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InterracialFuckFan Review

~ Pros ~

InterracialFuckFan, InterracialFuckFanThis site has very high quality porn videos in the blogs

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~ Cons ~

InterracialFuckFan, InterracialFuckFanThe videos are not full length

InterracialFuckFan, InterracialFuckFanThe whole site is basically set up so you link out to pay sites

    Fans of interracial hardcore XXX are in for a real treat, courtesy of a blog site called The action here revolves around hardcore interracial banging, with naive blondes and brunettes with milky white skin getting pounded nearly half-dead by monster cocks that are bigger than most baseball bats!

    Poor girls! How they moan and ask for more of the same even though it might kill them!

    But wait, just how good is InterracialFuckFan and it is worth getting involved with? Read on and we will pick this site apart from your fapping entertainment!

Interracial Action Featuring Mandigos Aplenty!

    Hot damn! The InterracialFuckFan homepage is a pleasing delight. It is shocking, colorful and well-arranged. The shocking part comes from the fact that the homepage is packed with posts and picture thumbnails of naked dudes whose cocks reach to their knees! These guys are either pictured standing next to white bread babes or are balls deep inside them!

    The homepage has links to a bunch of porn sites, while a search bar, top-rated content, and tags are on the right of the page. These tags show up on all posts and make searching for stuff as easy as sin.

    Homepage posts are all recent, with sample titles like Chloe Temple Sneaking In For BBC, Candy White Interracial Creampie Professional and Natalie Queen BBC Detention. Apart from their titles, these posts and all posts have the number of views they have accumulated so far displayed.

    Click on a post and you get a short description, plus enough steamy photos to make you vomit your left ball! You can’t download these images, but they do play in a slideshow format. So, just go from one to the next with your cock in hand and have a little bit of fun!

    All posts also have an extensive collection of tags like Anal, Lingerie, Big Ass, and Blonde. These are at the right of each post, together with a search bar, while some related content is at the bottom.

    Some posts do have videos, and downloading this is possible on sites like Blacked. For posts without videos, a clickable link will direct you to sites like BBCPie, where you might be lucky enough to watch videos of the action.

    Content comments are supported, though we failed to take advantage of this opportunity.

What We Think

    There’s plenty of potent and high-quality images and videos here, with the images being non-downloadable and the vids being of the short kind. Written content is scarce and that is inexcusable for a site that is supposed to be blogging about interracial fuck fests.

    Overall, we are not all that sure if InterracialFuckFan is worth the hype, not when loads of mainstream porn sites boast interracial collections that are far sweeter and extensive than what’s on show here.