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JapVid Review

~ Pros ~


Easy to use

Mostly uncensored content

~ Cons ~

❌ Below average site design

❌ Wack user features and options

❌ ads

❌ Not much content, relatively speaking

❌ Very poor quality content


    I have run across many insipid names for XXX sites and Japvid has to be the secretary of the insipid XXX site name association or something! Better go and congratulate them for having such a worthy position!

    But then there’s more to XXX sites than their names, as the likes of XNXX have been proving since before cock-gobbling sluts were a common sight on national TV! Anyway, here’s my Japvid.xxx review. Read it and weep like a BBC is after your life, or you and I will have a mighty falling out!

Weeping Pussies Are Just Sore Losers!

    Chicks these days act like they shit gold nuggets and if you do make them agree to spread their legs, they are bound to act like they are doing you a favor while you two are doing the do. And the best way of getting your revenge is to bang the pussy you are in till it gets so weepy with liquid that the owner has to start speaking in tongues and screaming like she just got possessed by the spirit of some of the most demonic perverts out there! Yeah, regularly make them pussies weep and I will buy you a hot meal the next time you are in my city!

    We are here to talk about Japvid, correct? Then let’s make the most of our time together!

    Japvid.xxx is extremely average and extremely forgettable, design and feature-wise at least. Almost two-thirds of the homepage is crammed with square video image thumbnails that lack that clear and glossy look you will see on the thumbnails of sites like Pornhub and XVideos. The bottom one-third of the homepage has links to a lot of different Asian porn sites and that’s a clear waste of space.

    A kind of gray color is used as the background and there are a few tabs. A basic search bar lies at the top right and there is an Asian Cams button above it that when tapped loads up a new page where you can see sluts doing some really nasty things in their varied cam rooms. Just throw money at these chicks and they will fuck their bed or a pot if that’s what will get you off. Yeah, money talks with live cam girls, and they never seem able to say no to both reasonable and unreasonable requests that are backed with some Benjamins.

    Sorting options on Japvid.xxx are rather limited and that is not really much of a surprise for a site like this that appears to delight in averageness. These options come in the form of main tabs and these are Home, Latest, Best, Most Popular, and Categories.

    The Category tab has a pull-down menu, as well as around 32 categories like 69, Hentai, Pigtails, Kimono, MMF, Massage, and Lingerie. The Best and Most Popular tabs on the other hand also have their own pull-down menus that you can use to search for the best and most popular content, today, this week, or this month.

    Pornstar and studio tabs are lacking, as are login and registration options, or even language, censored, and uncensored options. Yeah, this is assuredly not the most option-crammed site out there and being a regular visitor means acquiescing to being less able to get at content than users on most other sites.

Go Watch Some Fucking Japs!

     I might have forgotten to mention it, but here‘s me telling you that Japvid.xxx is a JAV site. Hence, it is filled with videos of Japanese sluts running across dicks that make them cry, screech, cum, wriggle, squeal and piss themselves. It sure is a sight!

     Generally, JAV sites tend to have full-length content and make these available for free too. Well, that does not exactly apply to Japvid. No, you don’t have to pay to watch smut here, but most of the stuff on this platform is anything but full length.

    The average video runtime here seems to be like 10 minutes and there are only 26 pages of content to fap to. That translates to a little over two thousand videos and is about as impressive as your rat-eaten stash of Playboy magazines!

    Video titles on this JAV site are anything but memorable. Indeed, I am almost prepared to swear they were written by a bot. Here are a few of the ones that appear the most sensible- Naughty Asian Doctor Fucks His Assistant Nurse With Patient, Asian Mature Fucker Is Masturbating Teen Chick’s Pussy, Slender Japanese MILF Is Trying Out Outdoor Sex, and Two Japanese Girls Are Kissing And Licking Pussies.

    Content here can be rated, flagged, commented and even added to your list of favorites. Playback options are limited though and video quality is rather low and non-user adjustable. By low, I mean something like 360p to 480p.

     I watched a few videos and gotta tell you about one titled Horny Asian Girl Enjoys Double Penetration Threesome Fuck. This video is just 10 minutes long and the main point of interest is a thin JAV chick in heels who gets savagely finger-fucked and double penetrated. By the time I was halfway through, I could almost feel sorry for her, especially when she began to cry like the world was coming to an end. I guess when next someone asks her to fuck a trio of horny fellas with long boners, she will run for the hills and not come back till the next century!

What I Think of JapVid

    Whoever told Japvid it could make an impact in the world of JAV porn should be quickly found, hung, drawn, and quartered! The site is a mess and if there’s a single HD content to be had there, I will eat my hat and my sister’s pussy as well!

    Japvid should not exist at all and just writing this review of such a shitty site no doubt got me exposed to cancer and unknown jungle diseases! In short, this JAV site is not worth wasting a second on and is liable to get you pissed at the world!

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