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letmejerk, LetMeJerk

LetMeJerk Review

~ Pros ~

The porn is free

Crystal clear videos

Multiple categories

You can upload or download videos

~ Cons ~ 

❌ There’s an ad in every video

❌ You can’t fast-forward the videos


    Letmejerk will always let you jerk off anytime and anywhere with its crystal-clear sex videos. Get ready to meet nutty MILFs, nasty teens, wild cougars, and some good girls gone bad. What really sets you on fire? Big butts, super-wet cunts beckoning, or pillow-size boobs? You’ll get it all on Letmejerk. What I love most on the site are videos of petite Asian sluts swallowing long, thick, gigantic boners, and still asking for more.

    You don’t even have to register to view all the videos. And you can choose to watch the clips on your laptop, tablet, PC, or smartphone. However, the bigger the screen, the more pleasurable it will be, and the faster the dick will get right up.

Ads may kill your wanking mood

    One thing I don’t like about the site is that every video begins with an ad, and you’ll have to wait for 5 seconds to skip the ad. From experience, I can tell you that a wait of 5 seconds feels like 5 hours when you’re already in the fapping mood. Have you ever been locked with a totally naked, clean, busty bitch, with a wet cunt that kept you drooling? And as you rushed to latch onto one of boobs to suck the life out of it, she pushed you back and told you to wait for 5 freaking hours! That’s exactly how the 5-second ads made me feel.

You can’t cut off loads of shit

    Also, you can’t fast-forward the damn videos. It’s a big problem for me. When I’m watching a video, I don’t waste time on preambles. I’ll rather fast-forward to where the action begins. Let me explain what I mean. Let’s say I’m watching a movie of guy who fucked his slutty neighbor. And the video begins from the point where the guy knocks at the door of the horny neighbor.

    Normally, I’d like to fast-forward it to the point where the real kissing or sucking begins. Unfortunately, there’s no way to fast-forward the videos on Letmejerk. Sometimes, the real action takes only 3 minutes in an 8-minute video. I have no choice but to watch 5 minutes of bullshit before the real deal.

Video clips are categorized for fapping pleasure

    Variety is the spice of life. The sex movies on the platform have been categorized for pleasure. Choose your fetish and wank away. While deep throat videos feel great, they don’t keep me at the edge of my seat. But what I can’t resist is bend overs, and that’s why I love to strike from the back. Apart from deep throat, massage, and bend over videos, some other categories are Behind the Scene and Hardcore, just to mention a few. For ease of search, the categories have been listed in alphabetical order. From nasty old cougars feasting on young blood, to younger teens who can’t live without having their slits dug, or lesbos fucking each other with strapped rubber dicks, you’ll get more than enough on Letmejerk.

What language do you want your bitches to moan in?

    Nothing motivates me more than loud moaning and trash-talking in English. What languages do you prefer? We all know that dickies and pussies speak a universal language, but the studs and sluts in action don’t. That’s why we’ll give it to Letmejerk for offering the following languages – Hindi, Dutch, Italian, Netherlands, and of course, English. Choose your preferred language.

The videos will make you pop faster

    The videos are very clear and you’ll easily see every angle of the cunts being punished. And you’ll clearly see the clit peeping in-between fingers like a child playing a game of hide-and-seek. The videos take up 90% of the screen when watching, and you’ll see every vein in the killer boners. Getting the front-seat view of everything in the videos will make your little man stand up in anger, and spit drops of fire quicker than you thought.

    Under each video, you’ll see the duration, number of views, and rating of the video. So, you can quickly decide to watch or pass. Can you make a better porn video? Why not create a video and upload it on Letmejerk? I’d love to watch you in bed action. Yes, you can upload your videos on the site but you have to join first. And you can also download sex videos too.

Mentally fuck your favorite pornstars

    If you can’t fuck your favorite pornstars physically, you can at least slide your dick into their holes mentally. And Letmejerk has made this easy for you. There’s a link to all their pornstars. The list is arranged alphabetically. So, all it takes is just 3 steps.

1- Choose a star
2- Watch a couple of her videos
3- Fuck her in your mind while you listen to her moaning

    My favorite stars are Kitty Blue, MJ, AbbyFox, Forget Me, and Kris Riot. That’s my playlist- sorry, I mean my slut list. Create yours.

What I Think of Letmejerk

    In spite of my complaints, I’ll still rate the porn site high because the videos are free, and they are super-clear. Furthermore, you can stream the sex videos into your badass collections, and you can also upload yours. Most of all, I’ve been able to wank off of their video clips multiple times. So, Letmejerk gets the job done, even though it can be better.

letmejerk, LetMeJerk

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