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LushStories Review

~ Pros ~

lushstories, LushStoriesAlso includes audio stories/poems and author ebooks

lushstories, LushStoriesThe stories are categorized by many categories to pick from

lushstories, LushStoriesIt is free to sign up

lushstories, LushStoriesThe community is very active, with active chatrooms for members

lushstories, LushStoriesTens of thousands of stories and millions of posts

lushstories, LushStories Each of the stories are rated by users on a scale of 5

~ Cons ~

lushstories, LushStoriesIt just has so many rules

lushstories, LushStoriesA few annoying ad’s spread around the site


    We like how sweetly a name like Lush Stories rolls off our tongue and reverberates in our head. For some reason, saying the name makes us hungry too! Now, LushStories.com is an adult literature site where you go to read about folks kissing and doing the nasty in more ways than you could count in a winter month. Here’s our LushStories review.

Lush And Marvelous!

    We are in love with the site design, though it is quite cluttered. There’s a slideshow on the homepage advertising the site content and displaying the lovely features of some classy and half-nude babes we wouldn’t mind taking home and walloping with our BBCs! This slideshow can be hidden too if you find it too distracting.

    A search bar sits at the top right of the homepage and at the top left are Forums, Groups, Live Cams, Chat, Store and Login tabs. XXX toys and lube are sold at the site store. So click on that tab if you want some tangible goodies that could make you a demon or a tiger in bed!

    Next to the slideshow are login and registration options, plus options to submit a story or see a random story. Story categories are at the left of the page, like Audio Stories, Competitions, Editor’s Picks, Anal, BDSMS, Cheating, Cuckold, Fetish, Group Sex, Monster Sex, and Wife Lovers.

    At the right of the page is a shortlist of recommended authors, top story picks, popular tags, and searches, plus some recommended porn sites and porn review sites.

LushStories Hot and Buttered!

    There’s so much to do at LushStories! The homepage is by default set to display the latest erotic stories with titles like Picnic With Daddy While Mom Takes A Hike, My True Odyssey Of Slavery and Submission 3 and Chapter 31, Guilty of Deadly Sin.

    Each of these has the date they were added and the author name displayed, plus the category they belong, the total number of words tags and comments if any. Each title also has a short description.

    Tabs on the homepage make it possible to change the homepage content. That is, rather than showing the latest stories they can be set to display only the most popular or most viewed. More, the homepage can be tweaked to display just erotic poems or a combination of stories and poems.

    While membership is free, non-members can still read all the content they care to. The author profile on each story page is displayed for perusal and all stories can be shared via mail. Site members can view stories in PDF format, follow authors, add their content to their favorite list, print all the content they care for, comment and rate content too.

    We had no problems reading the stories on this platform, though we would have liked it if there were options to increase the default font size so we wouldn’t squint at the screen so much.

    Content quality appears to be top-class, though you will, of course, come across stories and poems that make you wonder if the author was perhaps brain-damaged!

What We Think

    LushStories.com has an attractive site design that should, however, be de-cluttered and improved. An active forum and groups and nearly 500,000 site members make it a heavy hitter. Overall, we think this baby is a killer and would recommend becoming a member and enjoying the lush side of life!