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r/HotWife Review

~ Pros ~

Very massive community

Lots of good-quality hardcore porn

Free membership

Active community

Updated regularly

~ Cons ~

❌ None


    You will agree with me that some wives are too hot to be handled by only one man. How can such a beauty be fucked by only one dick her entire life? That will be unfair to all the big dick perverts in the world. I feel like slutty wives like this should be at liberty to hop on any dick of their choice whenever they feel like, without hiding it from their husbands. That's what the hotwife category is all about. Watching husbands share their hot wives with other men as they all fuck in unity. If only we were all United like these amazing couples, the world would be a better place.

    Till we get there, let's keep our attention on this Subreddit called Hotwife. You can also refer to Hotwife as wife Sharing. Being generous with the pussy of your wife to other perverts who fuck quite well. Because, what's the use of sharing your wife with a dullard who has a limp dick? If she must fuck another guy, he has to fuck her hard and welll.

Reddit Hotwife Is About Hubby Feat The Other Dick Relay-Racing

    Marriages are all about exclusivity and wife sharing isn't any different. With wife sharing, it's essentially a threesome. The husband and any guy of their choice fuck the wife together. This isn't cuckolding where he jerks off to his wife being fucked by a bigger cock. The hotwife category is characterized by both husband and a different cock taking turns on his beautiful but slutty insatiable wife. Doing a relay inside her tight pussy, exchanging batons intermittently to pound her holes. In some cases, the slutty wives are dped.
Now that you know what Hotwife is all about, I'm very certain you are ready to be a member of the Hotwife subreddit. By now that stubborn wood inside your pants is already bulging and requesting for freedom of expression. Come to think of it, it is the constitutional right of your cock to express itself when it wants. So dip your hands into your pants and set the cock free. Maybe I'll make a placard and march on the streets screaming “Freedom for cocks, let the cocks fuck".

Now Isn’t There Love In Sharing Your Wife On r/Hotwife?

    The videos permitted in this subreddit all have to feature wife sharing. True love shares, and in this case, they share pussy. Hotwife subreddit has some rules which you should take your time to read up. I know you hate reading but these rules are pretty simple and not ambiguous. Pardon my use of such a big word, I got carried away watching a hotwife get fucked from behind by their while she sucks her husband's cock. She wants to scream because of how good the dick is but she has a responsibility to please her husband's cock and she does it so well.

    Any legal adult is allowed to be a member of this community. You can also share content you find interesting that meets up with the community standards. If you have good Hotwife content, why not share it on the subreddit so that fellow perverts can have something interesting to wank to. At the time of writing this, the community has over 1.3 million members with 1,407 online. At any time you visit, at least over a thousand members are active. If you ask me, that's a good level of activity. New content is uploaded regularly, members vote and comment on them. That's what you can see, you can't see the countless number of people lubing up and wanking to the new content to show their appreciation for how good it is.

    Videos on Reddit play smoothly once clicked on and the Hotwife subreddit is no different. High quality hardcore porn videos waiting for your click to begin the exhibition. A good marketer that I am, I won't advertise goods that I haven't tasted. I watched a couple of the videos and had my dick upright all through. Even saw an interracial video that captured my attention. A white husband sharing his white wife with a black cock. I bet the black cock performed wonders inside her pussy, because from the looks of things, she would be demanding more fuck from the BBC. I'm all for world Peace and equality, and if hung blacks fuck white wives in the presence of their husbands, then I feel we are making progress.

What I Think About Hotwife

    I love all forms of generosity, even if it involves pussy. Sharing pussy might just be the most genuine form of love known to man. In the Hotwife Subreddit pure love is exhibited readily as wives are shared. These wives will forever love their husbands for allowing them to live their fantasy of being shared. Being fucked by people they crush on even in marriage. If one dick can't do the magic, I bet two will.

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