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JavTube Review

~ Pros ~


Good number of censored and uncensored content

~ Cons ~

❌ Very ad-filled

❌ Basic site design

❌ Extremely wack site features

❌ Very limited user options

❌ Short videos

❌ Hard to use and requires steep learning curve


Of course, there's gotta be a JAV site called Javtube. It makes perfect sense you know and there’s not a lot of things that make sense in the world these days.

Relax, I am not gonna go on a philosophical rant. I got a review to do and a pussy to smell, so here’s my Javtube.com review. Read it and help me figure out why your sister is not replying to my messages!

Fap And Make It Rain, Comrade!

    Now, I have seen some pretty strange sights, and I gotta tell you that Javtube is all shades of special and not in a good way. See, on a normal basis, I got my ad blocker and malware detector active and the only reason I would turn them off is if a site I trust specifically ask that I allow the display of ads on my screen before I will be allowed to view content.

Are you with me so far? Cool. The problem here is that Javtube is quite possibly the most ad-crammed site I have ever been on. Yeah, I know I say stuff like this often, but this time I mean it.

The ads here are present regardless of if your ad blocker is on or off and there’s nothing but video ads on the top portion of the Javtube homepage and these are extremely irritating and distracting. Category image thumbnails fill like half the screen of this JAV site, with the rest left for varied image thumbnails that when clicked will load a new page which is a cam site or porn site.

With a site so filled with ads, I dunno how the site admin expects visitors to have a great time browsing through and fapping to site content. Or is it that they do not care? Okay then, it is their funeral!

Now, Javtube.com uses a very standard page set up with a black background color. There is a basic search bar at the top right of the page and it works. Standard tabs are lacking, with the search bar being the main sorting tool. But there’s a directory at the top left that can be used to search for content, JAV sluts, and sites. There are also varied categories and a non-alphabetical list of JAV stars at the left of the page and these two are good for content sorting.

That said, the site arrangement is a mess and there’s a big learning curve for discovering what works here and what doesn’t. That should not be so. And it makes me sad that a porn site with such an iconic name looks and feels about as orderly as a train wreck in the middle of the biggest fair in town! But someone somewhere seems to like Javtube.com that way, so what can I say?

The Usual JAV Cumming Stuff

    There’s both censored and uncensored content on Javtube and you know what to do if you are not fond of watching blurred cunts get taken to pound town! Honestly though, censored JAV XXX is not all that bad because there’s something about the expressions of these JAV chicks that will make you cum just from watching them react as their cunts and assholes are explored by cock and digit alike. Yeah, you don’t need to see JAV pussies turn from pink to red before your boner will start shooting its usual load of liquid bullets, thereby forcing your friends and roommates to dive for cover!

Take me for example, I spied Yui Hatano’s name on the list of porn stars at the left of the site homepage and all pages. Clicking on this brought up links to varied videos of hers, including download links on other sites. In one video, this cutie lies on a bed with her legs spread and is merrily fucked while she utters words of what could be pain or pleasure, or even possibly her intention to violently pass wind!

Both her genitalia and that of the guy in her are blurred, but that did not make this 9-minute video any less interesting to fapping enthusiasts like yours truly. Yeah, watching the tits on this beauty and her grimacing face was all I needed to fill my fist with enough seed to make my doctor worried about my health! You too can be like me and ignore blurred genitalia if the chick they belong to has a nice rack, and a very expressive face.

The video quality on Javtube.com is good enough and though not explicitly stated I would say it is pegged at HD. Playback options are rather limited, though videos load fast and play with no issues. Videos for some reason do not seem to have titles and are most usually named after the JAV slut featured within. That makes searching for content by title about as fruitless as trying to convince Elon Musk you two are cousins and you are due a good share of his billions!

Moreover, content on Javtube lacks dates. That might not seem like a big deal but it is actually a very big deal because it means I am unable to state with proof how often the content here is updated.

What I Think Of Javtube

I am still trying to process what I went through on the Javtube site and might be needing some therapy to get me through such a hard time! Seriously though, while I have seen some very wack XXX sites in my life, Javtube sure does seem determined to push boundaries and expand frontiers when it comes to lack of taste and sense. It has to be one of the worst cum sites I have ever dipped my toes into and I would rather be tied in a gift box and airdropped into Taliban-held Afghanistan than visit it again!

The site sucks big time and the best course of action right now would be to give the site admins a couple of atom bomb pills to swallow and then seize and sell off the domain name to the highest bidder who would hopefully be more business savvy. Poor Javtube!

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