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LobsterTube Review

~ Pros ~

lobstertube, LobsterTubeLinked to Tubegalore, fuq, ixxx, forhertube, vr porzo, hdporzo, etc

lobstertube, LobsterTubeYou can select from an insane amount of porn tags! 

lobstertube, LobsterTubeIt has content for rare niches. You just hit the search button

lobstertube, LobsterTubeIt has an awesome porn filter so you can dial in to the perfect video

lobstertube, LobsterTubePopular categories like mom, homemade, amateur, young, orgasm etc

lobstertube, LobsterTube Over 44,000,000 million videos in its data base. Like wtf?

~ Cons ~ 

lobstertube, LobsterTubeThe previews could be deceptive

lobstertube, LobsterTubeSome features are not necessary, but oh well

lobstertube, LobsterTubeIt does not feature porn stars god dammit!


    There is a saying by the joker – “If you are good at something, never do it for free"! While completely disagreeing with it, LobsterTube is doing its work perfectly. They are collecting top-notch porn videos from various sources and offering them on their website for totally free.

    So, we can say that Lobstertube is a fabulous website for browsing porn and discovering porn videos from everywhere the web. They did not hold any production or signature of their own; they are a ‘collector of porn’ just like the ‘collector character’ in the MCU universe who collects the rarest things.

    The website is clean, and the color is like lobster skin. On the home page, you can find several categories directly, like- Mom, Wife, Homemade, Perverted, Compilation, Amateur, Sissy, Ebony, Thick, 18 years old, etc. To see the content, you just need to click one of the categories, and you are good to go.

    Of course, the website is in English, but you can change the language to a different one from the top right option. Some of the supported languages are- Danish, Espanol, Italiano, Portuguese, Polski, Norsk, etc.

    If you browse the categories through Word order, the first category will be ’10+ Inch Cock’ and the last is ‘Young Thai (18-25)’. In the middle, you can find many known and unknown way they classified the videos.

    The video sources of the Lobstertube are various porn sites including premium sites. As an example, you can find premium videos from- Porn Hat, Extreme Tube, PornHub, Dr. Tuber, Viki Porn, etc websites. For marketing purposes, they won’t stop Lobstertube to use their copyrighted contents, but this does not apply to all third party porn websites.

    Because of Lobstertube index the link of different popular and HD porn movies, you will get several thousands of porn videos, when you browse through the categories.

    Surely, one of the good sites of the site is they show you fewer or no ads at all. Also, you can download a video from, if the respective video source supports it. Means, it’s a 50-50 that you were able to download a porn video you like or not.

    Another down bad side of this website is, they do not provide video thumbnails, like other popular porn sites. They use a single image from the video that may sometimes become clickbait.

    Overall, Lobstertube is a decent website with no video hosting. When you want a good time, you can visit this website, and it will not disappoint you, because they are linked with premium HD porn provider who creates a better video with reality.