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lobstertube, LobsterTube

LobsterTube Review

~ Pros ~

Linked to a huge free porn network

You can select from tons of porn tags! 

It has content for rare niches

It has an awesome porn filter

Over 44,000,000 million videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ The previews could be deceptive

❌ Some features are not necessary, but oh well

❌ It does not feature porn stars god dammit!


    Forget about lobster dinners washed down with the finest wine in the house and all-night talkathons with your significant other and her gushing privates and come read what I have to say about LobsterTube.com. The site does sound like it is being run out of Maine by a guy who has hella lobster pots, but it is a porn search engine all the same where you go to look around and seek out all kinds of porn going back decades.

    Sites like LobsterTube take the stress out of searching for smut and collate better results too. Here’s my LobsterTube.com review. Do tuck in and have a wild time!

Fuck Her Lobster Style!

     LobsterTube takes the conventional route when it comes to site features and design. If you are expecting innovation, dazzle and eye-candy graphics, kindly perish the thought, or you are going to be one very disappointed cunt fucker who will need a hammer to beat down his risen cock!

    The default site background color is a kind of deep brown and the only thing that pays homage to the site name is the image of a grinning lobster that serves as the site logo. Have you seen a grinning lobster? How about a sexy one? Ever wanted to fuck a lobster claw, or shove it up your ass? If the answer to all these questions is No, then you are like me and have no idea why this kind of site name was chosen when it is about as erotic as an empty dinner plate!

    Now, the LobsterTube.com homepage comes crammed to the hilt with image category thumbnails. Black Mom, Cum Inside, Orgasm, Homemade, Hardcore, Bed Sex, and Uncensored are just a few of these. Each of these category thumbnails has a number that indicates how many videos of them that’s available for searching through. A more extensive compilation of categories and pornstars is at the bottom of the homepage and these lack thumbnails.

    User options are plentiful enough and include a search bar, varied buttons, and tabs, and these are housed atop the page. The search bar here is advanced and can be used to search for specific words and sentences. There’s more or less permanent text on it shouting the fact that it has a library of over 52 million videos to search through. The buttons near it allow access to varied sites on the network LobsterTube belongs to and that includes TubeGalore, MatureTube, and ForHerTube. Another button lets you make the switch from straight to gay, or trans porn or a mix of this, and there’s yet another button that changes the size of the category thumbnails on the homepage. The last button of all has a language option, with around 30 languages supported. Of course, that includes English.

Lobster Cunt Fried So Fine

    If you have ever eaten lobster, then you can proudly call yourself a lobster cunt eater! Yah! Better think of putting that on your tombstone!

    Now, I’m gonna talk about the main tabs and their functions. These are Home, Categories, Pornstars, Popular Videos, New Videos, and Top Rated Videos. Not impressed here to be sure. It would have been better to combine the last three tabs since their functions are hella similar. That could have created some space on the site homepage and made the page look miles better and more expansive. It beats me how LobsterTube did not think of this. Perhaps the site admins need to be flogged on their bare ass with lobster tails before they will have sense!

    Anyway, on the last three tabs, options are available that allow content sorting by duration, newness, rating, popularity, source, VR or not, and these same options are available for every pornstar whose name is in the Pornstar tab, plus each listed category. The sluts and dudes here all lack bio pages and that’s a regretful omission I would like to see rectified sometime soon. Yeah, tens of thousands of XXX stars are listed here, and composing bio/stat pages for them all won’t be the easiest job in the world, but it is necessary because it helps folks learn stuff about their favorite XXX stars and channels.

    So, the tip-rated videos on LobsterTube seem to be mostly of sluts practicing at cum swallowing. Sample titles include Wish It Was Me, Great Cock Swallowing, Mature Suck and Cum, Girl Massage Prostate, and Stroking A Cock To A Monster Shot. These are all available at a variety of sites and on each thumbnail is the name of the XXX site on which the content is at and you can tap on the content thumbnail to watch the video on that particular site. And that in case you have not forgotten is because LobsterTube is a porn search site rather than a pornsite.

    Videos are the only stuff you can find here, as there’s no provision for searching through photo albums. Other porn search sites enable image searching, and I have no idea why LobsterTube wants to be different. Maybe it is the lobster in the DNA of the site admins or the lobster juice dribbling from their ass!

What I Think of LobsterTube

    LobsterTube does zero to impress. It’s like a slut that just lies there like a log of wood and lets you do your best at uprooting her ovaries with that wily one-eyed snake of yours! The site is okay, but totally uninspiring and certainly not innovative.

    There’s no reason to recommend it and there’s also no cogent reason not to recommend it. I would say it is down to personal choice, but left to me there’s no way this porn search site is smelling my bookmark list, mainly because it is too average and life is too short for me and my readers to be dealing with average stuff!

lobstertube, LobsterTube

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