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LadysOne Review

~ Pros ~

Lit site

Options galore

Escorts fit for the gods

Wide language support

Multiple countries supported

Very helpful escort reviews

Free and really easy to use

~ Cons ~

❌ Possible scams


    Y’all better start appreciating the ability to have a good shit whenever you feel like taking out the trash from your backyard. It matters like mad, especially if you are the type who likes kinky fun and paid a few smackeroos to a hot escort to take a dump on your face, but all she’s been doing for the past half hour is farting the sky blue and pink and ruining your nose! Not into that kind of stuff and have a perfectly working rectum? Then better prepare for a sexily-sweet Thanksgiving to remember, with ThePornGuy presiding over the festivities of course!

    While we are on the topic of fartful escorts, let me introduce an escort site to y’all. This one goes by the name of Ladys.one and that’s quite classy. Here’s my Ladys.one review and let’s hope it provides enough motivation for you to put it into your favorite lady hard enough to make her coochie sound like a trumpet!

Spread It Wide If You Are 18 and Need Thick Meat!

    18 is the magic number if you are interested in stepping foot in Ladys.one. They have a lock on their site and you gotta click a box that says you are 18 years old and fully aware that the kind of coochies you might see on the site can potentially make you run mad if you are underage! Ain’t that something!

    Once in, you will find this site to be a no-nonsense fuckmeister! The lower part of the site homepage is filled with escort reviews, while the upper portion has features that let you look for escorts in varied American states and cities, though a few locations in other countries can be seen too. I am talking about places like Singapore, Italy, Egypt, and the like. Yeah, Ladys.one has chicks in quite a few countries and I love the way the fella behind this site is so determined to ensure that his chicks can distribute their cunts and cock sucking skills to fuckers in varied countries.

    Haven’t seen a chick you like here? Then come with a wheelbarrow and scoop up ThePornDude’s favorite granny. For sure that old lady is so tired of the guy not getting it up unless his asshole is dabbed with salt and licked by a billy goat with attachment issues!

    Now, if you are an escort, you can advertise on this site and it won’t cost you a pretty penny. And if you are a language fanatic, you will be well pleased to note that Ladys.one supports a total of 8 languages, English included. You can also create reviews of any chick from here that you slipped your pecker into, or flag her for scamming you with fake pictures and the like. Cute.

    That said, there are no ads or spam that can be seen on this escorts America site.

If You Ain’t In It For Money…

    It is illegal for escorts to fall in love. If they do, their ass is toast and fellas would take advantage by gaping all their holes for free and will probably put them brainless sluts in wheelchairs before the week is out! So yeah, all escorts fuck for a fee and that fee varies by a lot, with this section being dedicated to finding out the prices that escorts on Ladys.one attach to their twats and other holes.

    Right from the homepage I decided to pick out Abu Dhabi from the list of popular locations. The chicks there almost look too good to be true and I could almost swear that if any of them slaps my cock into the palm of her hand, my artillery piece is gonna go off with enough of a bang to disvirgin her entire present and future lineage!

    The lowest price I have seen in the Abu Dhabi section is 250 AED per hour and that’s $68 at the current rate of exchange. Most of the chicks there charge 1,000 AED or so though.

    Mimi for example will set you back 1,500 AED per hour -$408. She’s a 25-year-old blonde beauty with C-cup tits and no reviews as of yet. This chick has a rather sweet-looking ass but chooses to be stingy with it and won’t let you finger or fuck it, nor will she strap on a sex toy and fuck you down there. But she’s open to oral without a condom, kissing, cunnilingus, cum on body, and erotic massages.

    Queen Ella also has no reviews. She’s an ebony goddess from Ghana and what would I give to come in contact with her used drawers! This slutty 23-year-old queen charges 800 AED per hour -$218- and for that you get strap-on fucks, cum on body, erotic massages, kissing, cunnilingus, and oral without condom.

    Been to Chicago lately? Well, escorts there charge $170 per hour on average. For that kind of money, if you are not fucking holes in them, then you need to be tied up so that ThePornDude can see if he can fit his tiny willy into your nostril! And try not to croak from the stink coming from his ball sack!

    Let’s go check out Mya Brookes in Chicago. She’s another ebony goddess and is hotter than the first too. Mya is a 21-year-old with D-cup tatas who charges $500 per hour. She calls herself a playmate, says she’s a VIP fucker, and can speak German and French, apart from English. This chick is very willing to come to meet you in whatever country you might be in and like most classy escorts here, she won’t let you fuck her fab ass, or turn her rectum inside out. But she does allow/provide erotic massages, cum on body, cunnilingus, and oral without condom.

    Need an astoundingly bad chick who will let you put it in every hole and even offer up her ears for a mighty woody exploration? Then make way for Joanne!

    This is a goddess with D cups and a booty that couldn’t be more perfect and curvy if it tried hard enough to pull a hamstring and she charges $100, $200, $400, and $1,000 for 30 minutes, an hour, 2 hours and all night respectively. Joanne is 25 years old, lightly tattooed, and beautiful enough to put both minor and major gods into trouble and maybe get them pulled in for a paternity dispute!

    She does anal, strap-on fuck, rimming, and just about all other sex acts you care to name. About the only thing she won’t do is let you wrap her brains around your cock and use that to strangle your boner till it croaks and floods your groin with jism! Atta girl!

    Now, escort prices on Ladys.one varies very widely and it is not possible to state what the average cost is, especially since the site is present in varied countries, with escorts in each country charging different prices. Still, you should have at least $200 before calling up any escort on this site. That said, there are plenty of chicks here who charge by the half hour and that can cost from $50 to $100.

Escorts With Glossy Twats!

    The escorts on Ladys.one are all of excellent quality. They look good and have profiles that speak volumes, with these profiles usually boasting their nude or very revealing pictures.

    Right from the homepage, you can choose any of the popular locations, or just enter a city of your choice and your preferred language into the search bar and get to look at the escort profiles that conform to that search parameter. It is also possible to search through the over 1.5 million escort reviews on this site.

    Anyway, once you pick a city, the escorts in that city can be sorted by physical characteristics, like ebony, mature, BBW, Latina girl, or big tits, and these filtering options change from city to city and country to country. Escort profiles are also automatically sorted by date and you can add any profile to your list of favorites without needing to login or register.

    You can reach the babes here via phone or send them a text message. All well and good, except that I would rather pay J Cole to rap about the Ladys’ escorts I want to bone and hope they get the message!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of LadysOne

    This escort site rocks like a bitch with steel fangs in her twat and a sugar factory for a gullet! For sure it is worth two thumbs up!

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