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r/Jilling Review

~ Pros ~

Large community

Free to join

Videos of women jilling

Original contents

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Just a few posts made per day


    I’m quite grateful for the fact that in the absence of we humans having a partner to engage in sexual coitus with, we could always do ourselves some good ass jerking. Not exactly sure how we found that out for ourselves, but whoever started it must’ve had a deeper understanding of self-love. Because, is there anything that defines that term more graciously? Heh. I mean, there are a few, and on a more psychological level. But you simply cannot count masturbation out of it. In my opinion, it serves a lot more purpose than just giving yourself pleasure.

    Why do I think so? I mean, look at it, there are often times you wanna get involved with someone, and you wanna go a little deeper than just the surface. You wanna get intimate with them. But your mind plays tricks on you. You can’t tell if you really like this person, or you just wanna be slutted out or give them some good dicking. Very conflicting situation. Now, I’m sure we all aware of the phrase “post-nut clarity” and as funny as that shit is, it really does get clearer after you bust a nut. Not gonna lie. So, when in doubt, bust a nut! Just so you don’t go telling someone you love them, when you actually just wanted to fuck.

    Anyway, back to the topic of masturbation. Did you know that when a female masturbates it is called “jilling?” Hell, yeah. I am today years old as well! Gotta admit that term sounds way more fucking cooler than “jerking off.” Society says it’s vulgar, but who cares? It’s fucking great, and it sounds fucking cool. I really haven’t heard girls use that term though, or have you? Well, today I’m gonna be talking about a Reddit NSFW community that focuses its contents on girls masturbating. This community is known as Reddit Jilling, aka r/jilling! I know you like the sound of that. Hang on for this honest review of the community.

Jill’s Spreading It On Reddit Jilling

    Reddit Jilling (r/jilling), is a community on Reddit that shares NSFW content of girls masturbating. And that isn’t limited to girls fingering themselves or just rubbing their clit. They could be riding a dildo, or using it to drill themselves, or using a vibrator. The main focus is that they’re solo, and enjoying themselves, by themselves. That, naturally, is a beautiful thing to behold. Big ups to the creators of this community. They probably had a lot of us in mind when they created this alibi.

    The community was created in July 17, 2012 for women who love to jill every now and then. Heh. That sounded even more cooler when used in a sentence. And it looks even more stimulating when you see videos and GIFs of these ladies giving themselves some good loving. There’s over 583k members on this community, with over a hundred of them online jerking it off or jilling to videos of these women jilling (for those who roll that way). Trust me, it gets more cooler using this word in a sentence. Haha!

What Jack Never Knew About Jill? She’s On r/Jilling!!

    Videos of women enjoying themselves: and by “enjoying themselves” I really mean to say, JILLING! I gotta tell you, as a guy who’s gonna be visiting this community, if you do not have the patience, you might as well bust a good one before these ladies even started to cum, let alone orgasm. I’m telling you, these women are sensual with it. And if you’ve been looking for adequate motivation to whip out your dick and give it some good stroking, then Reddit Jilling is the place you should be. All they got for you is videos upon videos upon videos. It’s surreal. These ladies will have you wanting to break into your screens and arrive at their location immediately. It’s an absolute fap worthy material.

    Original content/approved posters: the issue of spam being the greatest bane of most online communities, Reddit Jilling has restricted posting to only verified and approved posters only. This means what you will see on the community’s timeline are mostly original contents from approved female redditors. And I love that so much. It keeps the community decent and in focus. I wouldn’t like to be slowed down by spam posts while I’m trying to enjoy myself as well.

Possible Concerns

    This spam issue has led to removal of lots of posts from the community’s timeline. Thus, if you look at the post history or timeframe between each post, you’ll realize there’s very few of it coming in per day. There’s at most 4 posts per day, and sometimes averaging 15 posts or more in a month. I quite hope with more members joining the community, this issue will be arrested.

What I Think Of Jilling

    Notwithstanding the shortage of posts per day, I think this is a pretty amazing community. Absolutely fap worthy. The videos on there will definitely stimulate you into having a good time with yourself as well. Do check it out.

Jilling, Jilling

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