMale, RealityDudes, NextDoorBuddies, Brother Crush, Hot House, Missionary Boys, and Black Godz are detailed in the Studios tab. Profile pages explaining what each studio is all about, the number of content it has on MachoTube and the number of views these videos have gotten are provided. And in case you are wondering, Black Godz is all about black dudes with BBCs that need rehoming in the tightest butts that can be dug up and fitted to mainly white boys!

    Anyway, the rest of the main tabs do what they say and sorting options are available for filtering the 300+ categories in the Categories tab.

Macho Man Meets Big Dick Freak!

    Well, MachoTube.tv makes it hard to go from the first page of anything to the last. Sites that do this have a high table on my shit list. Anyway, because of that idiotic shenanigan, I really cannot say how much content is here. But the impression I get is that there’s a shit ton of gay XXX stuff on MachoTube, helped along by daily updates.

    Anyway, here are some of the newest content titles: Don’t Make Him Beg, 8 Chap Orgy, Guy Getting Boned By Masked Chap, Latino Whore Gangbang, Fucking My Lascivious Boyfriend, Bare Locker Room Orgy, Spanking With Sperm Discharged, Hirsute Gay Gaping With Sperm Flow, Big Lovely Asses, Bare Breeding, Passionate Nasty Pound, and Sleazy Fat Grandpa. The 8 Chap Orgy video had a runtime of nearly 50 minutes and involved varied muscled and tattooed fellas going at it hammer and tongues! A proper orgy this was!

    As for the Fucking My Lascivious Boyfriend video, it was taken from XVideos and had a 15-minute runtime. In the video, a golden-skinned fella touches himself, before being joined by his lover, who proceeds to suck him off, ride him, and get a doggy styled kind of loving. I would assess this as one of the more interesting interracial gay porn videos I have ever stumbled across.

    Now, no playback issues were experienced at the time of this review, but playback options are effectively zero, with video quality being self-assessed as 480p to full HD and non-adjustable. Video runtime varies, but every video I watched seems to be full-length. Direct downloads are not enabled, but ratings and comments are.

What I Think Of MachoTube

    Well, this site has a thought-provoking name and enough full-length content to get me so stimulated that I go off and get a second male concubine! MachoTube is not a looker, but it has tons of very solid stuff and y’all better bookmark it if you don’t want a very macho and public anal fisting on the morrow!

MachoTube, MachoTube

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