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LewdVRGames Review

~ Pros ~

Gorgeous website design

Free-to-play VR porn games included

Ultra high-quality videos

Multiple headsets compatibility

Great filter-by-games features

~ Cons ~

❌ Most quality VR porn games are pricey


    It’s the 21st century and we don’t have any cyborgs walking around our streets yet, but we do have something even better; we’ve got VR porn games! Thanks to all the diligent and hardworking scientists in their little lab coats and the VR porn developers as well, we get to experience the smutty thrill of having a super wet dream while wide awake in our rooms. That’s why I’ve just hopped on the Lewdvrgames porn site. They boast online about having more VR sex games than any other video game platform out there.

    In case you don’t know much about this innovation called Virtual Reality sex games then allow me to be the one that welcomes you to the wild world of immersive porn, where the real world takes a backseat and virtual reality becomes your driver and wanker. Today, we're strapping on our digital helmets and diving headfirst into the wet dripping pussy of this new important tech. We are embarking on a quest to uncover if Lewdvrgames deserves a spot on your list of favorite VR porn sites. So grab a motion sickness bag because this review is about to get virtually honest really quickly.

Lewdvrgames in a Nutshell

    If you’re a virtual reality buff then you’ve probably heard of Oculus Quest by Meta aka Facebook. You probably also know it’s difficult as shit to play a VR porn game there. That’s where websites like Lewdvrgames become our wank saviors. It was created in 2018 by some mad scientist who was screaming “he lives” as he was forging this unholy website. Nah, I am just playing, I’m sure it was created by a hardcore pervert who wanted to enjoy raw doggy with his precious Hentai Waifus. That’ll probably explain why there’s a shit ton of Hentai VR games here.

    But really though, Lewdvrgames gives power to the developers of these sorta games. Lots of talented Oculus VR porn game developers sell their games on this VR porn site. So you can expect to see a lot of indie shit that might either excite you incredibly or turn your cock into a dried-up mummy. The people running the porn site say it’s the only platform that allows users to filter games by features plus headset compatibility too. So that’s great news for those who do not only use Oculus VR but also PCVR, WebVR, etc.

Virtual Tour of Lewdvrgames website

    Lewdvrgames talks a big game but all that will only matter after The Porn Guy has run through the porn site. I came to be impressed just as much as I came to cum. I just got on the homepage and they scored a point in my book for opening with a dark-themed background. They also score another point for having a homepage design that is as clean as the pussy I like to devour regularly. It features slideshows of their special offers, new videos, new games, and a bunch of other shit you could be interested in.

    Below that you’re gonna catch an eye full of the New VR porn game releases section with the option to view more. I’m getting a little orgasm with how easy it is to see the new releases on the main page. I am swiping to the next item as smooth as if it were a clit. As I mentioned earlier Hentai VR porn is king on this website while other types like 3D VR porn and sexy simulations are more like an afterthought. Among the 5 new Game releases shown to me, 4 are Hentai-related. That’s really a little unfair to us that want to add a bit more spice to our virtual reality wank.

    The next section on the main page is called New 3D VR porn video releases. I guess this has to be their next most popular category. Judging from the 5 new videos displayed, I think I’ve found the part of this VR porn site for me. Don’t judge me too much, this particular new game I’m seeing called Cyberpunk Cowgirl has the sort of thumbnail image that makes a man want to spend a thousand bucks on the latest version of a VR headset that’ll show our steamy 3D session in the highest quality humanly possible. I wanna see every single pixel of that Cyberpussy.

    Reluctantly, I move on to the next section called Most Popular VR Porn Games. This shows me just what kind of VR porn games the hardcore users of this porn site get it off to. They look pretty basic to me but I’m gonna try not to judge a porno by its cover as I was taught in school. The 5 most popular VR porn games listed at this time are; Adult VR Game Room, Virt-A-Mate, MyHtml5Game, VR Paradise, and Dezyred. If you end up playing any of these games you better write to me to tell me if I’m missing out.

    Free VR Porn Games happens to be the second to the last section that is on the main page. This one right here is for my pocket-pinching audience. While most of the truly quality VR games have different price tags, Lewdvrgames has got y’all covered with the free stuff as well. There are tons of free games to play. You’ll have to go through a lot of shitty VR games before you find that diamond in the rough though.

    Finally, the last section on display on the homepage is; Most Popular 3D VR Porn Videos. Don’t expect to see any real human porn stars like Riley Reid in this section, instead picture seeing Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village bouncing on a hard cock with a thirst for cum replacing her usual thirst for blood. More videos here are; Call of Booty, Sexy She-Hulk, Arab Buttjob, Got Milf, etc.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Lewdvrgames

    Lewdvrgames talks a big game and boy do they back it up. These guys have been here for a hot minute so you already know this VR porn site has enough videos and games to satisfy you for a lifetime if an apocalypse happens and you’re the only man alive with your headset around as well. Damn, that sounds like a VR porn game I would like to play so don’t get any ideas stealing that idea. What you should be doing is checking out Lewdvrgames because it gets 5 stars from me. Even though you may have to pay for some of the games through your physical teeth to enjoy the best virtual reality action, it just might be worth it!

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