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list crawler escorts

List Crawler Review

~ Pros ~


Easy to use

Lit range of sorting options

Plenty of escorts available in North America, Europe, and Oceania

Has male, female, and trans escorts across much of planet Earth

~ Cons ~

❌ Spam

❌ The site looks like shit

❌ Piss-poor quality escorts

❌ Basic search only

List Crawlers

    I sure am not in the mood to give a merry shit about lists and the crawly fuckers that’s been setting bodies alight or something like that! What I need at the moment is the comfort and serenity that comes inherent in VIP escorts who think my cock belongs down their gullet and who want to perform medical examinations of their nether regions with the sharp end of my cum-tipped spear! And oh, them chicks better be ready to do some crawling on all fours, and not even their rad arch games will save them from the fury of my aroused anaconda!

    Want VIP escorts yourself? Well, there’s plenty to go around, and more of them sluts are being minted per second. You can check out them chicks on sites like Listcrawler.com and they sure ain’t for free.

    Here is my Listcrawler.com review. Let’s go see if this site and the beauties it hosts can make Cloud 9 seem as accessible as the local waterfront bar!

How Shit Looks, Crawls, and Talks

    Listcrawler does not seem the kind of place that places much focus on aesthetics. Hell, they have a design that looks incredibly dated, and if it wasn’t that this place got chicks and exposure by the ton, I might have just reversed course, exited the site, and spent the next hour cursing the site designer up and down till his balls rot and fall off!

    You gotta be 21 to enter here, not that they got live fuckers asking for your birth certificate. Once in, you can pick from selected countries and continents, with Canada, the US, Europe, and Oceania being the main places this site is supported. I initially opted to check out a Californian city by the name of Concord and yeah, it had more fat booty chicks than my middle finger has smelled of fish over the last decade or so!

    The good thing is that you do not need to go back to the List Crawler homepage to change the city you are currently scoping out. There’s a Change City option on every page and it shouldn’t take you like 5 seconds to change to a different city, country, and continent. Sure, that’s super, but the poor site looks and graphics in play are all shades of shitty and can make you angry for reasons you might not be in the mood to articulate. Thankfully though, with this place being packed with escorts, the shitty site looks will sooner or later stop being tiresome and burdensome on your eyeballs.

List Crawlers For Crooning Cunt Chasers!

    What Listcrawler does is pull together escort ads from a variety of places and present all that to you in a format you better love and should be able to assess to the fullest. But only if your ass is at least 21 plus. Of course, anyone of any age can access this site at any time, but don’t tell Listcrawler or the government that!

    So, this place offers its services to a lot of countries, with the US being its focus. Most of Europe, plus New Zealand, Australia, and Canada are supported, but with the US being Listcrawler’s biggest market, there are simply more escort ads to be found there than anywhere else.

    Got it? Then it is time to crawl into this place and tear some American pussies up the old fashioned way!

Don’t Be Crawling If You Ain’t Got Less Than 9 Inches!

    I have already covered a few of the user options on this escorts US site and it sure is past time I talked about the rest. A search bar is featured and that’s peachy, except that it’s as basic as toddler farts. You get a trio of ways to change how stuff is presented to you here and there’s a host of options on the right of the screen, plus another tanker load that pops up when you click a red spider on the top left of the homepage.

    You know what? The options on the right of the homepage and those that pop up when the red spider is clicked are the same. What these options do is act a bit like an advanced search feature of sorts. They basically get you connected to escorts on Listcrawler of varying ages, sexual appetites, body features, and that kind of thing. Thus, trans, males, 20-somethings, BBW sluts, Latinas, MILFs, and more are there for the asking when you click the appropriate options for them.

    But worth noting is that these options do not apply to all the escorts on List Crawlers, but to the area you are currently checking out. Thus when you click the trans option, you won’t see endless pages full of trans and ladyboys, but only profiles of the trans and ladyboys in whatever area you are interested in. Does that matter? Well, it might if you the kind of calculative fucker who wanna know how many trans, MILFs, ebony sluts, and other types of escorts have profiles on List Crawler.

    Let’s keep that speculative shit aside for the moment. Y’all know you can register here for free, right? There’s a free registration option on the bottom right of the Listcrawler homepage and getting a membership card is an easy and free process that lets you save posts, highlight posts, and that kind of thing. It won’t ensure a discount the next time you wanna do the diddly with an escort from this US escort site or another one, but who but the local tight-fisted pastor gives a shit about that!

    And oh, should you take your fat ass to Listcrawler and take time off -like 40 seconds or so- to beat your meat or do something else that’s presumably urgent, this place will freeze up and there will be nothing on the screen save for an image of a red spider and a Tap to Renter link. Yeah, it can be tiresome tapping to enter this site every time something calls you away for a minute or so. But this kind of feature can come in handy if you are at work and get pulled into a meeting without remembering to close the Listcrawler tab you are on. So chill, because a site feature like this can save your ass more adroitly than a pair of chastity belts and you better be grateful for that!

Mewling Listcrawlers Arching and Crawling For Benjamins!

    So, I have covered the site looks and user options on this famously infamous escort site. What else is next? It can only be the chicks here and the chicks with cocks. And dudes too. Yeah, apart from female and trans escorts, this place has male escorts, and those of you that like hard things in your butt that opens up your waste evacuation capacity so to speak better keep that in mind!

    Anyway, Listcrawler is fucking big and escort-crammed to the last bootyful inch. Like they are among the top dogs when it comes to escorts and you could say they have been doing business well since Mary had a little lamb she used to pet, while slamming her fat booty on the face of George Washington! Or was it Lazarus and the 40 thieves? Who knows!

    If you wanna hire an escort here, the first thing I would suggest is checking out reviewed escorts only. That makes all the sense in the world because reading reviews of clients who have been all up in the escort you wanna book will give you a feel for the skills and professionalism of the bitch/dude. Of course, there are other parameters to sort by, like booty size and ethnicity. But it’s only from checking out the reviews here that you can be assured that an escort is who he/she says he/she is and the escort profile that you are looking at is not a trap set up by your ex, current significant other, the FBI or who knows who else.

    And oh, when you click the Reviewed Escorts section, you can sort the workers there via date, popularity, and currentness. You can also check out their pictures, comment on their profiles, and see their recent posts. And I do need to note that while escort reviews on Listcrawler can be time-saving, they are also easy to fool. It doesn’t seem to be all that hard for any escort in this place to hire folks to write rave reviews of them. I am sure that happens, but to what extent is what I do not know.

    The escorts here have okay profile pages. These pages typically have a few low-res images and that makes little sense in 2024 when there are a lot of smartphone cameras that can shoot 4K pictures all day. But then the lack of high-quality images on escort profiles and the exceedingly bare-bones look and feel of Listcrawler means this site should be very easy to access on the slowest and oldest PCs, tablets and what have you. Images apart, there are a few profiles with videos. But these are typically far too short to be used for fapping business by anyone other than The Flash!

    And now, it is time to take a little dive into a subject that’s very dear to my heart and that is escort quality. After a good bit of exploring, it readily becomes clear that while List Crawler has an overabundance of escorts of all stripes, snakes, and slits, these are not exactly the best of the best.

    To be more precise, the escorts on this escorts US platform are lookers, with a good number that could pass as supermodels. But there are also plenty of amateur-looking sluts who you could swear are spreading their legs here as a means to hurriedly come up with rent money and not because they are escorting as a way of life or profession. That means if I am being asked to put together a top 20 list of the best escorts that can be found on escort US sites, the cock slurpers and dick jammers on Listcrawler sure as rain ain’t gonna make the list!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of List Crawler

    Listcrawler looks like shit and has always looked like shit! But if you are willing to move past the terrible site graphics, and escorts with mostly average looks, you should be able to find this place entertaining ASF. Plus I could almost swear that it has all the hungry escorts needed to put your right hand permanently out of commission and business and that’s all the motivation you need to forget all about beautiful escorts and focus accommodating and juicy cunts that gives your boner a hella soaking and milking!

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