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Luscious Review

~ Pros ~

Lit site design

Awesome update pace

Juiced up with site features and user options

Amazingly well put together

Quality content

Has XXX manga, hentai, and videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Free downloads not allowed

❌ Just a little bit too luscious!


    I am getting so long in the tooth I could probably get a free fuck from a mama rabbit! But don’t tell PETA, or them fucking lunatics will crawl up my ass and die there out of spite!

    Got a luscious life by the way? If not, and you happen to be a hentai-loving person, then you might be interested in what Luscious.net is selling. They are so new that the balls of the site admins have the original shrink wrap they came with and this is a high-end hentai XXX site that’s looking to shake things up just like a horse dick always does to virgin twats whose innards have never felt the touch of a passing breeze!

    Here’s my Luscious.net review. Read it and stay luscious to the bone!

Fully High-End To Cum-Dribbling Effect!

    Luscious.net has possibly the best-looking website setup among its peers and it caters to all the perverted hentai and all-round porn needs of its fans. The website has a gray background, and packs lots of minimalist design elements. I would say it is sweeter-looking than Pornhub, but XVideos got it beat when it comes to vividness, color, and thrill factor.

    Now, if you are signed in here, you can deeply customize your experiences and the level of customization allowed is unlike on most other porn sites. You can add blogs, videos, albums, and other stuff to your list of favorites and control the kind of smut that’s displayed for you. Of course, signing up is free and relatively speedy and you better have an email because they're gonna send you a confirmation link to click on.

    Like I said, this site looks amazing. But the dark aesthetics grows tiring after a while and I do wish there was a Light and Dark mode you can toggle off and on. That, just like seeing your crush nude in your bed, frantically beckoning to you to put it in and shift her kidneys to the south pole sure would have been peachy!

    As expected, the site homepage is filled with content arranged in sections, from Featured and Hentai Manga to Hentai Pictures, Porn Pictures, and Random stuff. Some trending character names are near the middle of the homepage and below these are some blogs and stories with titles like Boredom Busters #3, RIP Chat Room, and Update: Genshin Impact Comic.

    Farther down are buttons you can click to add a blog or manga to the site collection and kick off your own gallery of stuff. Of course, these options are only possible if you are a member. The rest of the homepage is filled with some member comments, names of new and most prolific members, links to site features, and the like. Sincerely, there’s far too much stuff on the Luscious.net homepage and that’s a concern. A smaller amount of content would have been much better, making the site more easily navigable too, and I don’t get why the site admins felt the need to cram the homepage with stuff to the point that it looks like a night market in the tropics!

    So, the main user options are atop the Luscious homepage, with the flower-like site logo at the extreme left, plus Create, Manga, Hentai, Porn, Videos, and Blogs tabs. Other user options will appear at the top right of the page, but what these are will vary depending on if you are logged in or not. If you are, you can check your notifications, report stuff, and go through your messages. A gear icon also allows blocking other users, editing your profile, choosing an avatar or deleting one, changing your email or password, and more.

    Let’s go through the main tabs, shall we? First is the Create tab and this has a pull-down menu that allows creating new manga albums, picture albums, and blogs. The Manga tab also has a pull-down menu and with this, you can check out different categories of mangas, plus your favorites. The same sorting options exist for the stuff in the Hentai, Porn, and Videos tabs, while the Blogs tab has sorting options for you to see the blogs you want to see.

    Incidentally, there are 199 pages of blogs on tap here and that’s a shit-ton, with blog updates being a daily affair. Blog topics cover the weather, food, porn and more. The wide range of topics, plus the crazy update policy rocks to the stops!

    Gotta wank to porn or hentai videos? The Videos tab is the place to go then, with every kind of XXX in that place.

What A Lovely Cumming Slit!

    I did say that Luscious.net is a hentai porn site and that it is. However, it also hosts a significant amount of porn videos featuring professional XXX stars and amateurs and that needs noting.

    So, if you are on the site and the hentai on show is as boring as fuck, you can always head to the manga collection or pull out your meat and fap to stuff like Most Beautiful Black Girl With Perfect Booty, Kim Kardashian on Live Cam, Out On Probation, Sexy Hot Agent, Teen Honey Gold Fucks Her Crush, Orgy Is The New Black and Interracial Lesbian Jamboree. These kinds of videos typically exceed 20 minutes and there are nearly 200 pages of them.

    Getting to the manga and hentai collection on this site is as simple as clicking the appropriate tabs at the top left of the homepage. Both the manga and hentai collection reach 199 pages and that is a little bit suspicious since the porn videos on show here are also currently at 199 pages. I suspect there might be some hanky-panky going on, but have no proof at the moment, save for that tingling feeling that’s making my cock grow hard and reach for the sky!

    Now, one particularly thoughtful thing I kept noticing on Luscious.net is that hovering a cursor on a content thumbnail will result in information about it like the date it was created and last updated, its genre, a description of the stuff it contains, characters/actors featured, tags, a direct download link and much more being displayed. That kind of feature is so thoughtful and amazing and I don’t see why all XXX sites can’t implement it on the morrow. Did I mention downloads? Well, downloads are possible but are not free.

    Manga titles here include the following: Today’s Underwear Report, Frankie’s Naked Night, Big Bitches Battle, The Brother Returns, and Afterparty. Sample hentai titles, on the other hand, comprise the following: Horizon, Pokemon Futanari, Hot Anime Women, Cumshot Pics, and Cyberpunk 2077. The latter had 70 images of the eponymous video game and these were all wallpaper-worthy and king-quality eye candy material. I would have downloaded all 70 sexed-up images if downloads were free and prettied up my PC screen with them. And yeah, content quality is high on Luscious and that’s awesome.

    As for videos, there are no playback issues, but playback options are rather limited. 720p seems to be the maximum video quality, though some may be in full HD. And by the way, the hentai porn on the site appears to be of shorter duration on average than the porn videos. I would say their average runtime is like 12-10 minutes

What I Think Of Luscious

    Luscious is the porn site to beat and they have everything for everyone. Just about everything rocks here and there’s nothing much to complain about. This site sure is luscious to the bone, is bound to give your woody quite the workout and is a top pick and a dick-level wonder!

Luscious, Luscious

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