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HypnoTube Review

~ Pros ~

Tons of images and videos on show

Very regular updates

HD videos

Extensive selection of categories

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ No members-only area

❌ Meh site features

❌ No advanced search


    As far as the fellas over at HypnoTube are concerned, the stuff on their site should be more than enough to hypnotize you into fucking the skin off your right hand! There’s a whole lotta content on the site, in HD quality no less and HypnoTube happens to cater to the femdom, tranny, and BDSM niche, with that being one hella eclectic combo.

    Here’s my HypnoTube.com review. Read it and weep, for the kingdom of heaven is mine alone and I sure ain’t sharing till y’all hand over your sisters to me for some cumming education!

Hypnotize That Snatch Onto Your Woodies, My Lads!

    HypnoTube has a very standard homepage design and site setup, but they managed to make everything look both colorful and classy. For sure that has never been easy to pull off, anymore than it is easy to fuck a flight stewardess in the cockpit of your commercial flight while the pilots are holding her legs for easier entry!

    The content thumbnails here have some sort of pinkish hue that reminds me of the bedroom of a teen girl whose underage twat has started to grow wet whenever hunks who look like they might be carrying horse dicks in their pockets pass by at the mall! Chicks like that either turn into nymphos in the blink of an eye or have a bevy of kids by the time they are of the age to legally vote.

    Anyway, there are a couple of ads atop the homepage and they are as distracting as having a knockout Latina for a guest who likes sleeping nude, but has a mob boss for a father. Touch a chick like that without her consent and her dad will have you floating with the fish, crabs, and prawns by the next day. While floating around might sound like a kinda vacation, trust me on this when I tell you that it is hard to enjoy yourself in water when your head and other body parts are missing!

    So, the very top of the HypnoTube homepage are what look like links to other sites on the network, but these are HypnoTube’s Discord, Patreon, game, and store links. Below these is the pink and green site logo, plus a basic search bar that can be used to search for videos, images, community, and the site forum.

    There are incidentally hundreds of pages of image galleries on this site. I can’t give an exact number because it is not possible to progress from the first to the last page in a single click as is obtainable on other sites. What y’all do need to know is that I reached page 321 before calling it quits on my XXX image tabulation adventure.

    I mentioned the community here being accessed right from the homepage search bar, right? Actually though, no Community can be accessed by both members and non-members and the Community option seems more like a feature in the planning stage that might be implemented sometime this year or the next century!

    You can sign up for free by heading over to the Login and Signup tabs at the top left of the homepage and signing up is fast enough. Once your email has been verified, you will be able to upload content, add content to your list of favorites, send messages, make friends, and more. There is however no Members section for easily and conveniently checking out and adding fellas up.

    The rest of the site features include a Light mode at the top right, plus a language option. The latter makes no sense though because English is the only supported language here.

    As for the main tabs, they are Trending, Movies, Albums, Categories, Store, Live Cams, Links, Games, Reading, and Playlists. The content in the latter tab can be sorted according to the newest, top-rated, and most viewed. It is there you go to sight playlists created by members and you can rate and bookmark these playlists, donate some crypto to the creator or add the fella or slut to your list of friends.

    The Reading tab has varied stories with titles like A Force Of Habit, Sinking Deeper, Lady Janice of Sterling, and Feminizing Yourself Through Diet and Exercise. The stuff there is well written in the main, but not A-class.

    You can find a single PC game in the Games tab, varied links to porn review sites, OnlyFans sites, and XXX sites in the Links tab, and live cam shows await when you click the Live Cams tab. The Store tab directs you to the site’s store where a variety of sexual and lifestyle stuff can be purchased and the Trending tab does what it says on the tin.

    Whew! The rest of the tabs have pull-down menus. The menus on the Movies and Albums tabs lets you access the most recent, top rated, most viewed, most discussed, and longest content and you can either view a small sample of categories by hovering your cursor on the Categories tab or click the thing to get a more comprehensive selection of XXX categories.

Oh, The Temerity Of A Hypno Fuck!

    Content on the HypnoTube.com homepage is divided into the videos being watched, the most viewed, and random sections. Once you click on the View More link in these sections or check out a particular XXX category, options to the left of the page will let you sort content by duration. Plus the whole list of 80 featured XXX categories is listed vertically at the left and you can choose to see photos or videos only, and a combo, plus hypno, femme, or all featured XXX.

    So, every fuckety fuck video here is in HD and a few samples from the Trending section are as follows: First Time With A Horse, For Daddy, Give It To Me, Good Boy Fucks My Sissy Pussy, Good Girls Don’t Cum, and Fucking Ass With Dildo. The latter had a 1 minute plus runtime and showed an old fella wearing knee-high leather boots, and a blonde wig bending over in what looks like a garden and fucking his asshole with a rubber dildo. He had a nice butt, plus a big stomach that looked like it had been carved from rock and no way you want someone like that sleeping on top of you after some late-night shenanigans!

    The aforementioned First Time With A Horse video failed to show any fella getting on the bad side of a stallion and having his liver fucked out of him. In this video, a fella who was dressed head to toe in black leather, with a helmet on and his cock in a cage decided it would be a good idea to impale his asshole on a multicolored monster dildo.

    The leather man survived the asshole-gaping adventure that he embarked on and looked to be having a grand time. And in case some of you are still confused, practically everyone in the porn available on HypnoTube.com has a dick and the dick in question is often big enough to be hammered into the ground and used to stake some pumpkins and potatoes!

    Anyway, videos here load and play flawlessly and can be rated, shared, and added to playlists. One-click downloads are however not enabled and most videos have runtimes of over 4 minutes.

What I Think Of HypnoTube

    I am not really a fan of the kind of smut that’s on this site, but there’s no denying that HypnoTube has some very hypnotizing content and is a well-put-together smut palace. Get it bookmarked o ye slutty faithful!

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