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JavPub Review

~ Pros ~



~ Cons ~

❌ Endless and extremely annoying pop-up ads

❌ Possible malware or virus issues

❌ Overcrowded homepage

❌ Not an easy site to use

❌ Video quality ranges from very good to very poor

❌ Wack content update frequency


Wanna take a trip to JavPub.me to slake your thirst? That would be a pretty good move, so long as the thirst in question has to do with watching JAV sluts in HD as they wriggle around some of the biggest cocks their cunts have ever come in contact with!

So, here’s my JavPub.me review. Let’s hope it gives y’all an overriding thirst for virgin JAV pussies that have yet to see a razor blade or clipper!

Ninja Pussy Slays!

    For sure the admin that’s running JavPub has to be a ninja fan. I just can imagine him binge-watching on American Ninja reruns and inventing a karate style for kicking the PornDude off this planet and I am gonna be so over the moon if that were to happen!

So, JavPub has a solid black homepage color and that is what kind of pointed me at the ninja-loving taste of the site admin/site designer. Ninjas love blacks you know and there are more of them in Japan than anywhere else outside a Hollywood studio!

So, there are gray and red links and headers and these provide enough color to see by. But a Light and Dark mode anyone can switch on and off at leisure would have been rad.

Hugging the top left corner of the homepage is the site logo and that’s mainly a map of Japan. That’s wack for a site dedicated to ensuring that we all see Japanese ladies experiencing the power of a strong dick! A search bar is on the right and it is as basic as they come. It works though, or the site admin would be hearing from my mother-in-law!

The main tabs come in the form of Home, Pornstars, Blog, Categories, Tags, AV Idols, Best Japanese Porn Sites, Best JAV Sites, Japanese Pornstars, and Shop. and right below these are categories like Fucking Hard, Panties, Sucking, JAV Movies, Pussy Fingering, and Skirt.

Now, the Pornstars tab is actually a direct link to Pornmate. That’s a site with an extensive collection of XXX star bios and videos. I just might review them someday.

13 blogs await in the Blog tab, with the latest being penned in January 2022 and the last being uploaded in February 2021. Blog titles range from Top Japanese Porn Stars, Asa Akira OnlyFans, 5 Top Picks For Cam Girl Sites With Mature Models, and What’s Most Popular- Hentai, VR, or Cam Girls to Juicy Uncensored Hentai at HentaiVideos.

The blogs on the site aren’t too bad. But odd turns of phrases make it look like they weren’t written by a native English speaker with a lot of experience and skill on adult topics. But they do make for a good but not very entertaining read.

Where was I? Oh yeah! Amateur Porn, Anal Sex, Erito, Japanese Blowjob, Japanese Lesbians, Uniform Porn, Wife Cheating, and Zenra are among the stuff you will find in the 2 pages of categories in the Categories tab. The Tags page is stuffed with the kind of stuff you would expect to see there and the AV Idols tab has an alphabetical listing of sluts that runs to 2 pages, but none of these chicks have bio pages. The rest of the tabs are basically ads for porn sites, porn blogs, and an XXX toy shop.

So, browsing content here is smooth enough and if your ad-blocker is enabled you should see no ads on your screen. But almost every click here will call your anti-virus into action and it will issue warnings of what it says is a URL scam originating on this JAV site. While JavPub.me has a secure site icon and is legit enough, I do think it is best that both your ad-blocker and anti-virus are engaged all through your visit and you might need to give your PC a good scanning after visiting the site just to be on the safe side.

Moreover, the constant and endless appearance of warning windows makes it difficult to enjoy spending time on the site. It is a bit like having a picnic with your crush while being bothered by your erect dick, plus clouds of houseflies and armies of fire ants!

Get A Scoop Of JAV Cunt While You Still Can!

    JAV cunt sure must be sweet. If it wasn't that I am diabetic and have to watch my sugar intake, I would be scooping all the sweetness from JAV pussies on the daily, and better not ask me how I am gonna do that!

So, you get the newest JAV videos on the JavPub homepage, followed by an eclectic collection of JAV smut and varied categories of XXX. A comprehensive About Us is near the bottom of the homepage, as well as tags, categories, links to varied XXX sites, and smut.

The content here is mostly full-length, but there are lots of Japanese porn videos on the site that have runtimes of a dozen minutes or less. Should you click on any XXX category and it loads up, options at the top right of that particular page will let you sort content according to newness, randomness, length, rating, popularity, and number of views.

Some videos have descriptions, while others miss out on this feature. Content rating and shares are allowed, as are comments and downloads, but not all videos can be downloaded. Quality varies and maxes out to HD and Full HD in some videos and playback quality is usually user-adjustable. And when it isn’t, you can expect to watch 280p or 360p videos that will make your eyeballs tear up like a toddler denied candy! Content update frequency is less than stellar, with the newest videos being from March 21, 2022.

Sample titles include Japanese Kotone Amamiya Fucks In A Hotel Room, Japanese Nagisa Kazami Got Gangbanged, Japanese Melia Rika Got Nailed, Japanese Babe Sucks And Rides On Her Trainer, and Hot Beauty Japanese Lets Her Husband Eat Her Pussy For Breakfast. At the time of this review, I had already eaten my daily dose of pussy breakfast and wasn’t exceptionally hungry. So I opted to fap to some videos, one of which was titled Japanese Hina Aisawa Starts Her Day Fucking And Fills Her Pussy With Sperm.

The Hina Aisawa video was just 12:16 minutes long and the video quality was extremely atrocious- 144p perhaps. She and her partner kiss and masturbate each other, before he licks her cunt and zaps it with a vibrator and she drops his boner down her gullet. They then assume the 69 position and suck each other, before she gets fucked in the missionary and doggy position. In the end, her snatch is dripping with jism and she seems pleased and thrilled by the whole affair!

What I Think Of JavPub

I like the site name, but honestly, JavPub is a mess. Some videos have features others lack, and there are videos can be viewed in full HD, while other videos are of such vile quality it should be illegal to show these to a human.

There’s no reason to recommend this site and it needs a thorough overhaul for real.

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