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LupoPorno Review

~ Pros ~

lupoporno, LupoPornoLots of awesome Italian porn

lupoporno, LupoPornoA bunch of Italian porn categories

lupoporno, LupoPornoLots of 69 porn clips

lupoporno, LupoPornoHas an A-Z search porn feature

lupoporno, LupoPornoHas over 44 million Italian porn videos

~ Cons ~ 

lupoporno, LupoPornoSome redirects

lupoporno, LupoPornoLots of its contents are from other sites

lupoporno, LupoPornoSite is rendered in Italian

    LupoPorno is one of those porn sites that are aimed at Europeans and Italians who want to fap so bad they could pee diamonds! As such, everything here is in Italian. Porn knows no languages however, so you should have no problem figuring out what an image of a guy plowing a hot babe in the doggy style position means!

    Ready for our LupoPorno review? Well, buckle up and wear your glasses lest exploding cum zap your eyeballs!

The Lupo In The Porno!

    The LupoPorno homepage looks nicer than the booty of our former boss and that is saying something! The background is all white and porn in varied categories fill up every inch of the homepage. Near the bottom of the homepage are an alphabetical list of porn categories and from what we can see, over a hundred categories are featured here.

    Check out the top right of the page. That side has a search bar and indicates that over 40 million porn videos are sitting pretty on this website, waiting for a horny fellow like you to come along and jerk off to them like you are dying of the cumming fever!

    Also on the top right are a trio of small boxes. You can check this if you want to see hetero, straight or gay porn, all together or two together. We choose to see only hetero stuff, but you are free to experiment and discover if your destiny lies in the big ball sack of a big breasted trans babe with a palm tree where her cock should normally be!

Sex Fever Kills Sweetly!

    Like we said, the porn on this website is all divided into category thumbnails, with the number of content in each being shown. For example, the Gay category has 10.1 million videos and counting, the Twink video category has 4.21 million videos and counting, the Interracial category has more than 2.63 million videos, while the HD porn section has nearly 10 million videos.

    Thankfully, while the porn categories might be in Italian, the videos in each category are in English. All videos in each category can also be sorted by date, duration, quality, studio, and rating.

    We decided to see what the Virgin porn section was like. This had over 117K videos, with titles like Asian Schoolgirl Eva Yi Gets A Special Fuck Massage, Tall Virgin Anna Klavikina Gets Hymen Ruptured On Casting, Virginal, and Anal Defloration, and Charming Teen Gets Her Virgin Vagina Licked By Her Lover.

   Video previews of these and all titles are not possible. Apart from its title, each video shows its runtime and rating. Videos vary in length and most are around 5 minutes long.

    However, we soon found out that all videos are hosted offsite. At first, we thought this to be peculiar to the videos in the Virgin category, only to test the videos in other sections and get directed to sites like Xhamster, Spankwire, and PerfectGirls.

What We Think

    We like LupoPorno, but calling it a porn site would be a reach because it hosts practically no content. Overall, while it looks good we wouldn’t waste time on it, not when we would just end up being redirected to another porn site, at which point our woody might have gotten soft!

    So, fuck in their hairy Italian ass!