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Lesbian8 Review

~ Pros ~

Very clean and sweet site design

Packed with content, categories, and features

Easy to use


~ Cons ~

❌ Shit load of ad's

❌ No full HD XXX videos

❌ Single photo album and pictures

❌ Videos are short


    There are guys in my circle who knew what being a lesbian meant and what it involved well before they knew the alphabet by heart! You could say they got their priorities mixed up, but that’s life for you!

    Lesbians are of course women who only dig other women and aspire to dig into fresh snatch for the rest of their lives and the snatch in question is either theirs or the property of the person they are hooking up with or are married to. Here’s my Lesbian8.com review and yeah, this porn site is all about lesbians getting naughty and eating snatch like it is the only food cooking on this planet!

Awesome Site And Awesome Content

    Lesbian8 has a very clean site design and something like this is always a pleasure to see. White is on duty as the homepage background color and though this looks good I would have welcomed an option that lets you change this to black when it gets dark and witches come out to play.

    At the top left on the Lesbian8.com homepage are links to varied live cam and XXX sites and below this is the site logo. It looks like one of those cheap cameras good for monitoring your kids with when you are out and have entrusted them to the care of your housekeeper. A racier site logo would have been better and I can think of many fitting designs.

    Now, there’s a black search box at the top left of the homepage and if you type in search terms the algorithm will rush to complete it. I typed in Abella Danger and before I was halfway through, I got clickable terms like Abella Danger Lesbian, Abella Danger Squirt, and Elexis Monroe Abella Danger. I tapped the one I wanted and I got the page filled with this babe eating fresh pussy and squirting like the pro she is. What I would give to get locked in a dim crawlspace with her for 60 seconds!

    I also searched for Hard Big Cock and found videos of this aplenty. Yeah, this is a lesbian site, but there are still lots of hetero videos of cocks going ballistic inside pussies, mouths, and anuses, and all you have to do I look for them because they are not normally posted on the Lesbian8 homepage.

    So, most of the screen real estate is filled with video image thumbnails, but now is not the time to go into them in detail. Stay with me and I promise to tell you later all you need to know about them.

Cum For Tabs!

    Let’s head to the tabs. These are atop the Lesbian8 homepage and there’s a fair assortment. Other tabs can be found at the bottom of the page and these let you log in or register, check out the site terms and conditions and get in touch with the site admins to remove content. Registration is free and easy and should take you half a minute. By registering you can add videos to your favorite list and watch them when you need them, plus upload content, subscribe to the channels of others, and either add these folks to your friend list or send them messages.

    Home, Latest, Most Viewed, Albums, Categories, and Community are the tabs found atop this lesbian site. The Community tab comes useful when you want to make friends, and options found within this tab let you sort friends by age, gender, and country, as well as by how active they have been, how new they are, and the popularity of their uploaded content. You can as well search alphabetically and go right to folks whose profiles have the most views.

    The categories in the Categories tab are all arranged alphabetically by default. But options on that page let you filter stuff by the number of views, rating, and quantity of videos. There are at least a hundred different categories here, ranging from 69 and African to Hentai, Webcam, Voyeur, and Workout. Each oversized category image thumbnail lists the total videos present in each category, as well as the overall approval rating.

    The Album tab does what it says. But there’s only a single album here and this has a single image of a nude Asian chick with her ass in the hair and her fat cunt glaring at you while asking for a thorough eye-fuck that will make it throb all night long. There’s not much that can be done with a single picture, but I am sure you perverted wanksters reading this will find a good use for it!

    The Most Viewed and Latest tabs are next, right? Well, each performs as advertised and they both have the kind of content that appeals on a cumming level to boners and wet slits alike!

Lesbians On Rampage!

    Part of my everyday fantasy involves the lesbians living above my flat going at it loudly and for hours, before inviting me over to give them a good dose of hard meat that will calm them down enough for a nice trip to dreamland. That hasn’t happened yet, but a guy can keep hoping!

    Now, video image thumbnails on Lesbian8.com all have a title, runtime, rating and preview capabilities. Their upload date/time is also indicated. The content upload frequency is quite good, with over 600 videos uploaded in the 24 hours I was online for this review and around 1,000 in the last 48 hours. These videos are however not full-length, with most being 6-7 minutes long.

    Videos being watched are what you will see first on the homepage, followed by the newest videos. The newest stuff didn’t impress me all that much and so I clicked the Most Viewed tab to see what everyone is busy watching and wanking to. Sample titles here include Girl Football Team Taking A Shower, Big Clit Fucking Like A Dick, Tribulations Of Young Lesbians 2, Hot Squirting Japanese Teen Lesbians, and Haze Her- Lesbian Sorority.

    The videos on this lesbian XXX site are mostly of pros in studios, but there’s some amateur and poorer quality content. One pro-level stuff was titled Reality Kings- Sexy Lesbians Make Out and I might have wanked a little to it.

    This video is 11 minutes long with a 100% approval rating. The two girls involved here are so hot I would gladly get down on my knees and beg them to pee in my mouth and you need to see the way they ate pussy like candy Santa handed over to them! There was also plenty of pussy exploration with fingers on this video, plus some anal licking, and I must confess that what I saw here got me hard and made me cum more than I ever expected.

    However, once or twice I clicked on video links that do not work. How and why is something I have no idea about. Video quality is also even for studio shoots not all that remarkable. I would say that videos on the site are 480p to 720p maximum and it is not possible to adjust video quality.

    Downloads are not possible either, but videos can be rated and reported and their screenshots are available for perusal. Each video has plenty of categories that make finding related content easy, plus these related content are always featured lower down on each video page.

What I Think of Lesbian8

    There are ads on every page at Lesbian8, as well as pop-up ads that come alive with some clicks. That and the relatively poor quality videos make the site not a good choice in my opinion.

    If you can ignore stuff like the above, there’s a good chance you can submerge yourself in the large quantity of lesbian-oriented XXX to be had here and have yourself a swell time while cumming like you are showing off the newest home sprinkler system on the market!

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