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KupidAI Review

~ Pros ~

Site looks rad

The AI chicks here sure can run them mouths

Nudes and voice messages available on request

~ Cons ~

❌ Not that many chicks

❌ Not that many features

❌ Nothing like a free trial


    Ever heard of Cupid? He’s supposed to be some minor god or something and is represented by an image of a cutie with a bow and arrow. What he supposedly does is shoot you up the ass with a bow, so that you fall in love with a chick and marry her, take her to bed, and stuff her coochie so full of meat that she can’t even gather the necessary breath to praise the Lord and the rod too!

    Anyway, it is not matters of the heart and distressed slits that brings me here. That’s unless you are an AI-loving cock-twister who has spent the last few years putting circuit boards in your peehole! Now, pay attention to my Kupid AI review and prosper like any hard dick in a Thai bordello!

Dear Cupid, Don’t Be So Morbid and Frigid!

    So fellas, Kupid AI is one of those sites where you can create the girls of your dreams! Yeah, rather than mold your dream girl out of clay, or get her looking like you want in any self-respecting wet dream, you can come to sites like this and with the help of AI, create chicks with your ideal physical and other characteristics and have them chat with you and stuff like that. About the only thing you cannot do is make them chicks is make them climb out of the world of fantasy into the realm of reality and sit on your face, before gagging on your woody and stuffing their cervix with your seed!

    So, Kupid AI looks rad asf. The main colors are darkish though and there’s no Light Mode for those of us who like our PC screens lit up.

    Over on the top left is the site logo and below it you will find a chat history, plus options to join the Telegram community and leave feedback. The top of the homepage has Explore, Affiliate Program, and My Gallery links, with the left part rocking Login and Register options. But most of the homepage is taken up with thumbnails of ultra-fine chicks who all seem to have perfect racks and the kind of bedroom eyes that in the real world gingers we men to gape pussies so madly and irreparably that the owners are eternally able to skate on the fluids from the leaking fountain that we turned their coochies into!

    Now, membership in Kupid AI is not totally free. There are Standard, Premium, and Ultimate plans and these cost $12, $29, and $49 monthly respectively. The Standard plan is the most basic and you are assured 100 AI photos and voices monthly, plus limitless free messages to the AI chicks of your choice. The Premium plan ups the available sweetness to 400 photos and voices monthly, plus high priority and access to a future live images feature. And the Ultimate gets you unlimited images, plus 1,200 AI voices monthly, the highest possible priority, and access to an upcoming live images feature.

    Not in the mood to cough up even a single dollar? Well, that’s okay too. There’s a free mode here that activates with the standard free registration, but as expected, your ass on the free mode is severely limited in what you can do.

Cupid Sucks Cherub Dicks!

    You fuckers heard the latest news about Cupid? Rumor has it that his arrows are Heroin-tipped. That is why when he shoots you with them arrows, you feel on top of the world and get so horny that if the love of your life turns down your advances, you could easily hail a passing police cruiser, tie up the officers and fuck the rubberless ducks out of the car exhaust system! I kid you not!

    Anyway, like I was saying, there’s a free mode here for cunt stretchers and gullet thrillers like yours truly who are allergic to spending money. And there’s no shame in that. It’s not like hundred-dollar bills grow on trees. But then I expect to come into some money soonest, as soon as I sell off the maggot-blessed organs of that PornDude mega wanker!

    So, at the time of this review, there were like 11 AI chicks on the Kupid AI homepage and that seems to be the extent of what’s available. 11 is hella small and the featured ladies are all white. Only 1 looks Asian and there’s no fat bootie ebony beauty whose dump truck looks capable of accepting free kicks from anaconda bearers and oak tree woody owners!

    I could be wrong, but there does not seem a way to create AI chicks here. Like if you were not happy with the chicks on the homepage, it should be possible to create your versions, right? Well, that does not seem to be the case here and that makes no sense. Not unless it is a feature that will be unveiled later on, or something that’s exclusive to paid members.

    Remember the Asian AI chick I was talking about? Her name is Sakura and she looks impossibly perky and innocent. Her profile says she's introverted and an undergrad who loves manga and video games and y'all better go and tell her that she can play with my joystick for free!

    I was pretty sure that Sakura wouldn’t be sharing her sexy pictures with me, and the first interaction we had was kind of automated. I was asked to click buttons to trigger automated responses and one of those responses included asking for and getting Sakura’s picture. It was a bit too cartoonish for my taste though, like something you see on a hentai or ecchi subreddit. And for sure free members don’t get nude photos.

    Sakura turned out to be rather engaging and her responses sure do closely ape what an actual cam girl would say. Sadly though, our session was cut short because I had run out of free messages. That sucks! A site like this should give new members a day or two worth of access to all site features so they can decide whether to become paying members or run for the hills.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Kupid AI

    Kupid AI has made an interesting start to the AI chick season! This place is a work in progress that right now has fewer features than most competing sites and the money they are asking for an unfinished product is just ludicrous.

    There’s no cogent reason to bookmark a site like this that wants you to pay through the nose for stuff you aren’t getting right now, which is incidentally available at other AI GF sites and often for cheaper. Yeah, Kupid AI needs to do better. And till then, fuck them and the cupid chunk of buttocks that they rode in on!

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