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KittyKats Review

~ Pros ~

kittykats, KittyKatsForums on hot outfits, boobs, hardcore, amateurs, shemale, fetish etc

kittykats, KittyKatsThe site is free to register, no catch

kittykats, KittyKatsIt has tons of magazines to choose from to download

kittykats, KittyKatsIt has over a quarter million active threads

kittykats, KittyKatsThe site is ad free, quick and convenient to use

~ Cons ~

kittykats, KittyKatsThe site design needs some touch

kittykats, KittyKatsThe amount of content in some categories is kinda weak

    It turns out that forums like are places where you can often find the best and rarest porn clips and images. Here, you can take your cock in hand and jerk it off to porn of the sort you don’t usually get to see in most mainstream porn sites. These content are uploaded by porn addicts like you and us, who make it their job to provide content on the daily so that we all can have something new to fap off to…. Now, here’s our Kitty-Kats review.

What’s Up, Kitty Kat!

    The forum is kept humming along by a team of porn lovers who appear to take their job as seriously as anything. The forum has a nice homepage and as soon as you open the page you are assailed by requests to register and become a member. It costs nothing to register and both the registration and sign in tabs are at the top right.

    We couldn’t find a search bar, but there are Home, Forums, What’s New and Resources tabs. The newest posts are at the page right, with the site statistics underneath them. There appears to be a little less than a hundred thousand members, plus over 256,000 threads. Options to share the page on a variety of social media platforms are made available too.

Kitty Kat Wants A Good Dick!

    We actually had to scroll down to see the page content and that made us really exhausted! Exactly why this content is not posted atop the page is not something we are prepared to spend brainpower trying to figure out.

    The page content is helpfully divided into sections, and the number of threads, messages and latest posts are displayed. The first of these sections is the Rules and Site News. This is a quartet of threads of news and announcements and you can read them all if you have half an hour to waste.
    The second section is the Girls of Kitty Kat. This is divided into four other sub-sections, with each having hundreds or thousands of threads. This had photos and videos, both nude and non-nude, with titles like Brittany Marie- Hypnotic Pussy, Elsa Jean Blonde Beauty, Naked News, and Busty Fine Art Girls. We would have loved to download these, but they were hosted on third-party sites like TruePic, ImageTwist, and Keep2Share. Also featured in this section are model discussions and requests to find this or that model, and the status of this or that model.

    The third section is the Hot Outfits section. This too had a quartet of sub-sections, plus images of both nude and scantily-clad babes. The other sections are Titty-Kat- All About Boobs, Hardcore, Amateurs, Fine Art Girls, Shemales, All Kinds of Fetish, Celebrities, Magazines, Cartoons and Comics, Entertainment, and Kitty-Kats Workshop. That’s a pretty comprehensive collection if we do say so and it is so easy to lose track of time diving into the deep vat of erotic sweetness this site has to offer.

What We Think

    Nude images of models, amateurs and celebrities, plus every fetish under the sun, adult magazines, hentai, music, games and more, are what this site specializes in. It is like Disneyland for adults, with a fair amount of exclusive content being available. Overall, we do like what brings to the table, though we wish it had a better-designed website and hosted the site content itself rather than on third-party sites that are a pain in the booty to use.