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JavFree Review

~ Pros ~


Lit with updates

Jacked to the gills with content

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Tacky ads

❌ No pornstar or channel bio pages

❌ Wack site design and features

❌ Advanced search functions missing in action

❌ Frequently uncensored content in the uncensored category

❌ Poor to average user intuitiveness


Free and full-length JAV porn covering enough categories to make a throbbing cock crow. That and more are what you get on Javfree.SH. Of course, a name like this sucks for an XXX site like this, but I am not so wicked as to hold such a relatively minor annoyance against a free XXX site like this.

Here’s my Javfree.SH review and may it make you happy enough to write my name in the sands of time with a cupful of your precious jism!

It’s A JAV Free World And Asian Sluts Gotta Pay For It!

    JAV porn happens to be insanely popular. If you are searching for reasons that would explain this state of affairs, just dabble into the genre for a day or so and notice how many JAV sluts tend to be sinfully cute, beautiful, sexy, alluring, and sweet. I mean, these are the kind of girls you can’t kiss in real life, for fear that their inherent sweetness will give your boner such a rise it will have to be taken to an ironsmith. The smith would then stick your pipe into a furnace and beat it down to its normal shape!

As a porn site, Javfree doesn’t look too bad. Sure the design is average and the colors used make little sense, but the site looks okay all things considered. Yeah, this JAV center has a firmly average site design, with dark green being the dominant color, interspersed with splashes of orange here and there. That makes the site look like a middle school computer project and that’s not the kind of impression a serious XXX site should leave.

Featured on the site homepage are video image thumbnails galore, plus a list of popular search terms at the bottom. Just who do the site admins expect to go looking for stuff like that in that location? Like most fappers don’t even explore XXX site pages from beginning to end and they are usually too busy looking for the perfect fap video to scroll all the way down to the bottom of most pages.

Anyway, main site options here include a basic search bar at the top right, plus more than a few tabs. The search bar is not predictive either, so don’t even think of inputting the first name of your favorite JAV star and expecting her second name to pop up.

Tabs are plentiful here, perhaps overly so. Supported are Home, Hot, Latest, Censored, Uncensored, Amateur, English Sub, Chinese Sub, Sub Thai, Categories, Pornstars, and Channels tabs. The latter has a non-alphabetical list of porn channels, complete with the number of videos each has on Javfree, while the JAV sluts in the Pornstars tab fill up 130 pages. These chicks are arranged by the number of content each is featured in, rather than alphabetically. That makes a little sense, but it would have been nice to have sorting options to sort these sluts a varied number of ways.

Yui Hatano, Hibiki Otsuki, Aki Sasaki, and Kurea Hasumi are the top 4 chicks here with the most content, boasting 794, 439, 404, and 379 videos respectively. Hail their feat and their undoubtedly aching cunts! There are no pornstar bios here though. And frankly, these JAV sluts are so cock-jerking that you will probably be too busy wanking to their content to want to read where they grew up and how big their asses and jugs might be!

Now, just like on the Channels and Pornstars tabs, the categories in the Categories tab are arranged according to which has the most content. The rest of the main tabs do what they say on the tin and offer little in the way of surprises. Thus, you click on a few to get censored and uncensored content, as well as the hottest, latest, and amateur XXX. English, Chinese, and Thai captioned content are also available once you tap on their respective tabs

Free The Willy In A Wriggling JAV Slit!

    Know the biggest selling point of Javfree.SH? It has full-length JAV smut and tens of thousands of that too. If that doesn’t make you grin like the day you won the lottery and celebrated by fucking the hottest nun in the city on the coldest pew in the local cathedral, then nothing else will!

Now, Javfree.SH is impressively content-crammed. HD and full HD quality dominate and the content look great in fullscreen mode. Playback options are acceptable, but not commendable or extensive and video titles tend to be overlong and often make little sense because they have apparently been translated into English. Updates are very regular, happening many times daily.

Videos play smoothly, but might take a while to load, especially on those occasions when your data connection is intent on misbehaving and depriving you of every cumming opportunity it can! Ads are everywhere too and regardless of if you are accessing this site via PC or mobile, you should do yourself a favor and try not to click on shady stuff and be sure that your malware detector is hard at its job. Direct download options are provided here and you can download content in low or normal quality as you like and there’s apparently no download limits.

And by the way, due to what I think has to be incompetence and stupidity, not all content in the Uncensored category here is actually uncensored. That’s a very unfortunate state of affairs to be sure and something to look out for.

What I Think Of Javfree

Javfree is okay. Nothing about it impresses like that topless Meagan Good picture we all have wanked to a million and a half times over the last decade or so! That chick sure is loaded in the jugs arena!

This is a good enough JAV site that should cater to most needs. But it doesn’t do well enough to get a recommendation from yours truly.

javfree, JavFree

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