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IAFD Review

~ Pros ~

Features over 150,000 porn stars

Features a top pornstars tab for easy navigation

Has user-submitted porn reviews section

Allows porn streaming and downloads

Offers links to porn hosting sites

Lots of uncensored porn pictures

~ Cons ~

❌ It does not host its own porn

❌ The hosting sites usually ask for payments


    We like to watch some porn now and then, but that doesn’t mean that all we are interested in is throttling our cock like it stole bread from a starving refugee and beating this till it has confessed and flooded the area with a reasonable amount of cum juices. Yeah, we watch porn, but we aren’t porn fanatics and consider ourselves to be fapping devotees who like to keep abreast of happenings in the adult sector world.

    To us, porn is kind of like art. Not everyone can do it well, as witnessed by the endless amount of very cringeworthy amateur/professional XXX content on the net.

    More than a few people think the same way we do and do their best to know what is happening at this or that studio, what is going on at with this or that actress, what new productions are scheduled and the like. Sites like IAFD.com focus on providing such information.

     Its full name gives a good clue to its function, with IAFD standing for Internet Adult Film Database. Yes, IAFD has a comprehensive database of more XXX stars, studios and movies than you or we have ever heard of. It also regularly reviews porn flicks and has an array of articles no porn fan can disregard…. Here’s our IAFD review of this adult directory database!

Doing It The IAFD Way

    We start this review with a brief overview of the site homepage design. There’s not much to say about it other than it is simple in the extreme and about as memorable as a plate of bean pudding served ice cold.

    To the left, you get a list of XXX stars who are celebrating their birthday. The list is long and the fact that the site keeps tabs on such thing is kind of cool and creepy.

    To the left are a list of the top 10 actresses and titles, top 10 actors, reviews, web scenes, galleries, and directors. Read up on these when you can and get some schooling!

    Now, the homepage itself with its white background has a smattering of blog posts. Sample titles include AVN 2020, Our Picks For The AVN 2020 Awards, Dirty Minds Vol 4: What Is The Strangest, Craziest Or Most Daring Place You Have Had Sex? and Turkey Day Porn, 2019 Edition. These blog posts are all accompanied by titillating images.

Keeping Tabs On The Page

    We almost forgot about the homepage tabs. Perhaps we should lay off the weed when doing such an important review!

    Anyway, these tabs are at the very top of the homepage. They include the Home, Updates, Services, Reviews, Resources and Contact Us. All these tabs, save for the Home tab has a pull-down menu that permits further and deeper access to the sites’ resources.

    There’s also an advanced search feature for those who can’t remember the name of that sweet porn they watched back in the day with their crew. The search function enables content search by ethnicity, hair color, skin color, tattoo and even by the specific acts performed in the XXX video being searched for. You can also use the search feature to search for any porn star of your choice, with a short bio being provided, plus a list of all the porn movies he/she was ever involved in.

    While there are no porn vids to be watched on IAFD, there sure are plenty of things to read up on and lots of images of nude or scantily clad ladies you can gawk at.

What We Think

    IAFD.com has an impressive database of the porn world and an even more impressive advanced search feature. Indeed, this advanced search functionality might well be the best we have seen or used. The site also makes it easy for porn lovers to keep up to date with the happenings in the XXX sector and know who is fucking whom and in which hole!

    We love every bit of this sweet site, but the site design could use some heavy improvement.

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