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Jav.Guru Review

~ Pros ~

Very Free

Clean and sweet site design

Content is religiously updated

Full-length and option-packed smut

Has tons of the most famous JAV pornstar

Tags and categories aplenty

~ Cons ~

❌ Pop-up ads


    The good book admonishes us to be silent when real men are speaking if we have never fapped to JAV porn. Do a Google image search of that porn niche and you are bound to understand why the scripture regards men who have never wanked to JAV smut as lesser beings that deserve lesser respect!

    So, JAV porn is incredibly popular as I am sure you know and you can spend the whole week counting the number of JAV XXX sites out there and get nowhere. Not that it is worth wasting time like that when you could be spending days and hours letting your eyes, brain matter, and dick soak in the total awesomeness of Japanese ladies eager to get freaky!

    Anyway, today is the day for the review of a JAV site by the name of JAV.Guru. Here’s my JAV.Guru review and may it never catch you unfresh!

JAV In The Box!

    The JAV Guru homepage is well set up. It follows the standard format of all that came before and after it and the large video image thumbnails that fill it up makes the whole thing look a little crowded. These thumbnails are colorful though and their images are erotic enough to make a eunuch's pinky harden with pleasure!

    Most of the homepage is colored white. There are black headers at the top and bottom, while the sides are sky bluish. There are tabs at the top of the page, plus a search bar, while the right side next to all the video thumbnails I already mentioned has a welcome post for new visitors, a list of hot topics worth checking out, a selection of categories, recent comments made on content, plus a glossary, photo guide, and the like. That’s pretty nice. And very convenient.

    The tabs I mentioned before are Sub, Uncensored, Hot, Tags, and JAV sites and all do what they say on the tin. The last however takes you off-site to The Porn Dude, which is something of a bummer. The Tags tab is a champion and comes equipped with a pull-down menu that lets you check out the most popular tags, or all tags, as well as tags by actresses or studios. The most popular tags include 4K, Rape, Incest, Loli, and Big Tits and there's enough content in the All Tags section to shock your local pastor into accidentally sleeping with a cactus!

    The bottom of the JAV Guru page is also info-packed. There’s an About Us there, as well as a list of JAV studios like IPX, JUL, Stars and PRED, hottest actresses, and popular tags. An All Actresses link is present and this has at least a couple thousand names to show off with when clicked. These names are arranged by the number of content, rather than alphabetically. Chicks like Hatano Yui, Hoshina Ai, Aoi Rena, and Atomi Shuri are ably represented.

The JAV Experience

    I am almost sure that any self-respecting woody feels the difference when the owner is fapping to JAV smut. The cum tends to come out with greater force and the out-of-body experience that follows the cumming deed is unsurpassed. Or this weed I am smoking has me talking nonsense!

    Anyway, there are 1,178 pages of prime JAV smut on JAV.Guru. Each page has like 24 videos, which of course means there’s enough content here to make your right hand regret the cum milking task you have assigned to it! If uncensored stuff turns you on, then there are like 53 pages of uncensored JAV fuckathons and this can be accessed by clicking the Uncensored tab.

    Video image thumbnails are pretty large, as I might have mentioned before. The number of views, tags, and the date they were uploaded are listed too. Video titles tend to be a little long in the tooth though. Sample titles include Obedient Stepsister Gets Creampied, A Creampie Inside The Shaved Pussy Of My Slender Stepsister, Amazing Milsiver Panties, Shooting Semen Into Her Cute Face, and Forbidden Photoshoot In Her Uniform At A Love Hotel.

    There’s plenty of options when it comes to playing videos. These can however be confusing to newbies. Videos are mostly of great quality, can be captioned, downloaded and more. Even better, they are all full-length, which means your cum bucket is bound to be full by the time you are done watching just a single video!

    Comments are supported on all videos too. But it might be best to wait a while and let your brain matter settle down after wanking to some JAV slut getting bulldozed down below by the wormy cock of her stepbrother, before going to the comment section and typing your impression of the action.

What I Think JavGuru

    So far as I am concerned, JAV XXX sites like JAV Guru can take all my money and all my time! This here JAV site has enough content and user options to get you smiling like an alley cat that just came across a shipload of fresh sardines. The only bad thing it can be accused of is making time pass by too fast and filling your screen with ads.

    Overall, I am giving JAV Guru two thumbs up and committing my soul, spirit, and holy anaconda into the hands and cunts of its oh-so-sweet and oh-so-cute babes and sluts!

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