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r/Lesbians Review

~ Pros ~

Peerless update frequency

Content jacked

Active to the gills

~ Cons ~

❌ Looks hella bland

❌ No special features or options


    Lesbians, for those of you who are totally unaware of the facts of life, are those women who would rather chew on muff than suck on a dick. They prefer the softness of their fellow women to the hardness of men, and no, it is not a phase that a BBC can fuck out of them! However, some women are lesbian one minute, bisexual the next second, and pansexual a millisecond later. If you are lucky and got a sweet mouth and a long dick, you might be able to persuade them to spread their legs and get their kidneys shifted by that naval cannon between your legs. till it is right next to their heart and furiously wondering how it got there!

    Now, here is my r/Lesbians review. Read this and weep, fellas, or no more tight lesbian snatch to look up at!

Reddit r/Lesbians Gets You Fucked Sideways By Oddball Snatches!

    Well, on first look, r/Lesbians terribly disappoints. The only thing special and unique here is the site logo, and it looks like the universal symbol that identifies women. Everything else, including the background color and page arrangement, is the same as in the vast majority of other subreddits, and that, to me, is shitty.

    Like I always say, given the vast number of subreddits that cater to virtually every subject and niche, each subreddit must find a way of distinguishing itself. That can take the form of special graphics or colors that reflect the niche being covered. But too many subreddits don’t take the trouble to do that. Oh well! Nuts to them, their mods, and their bleeding-ass members!

    So, Reddit Lesbians has 1.6 million members, and yeah, that’s a lot. 1.2K of these were online at the time of this review, and the About Us states that this community was established in August 2009. That means it is older than some of my readers and more experienced at dealing out marvelous cumming moments than some pornstars and cam models! The text in the About Us also makes very clear what this subreddit is about, and it is detailed in a way that leaves no room for mistakes or misunderstanding.

    Now, there are 4 main rules on r/Lesbians and 8 mods. One of these mods goes by the name of DonFellatio, and God only knows the number of BJs that thots have blessed him with! This fucker probably is the biggest throat washer in the business and must have been setting up daycare centers in multiple gullets at a time when we innocents were playing with Lego toys and the like! What a rad don of the fervent breeding kind he must be!

    The rules specify the posting of lesbian stuff only, ban advertising and selling, forbid reposts, and will only allow approved hosting. Be a dick, and them lesbian chicks who rule the roost here will bring a stone-hard cunt to your humble abode. This will be the property of a butch with more tats than an ink factory and more muscles than an adult silverback and you gotta fuck that titanium-like coochie to bits, or risk having your throat cut!

Muff Munchers International!

    Know the funny thing about lesbians? Well, most seem to hate men. Despite that, though, they usually fuck themselves and each other with dildos on the daily, and dildos, as you and I know, are replica penises. So, how exactly do you fuck yourself with the main tool of a species you hate and cum while doing so too? Like how does that work for real? That would almost be a bit like an anarchist masturbating with a copy of the constitution! But no matter, on with this review!

    Now, I am very happy to report that content updates on r/Lesbian happen at a really exemplary pace. There are usually over 20 new posts on the daily, and you don’t see that on too many subreddits. Or on many porn sites.

    Content in the Hot category at the time of this review have titles like Would You Wanna Join, Double Grip, This Is What We Do On Girls Night, I Fucked Her So Good, Playing With My Twin’s Pussy Makes My Day Better, Three Girls Getting Creative In The Kitchen, I Love When A Massage Ends With A Happy Ending, I Love Looking Up and Seeing Her Big Tits Bouncing, and She’s The Best At Playing With My Pussy. That Boob Suck Tho sits atop the trending post of all-time ranking and was uploaded a year ago. This GIF has 42.3K upvotes and shows a couple of hot chicks at a party making out and sucking each other's titties. Both look and act like nymphos and the gallons of hot cum I can pour into either when pressed has me all shocked!

    Rubbing Lips is next with 33.8K upvotes, and the cunt lips being rubbed belong to a couple of slim, pretty, and small titty chicks. Their cunts look like the grippy types, too, and I can promise you that paradise with all its glory awaits if you can convince either chick to do a bounce dance atop your cock for 5 minutes or less! Better pray that the coochie agrees to let you go once you are done fucking the steely cum out of it!

    Then there’s Might Be The Hottest Video Ever. It was uploaded 9 months ago and currently has 29.2K upvotes. This post promised much but delivered little, and all it was about was a couple of hot chicks kissing and making out. Hottest video, my hairy ass!

What ThePornGuy Thinks Of r/Lesbians

    r/Lesbians ticks all the boxes for those of you with hots for hot girls who love other hot girls. This is a really easy subreddit to recommend, even though all it does is show off the hot chicks that are taking themselves off the table and mostly leaving a lot of ugly thots for us guys to perform our cock-stuffing jobs on!

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