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Javur Review

~ Pros ~

Free & no ads

Easy to use

Full-length smut

~ Cons ~

❌ Wack site design

❌ Wack site features

❌ Wack content quality

❌ Lacks content


    I have no idea what gives some XXX sites practically no one has heard of the liver to claim they are No 1. That’s like hearing a virgin narrate how many times BBCs have kissed her uterus and I can’t count how many eye rolls that sort of rubbish triggers from yours truly!

    Does Javur.com call itself Number 1 as regards JAV videos? That it does and I guess that the site admins are high on some rare strain of mushrooms and don’t know it yet! Here’s my Javur.com review by the way. Read it and love it as a number 1 piece of work or else!

Slits Sucking Slits And Dicks

    Well, what else are slits supposed to do since all they are good for is sucking on the slits of their friends and the boners of their other friends? Call it a win-win situation and it is an even better win-win if you are acquainted with a lot of slits in your area that want to do some very bad things to you that I can’t elaborate on without blushing and getting the kind of erection I could open a tin can with!

    Why are we talking about slits? Precisely because the JAS sluts on Javur.com have a lot of them and the most innocent face too that makes you wish you could take them somewhere and fuck their holes till they gotta be scraped off the floor! Yeah, don’t be merciful with these cuties, at least not till you put them in a wheelchair first!

    So, Javur has a standard and crowded homepage. Site features are very average and tabs are missing. Yeah, for some reason, this site dispenses with tabs entirely.

    The site background color is black, with a sort of gray at the sides. There’s a basic search bar at the top right, with popular search terms like Uncensored, Virginity, Taboo, Uniform, Sex Club, and Voyeur residing above the top of the 20 video image thumbnails on the site homepage. It is mostly these search terms that give the site a crowded and amateurish look and I can’t understand why the site admins do not realize that.

    The bottom of the site homepage boasts about Javur being the best when it comes to JAV porn and the effort uses to compose this blarney would have been better used making the site flashier and more welcoming. Contact Us, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, DMCA, and Site Map links are also located on the homepage bottom. Should you ever scroll down that far, kindly click the Contact Us link and join me in telling the fellas running this site to up their game or there will be hell to pay soonest!

Sweet Asian Fucks

    Javur has a lot of sweet Asian fuck videos. The majority are full-length and able to get your cock so milked it’s liable to look like an earthworm that accidentally crawled into a bag of salt! But then, I am sure that’s precisely what most of you want!

    There is however just 23 and a half pages of smut here. That’s criminal and criminally insane! Yeah, like almost every JAV porn site that I know has tens of thousands of smut, and this one that proudly calls itself number 1 does not even have up to a thousand videos. Like what in the ass fuckery is that?

    Anyway, video image thumbnails on Javur.com are of acceptable size and rock a title, along with the runtime and number of views. Titles here are almost long enough to towel yourself dry with, but they seem to have been written by a native English speaker with a good sense of humor. Sample titles include My Wife Wants To Try Threesome, Empty Sperm For The Secretary With Big Breasts On Valentine’s Day, Fainting When Having Sex Too Much With Daughter In Law, and Braless Neighbor In The Morning.

    The Empty Sperm for the Secretary video at 12 minutes long was remarkable for its short length. It is all about a secretary fucking her boss, with the said secretary being black-haired, cute and blessed with both a nice ass and a nicer rack. The video opens with the two in a small hotel room and the chick sucking her boss’s cock, while the fella washes his fingers in her fat slit. You should see her boobs jiggling and won’t have any problem imagining how her cunt should smell like!

    From cock sucking, the girl uses her big tits to show the guy’s cock some love and both mutually masturbate each other before the guy picks up the girl and lands her on his awesomely thick and long boner. Yeah, his oak tree woody sure is amazing for an Asian. Anyway, he carries up this cute JAV slut and fucks her, drills her standing up and on the bed too, while her boobies shake like they suddenly got turned to jelly! The video ends before I got to see him cum in her, but I could almost swear he filled her with enough hot cum to make her innards the cleanest in Japan!

    Now, content quality is not stated, but videos here look to be HD at the maximum. Plus adjustment of content quality during playback is not supported. Videos load very fast and I experienced zero issues with playback, but the video player options are too limited for my taste. The content on Javur cannot be rated or commented on, and some videos have descriptions. Uncensored content abounds too.

What I Think Of Javur

    Honestly, Javur sorta feels like a joke made by someone with zero sense of humor and an IQ in the single digits. The site design is wack, and what kind of XXX site that says it is the best around has considerably less than a thousand videos and very limited content sorting options? And unserious one of course that doesn’t even take itself seriously.

    Javur belongs in the dustbin and its admins need to be flogged till they confess to having taken out a hit on the son of the almighty back when he was said to have been roaming around the planet in search of virgin poon!

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