Intimcity, Intimcity

Intimcity Review

~ Pros ~

Very many classy escorts


Many prime pussies for the taking

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Terribly dated site design

❌ No language options

❌ Only really useful if you are in Russia


    Well, I have always wanted to get a Russian mail order bride who would treat me like a king every day of her life and suck my dick like it is the best gift God gave to mankind! Unfortunately, I have yet to go that route, so for now I am stuck with reviewing escort sites, Russian ones included.

    The Russian escort site up for review today is Intimcity.nl. It came to my attention recently and I thought I better do a review of it while my dick was still hard from all the loving the MILF over in the next street has been giving it! Don’t blame her, since my mighty dick has been said to taste better than any fried chicken that KFC has on their menu!

    Have a good look at this Intimcity.nl review and prosper in every cumming way you can imagine!

Get A Look At That Homepage!

    It seems no one told the site admins behind this site that the Y2K hysteria has long been over and that Windows 95 is about as useful as a second butt these days. Nothing else can explain why their site looks like it came from a picture yearbook taken back when Clinton was still president and Putin was gainfully employed as my butler!

    The site has a black background color, with the website itself looking minuscule while occupying half of it. Just why the site is so small deserves an explanation plus an FBI investigation and it seriously pisses me off.

    Anyway, everything here is in Russian, which means you get to try out all the Russian you have been learning in that Russian mafia deli in town! Can’t speak even the littlest bit of Russian? Then get Yandex Translate or Google Translate to do the heavy lifting.

    Now, tabs on the top of the page direct you to sluts, masseurs, BDSM artists, elite ads, the forum, and the chat option. A search bar is present too and this lets you find whatever you might be looking for district by district. Login and registration options are at the left corner of the page, along with direct links to everything on the site, including the top 100 and the most elite girls. The rest of the homepage has nearly 100 escort profiles and these run to over a hundred pages.

    Registering here is free, with your email being needed to complete the registration process.

Russian Escorts Fucked On The Double!

    Yeah, just about all of the homepage is filled with escort ads. Information to be found in these profiles include rates, age, and personal details, plus a most enticing photo. Click on any escort profile and you get to read all about her and get her phone number too, plus gape at her fees and what she’s willing to do.

    One of these profiles was for a lush escort named Elina, whose sweet and tender booty almost made me forgot how to breathe! She’s 22-years old and willing to get drilled in her asshole for 4k rubles. Cough up more moolah and she could be persuaded to get loads nastier.

    Escort profiles on the site appear to have been verified. Even more, most have user reviews and you can translate and read these when you have a spare minute.

    If you are looking for quality escorts here you are very likely to find it in the first few pages of Intimcity.nl. Almost every escort profile in the first few pages has professionally shot and edited images that put them in the best light, get your groin twitchy and make you think about booking a trip to Russia in the morning. Do that if you can afford it and show the pussies over there how American woodies can detonate nuclear weapons in tight Russian cunts and assholes!

What I Think

    Despite its very dated site design, Intimcity.nl would have made a lot of sense if it had language options. Still, regardless of the lack of English support, you can easily browse through the site and jerk off its many escorts,. translating stuff as you go.

    The biggest drawback that I can see is that the site is only usable if you are in Russia at the moment. Not that anyone is stopping you from sending your private jet over to Sheremeyetovo airport to pick a sweet Russian chick you intend to fuck silly in the interest of world peace.

    Overall, I would give Intimcity.nl a pass mark. It has loads and loads of verified escorts and free access. So, yes, it is worth a look-see.

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