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LeakNud Review

~ Pros ~

Sweet site design

Daily updates make it lit

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Ads

❌ Lousy playback options

❌ User options are wack

❌ Content quality is so-so

❌ No advanced search


    The world is a mess and has been for a while. The only thing stopping us all from rioting and blowing shit up is that if we did, celeb leaks might stop rolling in and we would have nothing to feed our cocks with and would have to cut off that suddenly-useless appendage! And lemme tell y’all, a cock-less existence here on earth is worse than having to take it up the ass in hell from the devil for a million years!

    Talking of nudes, there’s a site called LeakNud that has the job of collating nudes from varied social media sites and posting these on its page. Here’s my LeakNud.com review and here’s to hoping it makes your sisters all leaky and in need of leak-plugging boners!

That Sweet Nude Of Mine!

    Social media leak sites too often look like the ass end of Brazilian prisons. LeakNud is an exception and the site design, plus the way everything falls into place is outstanding. White is the background color and it is very tastefully and skillfully merged with blue and black accents. Whoever put this site together knows what he’s doing and he can have my girlfriend’s worn panties whenever he needs stuff like that to save him from dying of cock engorgement!

    Now, the very top left of the LeakNud homepage has a list of partner sites. Beneath this is the site logo and it is classic and peachy. A basic search bar that’s longer than any BBC I have seen shoved into white snatch occupies the middle and top right of the homepage. This search bar has a black interior and any search queries you type will show up in white. That’s sweet.

    The tabs here are very much a standard affair. There’s Home, Latest, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Categories, and ThePornDude and all do what they say they do and lead where they say they do. Still, you gotta have a lot of patience on a site like this and that is because every click on every tab, link, or option has a high probability of triggering pop-up ads.

    Anyway, when you click on the Top Rated and Most Viewed tabs, a pull-down menu at the top right of the page lets you apply the filter to smut that was uploaded today, this week, this month, and all time. As for the Categories tab, it hosts 25 categories like Asian, Squirting, Instagram, ManyVids, TikTok, Big Boobs, and Twitter. Plus there’s a pull-down menu at the top right of the XXX category page that lets you get right to the top rated, most viewed, and most profuse categories, and sort the categories alphabetically.

    That all? Well, there’s a bunch of tags on the bottom of the site homepage, as well as a Show All Tags button that when clicked leads you to a blank page. Sample tags include tattoos, boy bed, ASMR, leaks, sexy tape, mega, big ass, and cam porn video and I don’t think dumping the tags at the bottom of the site homepage where impatient wankers can miss it is the right thing to do.

    For sure while this leak site has a better look than most, it could use some optimization. Plus the tags here need to get their own tab and page and this better happen while there’s still patience left in me!

Leak It & Beat It!

    Remember the pull-down menu found in the Most Viewed and Top Rated tabs that I spoke about a while ago? Well, it also exists on the homepage, at the top right no less and this particular menu has more options than the others. With it you can check for the latest, most viewed, longest, top rated, most commented, and most favorited content. I don’t like it though because it doesn’t tell me if every thot I see walking down my block wants it in the ass, cunt or down the gullet!

    Content thumbnails on LeakNud.com are large, easy on the eyeballs, have a good amount of luster and boast content preview features. Some have a sort of alpha-numeric code rather than a title, but the runtime, upload date, number of views, and rating are always indicated. Multiple daily updates are of course a thing here.

    Now, the longest videos on this site are just 48 minutes long, but the average runtime is very much under 10 minutes. Sample titles from the top-rated section are as follows: Nira Sanchez Butt Plug, Crystal Lust- Blow, Emanuelly Raquel OnlyFans Nude Video Leaked, Natasha K Nude Spreading Ass, Scarlet Chase- Anal Exploration, and Xev Bellringer- Mommy Is Pregnant.

    The Nira Sanchez video was submitted 9 months ago and is 5 minutes long. In the video, she spent several minutes slipping a butt plug into and out of her butthole, before showing off her tits, twerking, and using a dildo to lever her snatch open. This bitch is clean and I could almost swear she poops fresh peanut butter and mashed potatoes and you can eat that right off her butthole with a spoon! Plus her big ass is the kind you want to lift and plug closed forevermore, while she pushes into you hard enough to make her digestive system go haywire!

    So, I watched enough videos on this leak site to understand that playback options are basically non-existent. You can’t even adjust the video quality or speed, but most videos seem to be 480p or HD. Video screenshots are made available though and you can share and comment on whatever you like. Direct downloads are not supported.

What I Think Of LeakNud

    With so many leak sites out there, I fear that LeakNud has done too little to show itself better than others. This is an average site with average stuff, plus enough pop-up ads to trigger a deadly case of cock-block!
I can’t recommend LeakNud, but it is nice enough.

LeakNud, LeakNud

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