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LuxureTV Review

~ Pros ~


No ad's on page

Has very large and diverse array of crazy XXX

Simple and user-intuitive

~ Cons ~

❌ Extremely boring and dated homepage design

❌ Average quality content


Hi fellas! Today y’all gonna learn about something called crazy porn sites. So, take out your pencils and notebooks and prepare to get an erection, sorry, education!

Now, crazy XXX sites are not usually filled with content showing patients in psychiatric hospitals bonking the nurses and doctors assigned to take care of them. Instead, the porn there is of all sorts, ranging from the creative to the obscure, and the cringeworthy to the amazing and Oscar-winning.

There are of course a lot of porn sites that advertise themselves as being solely focused on crazy porn and I have reviewed my fair share of these. Yet another of these sites is up for review today and it goes by the innocent name of Luxuretv com. Here’s my Luxuretv.com review and your erotic education is assured once you are done with it!

Boring Ass Homepage

    Luxure tv seems to be a small-scale operation and to that effect has a site homepage that is as boring and unremarkable as a cup of tea served at room temperature in the middle of winter! The site background is all black and this makes the whole thing look slightly depressing. Video thumbnails are plentiful here and these play when your cursor sits over them.

The Register, Login, and Upload tabs are at the top right and uploading stuff is a privilege that only site members enjoy. Membership is free of course and you merely have to input your email and a password of your choosing to start enjoying membership privileges that might have you drilling the late and mighty Marilyn Monroe in your sleep on the regular!

There’s a site logo at the far right of the homepage and this looks like the bastard offspring of the famous YouTube logo. Below are the main tabs. Home, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Longest, Most Discussed, Channels, and Community tabs come first and all do what they say. Beneath these are links to free cam and XXX sites and opposite this collection is a search bar.

There’s no actual category tab or page here and the next best thing is the Channels tab. This has content arranged in categories like Anal, Arabian, Asian, Foot Fetish, Fisting, Public Sex, Squirting, and Zoophilia. The latter has titles like Worm Entering The Penis, Dog Dick, Fat Sub Licked By Dog While Drinking, and Kinky Japanese Woman Fucked By Her Dog After Work. Zoophilia well might be the largest content category and I went up to 232 pages of this before I gave up and started crying!

Language options are posted at the bottom. English is what's used by default, but you can change this to Spanish or French with just a single click.

The Video Experience

    For a crazy porn site, Luxure TV does not really disappoint. There has to be tens of thousands of videos here, most of which will either make you puke or make you long to visit the zoo and fuck the holy cum out of the first animal you see!

Video thumbnails as I mentioned before play when a cursor sits atop them and each has the rating, title, run time, and number of views displayed. The main tabs perform an excellent content sorting role and make it possible to get ahold of titles with the longest run time, the most views and ratings, as well as the most talked about. Since we are talking about video length here, it is only fair that I tell you the longest title is 5+ hours long, and that there are enough lengthy XXX videos on show to delight and impress all fappers on earth and under the sea!

Videos as expected load fast enough to put The Flash to shame. Quality on the other hand ranges from average to shockingly poor. Comments and ratings are supported, but only for members who are logged in and the default video player is a very barebones something with no feature worth the name. Content quality is not user-adjustable and downloads are not possible. But you can very easily share whatever you want on a variety of social media.

Now, a guy like me has a fapping need. And so don't be too uptight when you learn that I spent most of the time scheduled for this crazy XXX site review holding my cock like it is my newest lover and persuading it to get all frothy for me. Titles I had a look at include The Apple Gapes Me, Xtreme Perverse 3, Guy Makes His Cock And Balls the Bullseye, and Nasty Asian Wet Tentacle Monster Fucking Hot Woman Porn. All these have 5-star ratings and the latter is a well-acted tentacle fuckathon that I actually thought was an anime. Sure, there's plenty of anime porn here, but this is not one of them.

Anyway, the Nasty Asian Wet Tentacle Monster thing is slightly less than 4 minutes long and seems to have been first posted on Fetish Berries com. Featured was a very cute Jav slut who had very realistic-looking tentacles wrapped around her. She licked and sucked these, writhed and moaned, and generally seemed to be having a great time. This lady amazingly for a JAV star had melon-sized titties that would have been a perfect fit for my dinner plate! The tentacles crawled all over her body, even penetrating her slightly blurred pussy and making this throb.

Near the end, her partner walks in on her covered in jism and tentacle liquid and nearly has a nervous breakdown. Poor lad and what a waste of threesome opportunity!

What I Think of LuxureTV

    Well, ever picked up a homely chick at a bar who had a slight mustache, dandruff, and a voice so raspy it could dice potatoes, only to take off her clothes and discover she had a very pretty, tight, and sweet-smelling snatch, plus upright titties that melt into your hands and fill your mouth with sweet juice? That's a rough approximation of what Luxure TV makes me feel.

This crazy XXX site is very unassuming, but makes up for it with loads and loads of relatively low-quality content and doesn't make the mistake of locking these down behind a paywall. It's an easy thing to recommend and the stuff that Saturday nights are made for at those times you want to halve your stock of tissues and Vaseline!

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