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HpJav Review

~ Pros ~


Full-length and quality content

Clean and attractive site design

Lots of models, videos, and options

Easy to use

~ Cons ~

❌ Ads and lots more ads


    Japanese girls are serious cuties. I would go so far as to say that only Filipino girls can challenge them in that area. There’s something about Japanese girls that appeals to my cute-seeking spirit and cock and they have that special petite build that I want to be bouncing on the scud missile rising from my loins ready to fire its earth-shaking payload!

    Now, there’s a site I am reviewing today and it deals with all things JAV porn. Here can be found full-length smut of the type that can make a cardinal at the Vatican question his calling and start slipping it into a nun in a manner that would make a Vegas pornstar blush! The site I am talking about is HPJav.TV and so here’s my HPJav.TV review. It, of course, goes without saying that you better read this and weep with glee!

Sweet Asses and Snatches

    HPJAV has a standard homepage design that is familiar and comforting but not novel or revolutionary. Most of the screen real estate is taken up with video image thumbnails and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click the Last option and find out that these thumbnails run to an impressive 2896 pages.

    Like I was saying, the homepage has a standard design, with a black header at the top and bottom of the page and plenty of tabs at the top. A logo is positioned at the top left and consists of a fancy-looking triangle. Next to this is a search bar. Beneath are the main tabs and these are the Home, Hot, Censored, Uncensored, Amateur, Chinese Sub, Models, Category, Live Cam, and JAV Porn Sites. The last two take you offsite to Stunning Lover and The Porn Dude and there’s a language option next to the JAV Porn Sites tab that lets you choose from 4 different languages, English included.

    So, the Category tab has a pulldown menu. With this, you can see a small selection of categories or click the See All Categories header to get ahold of a more extensive and alphabetically arranged array of categories, with the number of content in each being indicated. The Titty Amateur, The Jukojo Kingdom, Shark, and Sex Agent are a few sample categories. The categories with the most content are however those that sound like a piece of code. Examples include 200GANA, HO930, and H4610 with 1,444, 664, and 633 videos respectively.

    And lest I forget, tags can be found in the category section and are available in the Tag header that appears whenever the pull-down menu in the category section is activated. Is that all? Nope. A sorting option at the top right of the category section lets you sort categories alphabetically or list them by the number of content they have. Nice.

    Now, let’s turn to other tabs and give the category tab leave to go fuck its grandma! The Models tab has JAV models aplenty, most of whom I have never heard of, but all of whom look so edible and adorable they could jump in a muddy pool and I would still beg to lick them clean from head to toe! Again, a sorting option at the top right permits sorting these babes alphabetically, by the number of views and by the most related.

    When you click a model image thumbnail in the Model section, a page opens where you can see the videos she has starred in. A sorting option at the top right of this page permits sorting these videos by the number of views, by name, and by how recent they are. There’s no model bio though, which would have been nice because I would like to know just how fab beings like these sluts escaped my notice!

    The rest of the tabs do what they say on the tin. The hottest smut for example can be found at the Hot tab. Censored and uncensored XXX await at their respective tabs, while amateur and Chinese subtitled stuff can be found at their respective locations.

JAV To The Moon!

    I neglected to say this earlier, but the sweet stuff on the HPJAV.TV homepage comes in sections. The featured smut is first, followed by the censored and uncensored XXX, with amateur JAV porn completing the ensemble. Video titles are usually in English but tend to be long enough to clobber a mule to death with.

    Anyway, to be honest, there’s so much content here you could spend hours just deciding which deserves entertaining you to your cum-explosive potential. The only problem with accessing videos on the site is that you need to first disable your ad blocker before videos will play. And talking about ads, there’s a profusion of them on every page and every click will trigger more. Turning off your adblocker will easily triple the number of ads in view, but if you are okay with that then I am okay with that.

    As for videos, they load fast and play smoothly. Quality is usually user-adjustable and some are 1080p or better. There’s a download option that lets you download any video you like, but not from the site itself.

What I Think of HpJav

    HPJAV has to be the most ad-ridden site I have seen in months. That is about the only serious complaint I can lay against it though. So, if you don’t mind that, there’s no reason this JAV site shouldn’t be your go-to place for thorough dragon milking!

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