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❌ The most awful site design

❌ Content hosted off-site

❌No forum or redeeming feature

❌Dated look and functionality


    If you are looking for humor, you are as unlikely to find it at Humoron as I am of digging up diamonds in your asshole with the business end of my man meat!

    Humoron is one of those sites that focuses on bizarre porn, hardcore porn, and shocking videos. It is not the place for fapping to a beauty getting drilled with gentleness and skill. Instead, folks go to Humoron when they need to see chicks get split in half by cocks that make your left leg look smaller than a matchstick!

    In case you still don’t know what I am getting up to, feel free to learn that I am reviewing Humoron today. And oh, considering the kind of XXX this site focuses on, I will be doing my Humoron review with a baff bucket nearby in case I see something that makes my stomach declare civil war on my system!

No Fucking Humor, Mate

    I am willing to pay 100K for information leading to the capture and anal excavation of the folks who designed the Humoron homepage. That’s easy money, so better get moving! And yes, the homepage design is an abomination and there’s no reason people that design websites like that should be breathing free air!

    So, the Humoron homepage looks like it was around in the time of the dinosaurs or even earlier and has a black background color. Most of the homepage is squeezed into the middle of the screen and this looks like a sunset on the Martian planet.

    Main tabs consist of Shocking, Cool, Sexy, Other Pictures, and WTF Pics. Beneath these is a search bar, plus the latest selection of smut that this site offers. No login or registration tabs are to be seen, which is just as well.

    The far left of the page has category links that direct you to other sites. Included in these category links are Rape Porn, Bizarre Porn Videos, Banned Videos 18+, Extreme Videos and so much more. The Rape Porn category link got me all intrigued and when I clicked on it I got directed to Heavy-r.com, which is one of those extreme sites I have had the misfortune of reviewing.

Go Extreme Or Die!

    Guess the homepage titles? They certainly ain’t something you read aloud in Sunday School! Sample homepage titles include Skinny Dude Gets Beaten Up And Bullied By Two Vicious Young Girls, Kinky Slut Sounding Her Peehole With New Devil Toy, Nasty Girl Talked Into Gangbang and Drunk Teen Is Raped.

    All these videos have the date they were added and by whom listed, plus the category they belong to, and the tags they can be linked to. Content does not appear to be updated on a regular schedule with the last few updates happening on 3rd, 17th, and 23rd September

    I clicked on one that said King Dong Destroying Tight White Asshole and what I saw amazed me to no end. See, that click opened a new tab to Pornony.com. I went busy clicking on other thumbnails on the homepage and the same thing happened, which means that Humoron is no more than a porn aggregator website and this despite the relatively pitiful number of extreme videos in its collection.

    I scrolled back up to check if Humoron at least had some nasty pictures that I could see, but every click directed me off-site. That’s a righteous bummer.

What I Think

    Well, I am not going to say all that I think, or I will be running my mouth for the rest of the month! Humoron is one of those sites that makes you unsure of if they are serious or not. From the site design to the lack of hosted content, this XXX site disappoints and massively too. I would only recommend it if my favorite duck started laying golden eggs and diamonds on my favorite silver platter!

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